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(I work in an optician’s office. A coworker and I are standing behind the counter when a bewildered-looking woman opens the door and, without taking a step into the office, asks:)

Customer: “Do you discriminate?”

Me: “Against what?”

Customer: *slowly, as if that would help* “Do you discriminate?”

Coworker & Me: *in unison* “Against what?”

(She looks very confused and agitated.)

Customer: “Do you give eye exams?”

Me: “We do.”

Customer: “Where are the exams given?”

(We indicate the exam lane at the back of the store.)

Customer: “Oh, I can’t come in there. Too many mirrors!”

(After she scurries off, my coworker and I look at each other.)

Me: “Looks like we do discriminate… against people with mirror phobias.”

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