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I was in to get a few little things. I stepped away to grab something else and one of the clerks started pushing a young man after smashing a bag of chips over his head and threatening him.

“Thats how you handle thieves.” He said after pushing the kid out the door, now very aggressive towards me. I swear this kid had taken one thing. I hate violence more than how stupid it was in this instance.

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(This takes place during a summer convention I attended, dressed as an extremely creepy character from a very popular anime. My character in particular is an Undertaker and is known by that title by most people, often scaring the daylights out of his customers. I’m with a few other characters from the same show who asked me to walk with them in a theme group. We stopped at a restaurant to grab a snack before the convention started and are waiting at the counter. Several other cosplayers are in the building along with a few ‘normals’ who are noticeably weirded out. One of my new friends is dressed as a little girl from the show, but has a generous natural physique that unfortunately, is attracting some unwanted attention from a couple of teenage boys standing in front of us) Boy 1: Did you get a look at this? That b**** is smoking (Yes, they really just said that) Boy 2: How’d you think she fit that dress on?

(Both boys start making obscene gestures toward my friend who by this point, is red in the face and shaking in humiliation. To our horror and amazement, one of the boys reaches out and yanks her wig off, causing all her tightly pinned, long hair to come falling out after almost twenty minutes of painstakingly pinning it up. She yells angrily) “Friend 1: Hey, give that back! That took me forever to put on right! Don’t hold it like that; you’ll ruin it!

(Boy 1 holds it out of her grasp as they both laugh while she reaches up for it) Boy 2: You actually looked better with it on!

(By this time, we’ve had it. One of the others, dressed as the main character from the show, and who also happens to be fairly tall, stalks over and, perfectly in character, yanks a plastic knife that is part of his costume out of his pocket) Friend 2: Dear me, it seems you have no idea how to properly treat a lady, good sirs.

Boy 2: Great, so another geek is gonna start squawking at me.

Me: (practically chomping at the bit as I’ve been dying to start getting into character) Hihihi, if you’d like, I can help you solve that problem. Let me take good care of you and you’ll never be bothered again (I believe I was having too much fun as I literally got up in the guy’s face, poking his face with my long fake nails. It should be noted that while I’m female wearing a male costume, the resulting image is rather androgynous. Because of this, the guy instantly recoils) Boy 1: Get out of my face you freak!

Boy 2: (yells at knife-wielding friend and shoves him back) Back off you weirdo! Mind your own f****** business!

(Around this time, we hear a shrill shriek from the back of the restaurant and see yet another common character from the show, a man with very long red hair and glasses, wielding a prop chainsaw that actually makes revving noises. He stands up, cackling fiercely and charges forward)

Grell: How dare you lay your grubby hands on MY Bassy!!!

(both boys are badly startled by this and take off out the door with the zealous cosplayer right on their heels, fake chainsaw snarling the whole way. He returns a few minutes later, chuckling and approaches our group)

Grell: Hey, can I join you guys? That was fun!

(This whole thing got an applaud from all the other costumed people in the restaurant, and we got another member to add to our group. Even funnier, the guy with the chainsaw actually turned out to be a pretty decent fellow and is now engaged to the girl in our group that he helped save. Talk about an original first meeting)

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(I participate in group activities scheduled once every week with other people. This time we went to an arcade that specifically has games to play that require motion. Many of the games turned out to just be 7th gen consoles with motion control peripherals, but there was a dancing game that I quite enjoyed that needed a pad to play. I have a version of this game at home, but my dance pads are sadly defunct. It’s a version of the game that has been adjusted to let up to 12 people play the same song at once. The arcade is almost empty and nobody is showing an interest in this game, except for myself.)

Me: Excuse me, can I play a few songs on this game?

Employee: Sure, you can select a song by using the laptop down next to the projector screen over there.

Me: Ah, so I’m allowed to use your equipment. Thanks, I’ll see if you have any songs that I know.

(I proceed to look at the selection of songs and notice they are all set to a very low difficulty. I adjust the difficulty the same way the home version works and play a few songs. While I don’t play well, I pass a few songs that are well above the level 2 and 3 songs that are readily available. After playing a few harder songs, an employee comes up to me.)

Employee: Hey, those songs you’re choosing are too difficult! You can’t play these!

Me: I’ve played this game at home a lot. The main reason I’m not doing as well as I usually am is that I noticed the speed modifier can’t go up any further.

Employee: Speed modifier? You’re not supposed to modify anything! Have you been touching that laptop? That’s for employees only! Besides, these tracks are too difficult for you!

Me: Excuse me? I just passed that track 3 times.

Employee: Yeah right, show me.

(I proceed to play through the track and the employee walks off, clearly uninterested. After playing a little more, they come back again a few times, most of the time to say the same thing, until…)

Employee: So can you at least adjust the difficulty back to what it originally was? None of us know how to do that.

(I proceed to explain some things that can be done in the settings, including limiting user freedom since the employees believed that I had too much choice in adjusting the game settings. Everyone else in the group I am part of has already grown bored of the games and eventually wants to leave.
In the car on the way home, I still can’t help but wonder how nobody in that establishment understood how to use their most advertised game past its most basic settings.)

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Customer: Hi, excuse me, where is your ambrosia?

Me: our what?

Customer: you know, ambrosia. The creamers you have?

Me: I’m sorry but we don’t sell anything by that name.

Customer: no, the free pink ones! Where are they? For the coffee?

Me: you mean amaretto creamers?

Customer: yeah ambrosia.

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I work on a call center that provides email and website support. A customer calls in and has wiped out all his email settings, and I walk him through putting them back in place….

Me: Is there anything else I can do to assist you today, sir?


Him: (with conviction) I love you!

*awkward pause & nervous laughter from me*

Me: Well I’m certainly glad I was able to assist you today, sir!

Him: You were. Now spread the love my darling!

Me: Umm…sure thing, sir. Have a great day!

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