Catered To Your Needs

, , , | Hopeless | May 2, 2017

My brother is in the Navy and is about to join ship in Hong Kong for a five month tour of duty when our father dies. He asks his CO if he can take a few extra days leave. Because of the logistics involved, he can only be allowed five more days. In order for him to be able to attend Dad’s funeral, we have to organise it within a week. We manage to get everything set up for an 11 am funeral the following Monday morning — not a convenient time, but all we can manage at such short notice. My brother has to leave for the airport immediately afterwards.

The last thing I need to organise is some catering for ‘afterwards.’ People will be travelling some distance and will need some lunch. I phone various places, but with no luck. I have to do some shopping, and while in town, I go into several places that advertise catering, but they all say that the earliest we could collect the food is 11 am. The last place I try is a large Sainsbury’s supermarket. Again I am told 11 am is the earliest pick-up time.

Although I am trying to hold it all together, something must have shown on my face. The employee asks why I need the food earlier. I tell her what it is for, and why we need it so early. She asks me to wait and disappears for a couple of minutes. When she comes back she tells me that she is on first shift on Monday and will come in an hour early to get everything ready for me. It will be ready for 9 am.

I’m ashamed to say that with everything else that was going on, I didn’t take her name so I could write to her manager. I did thank her profusely both then and when I collected the food. I hope she reads this so I can tell her what a difference she made to our family at a difficult time.

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