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Me:”OK so what internet browser are you using?”


Me:”Ok, well are you on a mac or a PC?”


Me:”Do you get an error message?”

Client:”Yeah I do.”

Me:”Well what does it say?”


Me:”H..Have you tried turning your computer on and off again?”

Client:”I don’t wanna have to do that?”

Me:”Ok have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?”

Client:”I don’t want to do that, can’t you just come here and do it for me?”

Me:”Sorry ma’am that isn’t something we do.”

Client”Fine I’ll just have my husband come here and fix it.”


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(Cashier speaks broken English, but is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet. Manager is extremely customer-oriented, known for sucking up to customers to ensure repeat business. )

Customer: *slams item down on counter* Give me my money back for this piece of s***!

Cashier: No problem sir, could I please see your receipt?

Customer: Whatever. * slams it down on the counter*

Cashier: I’m sorry sir, but this is a copy and we have to have the original receipt. Do you have it?

Customer: What the f*** do you mean? Why can’t you just do it with that?

Cashier: I’m sorry sir, but I have to have it.

Customer: I hate all you f***ers in Arizona, you’re all a bunch of f***ing idiots! Useless!

*goes out to his car to get the original receipt*

Customer: *slams receipt down on counter* There! Now give me my f***ing money!

Cashier: Okay sir, let me call my manager, because I’m not allowed to complete returns…

Customer: No you’re f***ing not! You’re gonna give my my f***ing money right f***ing now! This is bulls***!

(At this point everyone in the travel plaza can hear him screaming, and manager runs out from the office)

Manager: I’m so sorry about that, sir, what can I help you with today?

Customer: Just give me my f***ing money!

Manager: Sure thing, sir. I just need to know why you’re returning this item so I can process the return. Corporate requires it.

Customer: I don’t have to f***ing tell you anything! I hate this godd***ed state! You’re all idiots, every single f***ing one of you!

Manager: You know what? I don’t need your business! Get out.

Customer: No, you’re going to refund my f***ing money!

Manager: Get out, or I’m calling the cops!

Customer: Call the cops! I’d love to talk to them! I’m f***ing security at McDonalds, my badge is in the car. They won’t do s***!

(Manager calls 911, and when the customer realizes he’s serious about it, he tries to leave with his un-paid for soda)

Manager: Sir, you haven’t paid for that!

Customer: OOOH! Big f***ing deal! *slams two dollars on counter* Kepp the f***ing change, a**hole!

Manager: Actually sir, the soda is $2.17, so that’s not enough.

Customer: *throws soda* F*** this place!

(Customer then proceeds to run outside and make faces at the manager through the window, get in his car and make laps around the gas pumps, and flies out of our parking lot at at least 100 MPH, running a red light in the process.)

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(A customer and her daughter come in to our store and buy some mis shaped biscuits, my co-worker serves them and they leave. About 5 minutes later they return and come up to me as I can handle returns)

Woman: would you look at this biscuit.

Me: whats the problem?

Woman: this biscuit is battered.

Me: they are mis shaped biscuits it says so on the package.

Woman: but it’s ruined, can I have another?

Me: sorry, no they are mis shaped, they are not meant to be perfect.

Woman: can i have a bag, they are making a mess.

(I give her a bag and go to talk to my manager incase she puts in a complaint. The manager has seen the whole thing including her leaving opening the pack and coming back. I explain what happened.

While I put them in the bag I hear her mutter if she was in another shop they’d give her a new pack.)

Manager: so she wanted perfect, mis shaped biscuits?!

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(a regular and her five-year-old daughter walk in. As the mother explains to me her daughter wants a book to give to her brother, who is 19,  the daughter walks up to me.)

Daughter: “I want a book about men.”

Me: *utterly perplexed* “I’m sorry?”

Daughter: *insistently* “I want a book about men!”

Mother: “Do you mean you want a book with men in it?”

(At this point the daughter can’t figure out what to say next, so she just looks at me expectantly. The mother and I are completely confused. We try to figure out what the daughter is saying, and the girl only gets more frustrated that we don’t understand.)

Mother: “Wait, do you mean you want a book with a picture of a man on the cover?”

Daughter: *beaming* “Yeah! A book about men!”

Me: *pointing at the display rack for books on sale, many of which have men on the cover* “Why don’t you try looking over there?”

Daughter: “That’s it!” *runs off*

(After she and her daughter pick out a book–a biography about a survivor on the Titanic–the mother explains to me that her son has a bookshelf full of biographies, many of which have their subjects on the cover. At one point her daughter must have noticed the pattern on her brother’s bookshelf! A few weeks later, the regular returns and mentions to me that her son enjoyed the gift,  though it was the last thing he had been expecting.)

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I worked in a well-known toy store. When a toy is ringed 1 cent at the checkout, this indicates that it is dangerous and must be removed from sale.

Me: Hello ! You found what you were looking for?

Client: It’s been 1 hour I ‘m here to find a baby shower gift , but I finally found it! (she throws a card, a gift bag and a baby toy on the counter. I ringed the items but the baby toy is ringed 1 cent).

Me: Oh, sorry to tell you this, but I can not sell you this toy.

Client: What? And why not?

Me: It is ringed to 1 cent. It indicates that it should not be sold for several reasons.

Client: I do not care what your reasons are! I’ve been 1 hour here, I want this toy !

Me: I ‘m sorry madam, I can not sell it to you …

Client: I want to see a manager immediately !

(I called the manager and explain the situation. He comes right away.)

Manager: Hello madam, what’s the problem?

Client: it has been one hour that I am here and I want THIS toy ! Sell it to me!

Manager: Sorry ma’am, but it is the policy of the company. This toy could be dangerous for the child.


Manager: If I understand ma’am, you tell me that you really want this toy at the expense of the health of a child?

Client: (didn’t say anything, left the shop without buying anything)

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