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Cats Get Nine Of ‘Em

, , , , | Right | November 3, 2021

In Sweden, everyone has a twelve-digit personal number of the year/month/date you were born, as well as four random numbers. It’s used EVERYWHERE to identify you, and it’s pretty much more essential than your name. Only people have them, NOT pets.

I’m at a pet store. I’m tired and stressed because my cat peed on my couch and I don’t really have the time to go to the store, but I have to get something to remove the odour and stain. The lovely salesperson finds what I need and proceeds to help me check out.

Salesperson: “Are you a member?”

Me: “Yes.”

Salesperson: “Personal number?”

Me: “Mine or the cats?”

She just looks at me, and two seconds later, I realise what I’ve said.

Me: “Wait, no, I did not mean to say that. She’s a cat; she doesn’t have one. My number is [personal number]. Sorry, I’m just really tired today.”

Salesperson: *Laughing* “That’s okay.”

She entered my number, I paid, and we wished each other a good day. I’m pretty sure I also almost tripped over something while leaving, but I gave her a good story, so I’ll take it.

Question of the Week

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