Catfish Caught His Tongue

| Gray, GA, USA | Right | January 4, 2011

Me: “Hi, what can I get for you today?”

Customer: “I want fish.”

Me: “Alright, what kind of fish? We have catfish, tilapia, or grouper.”

Customer: “I just want fish.”

Me: “I have to know what kind you want.”

Customer: “I just want some d*** fish. How hard is that?”

Me: “Catfish it is. Whole or filet?”

Customer: “Whole is with the bones?”

Me: “Yes sir.”

Customer: “Filet. I don’t like bones.”

Me: “Alright.”

(I return ten minutes later with his order.)

Me: “Here you are sir. Any sauce or anything?”

Customer: “This isn’t what I wanted.”

Me: “What’s the problem?”

Customer: “I’m allergic to fish!”

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  • Aaron

    I stared at my phone for several seconds, trying to think of ways to sum up how STUPID this guy is, but I can’t. Help?

    • Luke Green

      If you were somehow able to compress Stupidity into light years, the length of the universe in light years times a million would not be enough. It’d have to be times a billion billion.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    “Then I suggest you pay for this fish that you made a big deal out of ordering and then take your stupidity elsewhere.”

  • Luke Green

    No, you’re just a f*cking moron. Get out.