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Cats Know Better Than Some Humans

, , , , | Working | July 7, 2016

(My wife and I hire a pet-sitter for our cats, and realize upon meeting him that he is a trans man. We explain about how to care for the cats and then tell him a bit about them.)

Wife: “So anyway, [Name], they are generally good cats. [Cat #1] loves attention from everyone and is really friendly. Here he is. I have to go catch [Cat #2] though. She’s shy.”

(My wife catches Cat #2, but the cat looks at our sitter, scrambles out of my wife’s arms, and runs away again.)

Wife: “I’m sorry. She’s afraid of all guys, basically.”

(Cue our cat-sitter trying to coax our shy cat out from her hiding place, grinning the whole time! He eventually won her over and has worked for us occasionally for about a year since.)

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