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I was working in a grocery store a few years ago and in the produce dept we had ears of corn on sale at 10 ears for $1.00. A customer came up to me while picking out 10 ears and began making small talk. She said, “Wow that is a great deal!” I leaned over and told her, “ma’am if you take twenty ears and go up to the register and tell them I sent you up (I told her my name) with them that they will let you have 20 ears for $2.00”. She immediately started filling her cart with twenty ears and told me thanks for the deal! She walked away and I just shook my head!!!

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(Spotted two musicians setting up to play in a plaza area we have at our mall around 9pm, street musicians aren’t allowed to play on our property, especially at this time of night)

Me: I am sorry, but I can’t let you guys play here.

Them: Why not?

Me: It’s our mall policy.

Them: We contacted the city and they said it was okay to play.

Me: The city was misinformed then, the mall is private property and we can’t allow you to play.

Them: So what exactly is your policy?

Me: No street musicians can play on mall property.

Them: And why not?

Me: Well, sir, for starters, if you look above you, all those windows you see are residents and they have a habit of complaining about sound levels.

Them: What else?

Me: The property manager doesn’t allow street musicians.

Them: But we were told by the city that we could play. They said as long as music isn’t blaring from car windows, it would be fine.

Me: As I said, the city was misinformed.

Them: Can we play over there? *points to his right*

Me: That is still mall property.

Them: Well how about over there? *points to his left*

Me: That is still mall property.

Them: So where can we play?

Me: Anywhere but mall property, sir.

Them: What defines mall property?

Me: *Tells them the street boundaries*

Them: We were told otherwise by the city. What is your name? *pulls out phone and starts video taping me, the second guy jumps in* So tell me about this special code.

Me: What code?

Them: The mall policy.

Me: No street musicians are allowed on property.

Them: and why is that?

Me: Because of issues.

Them: well we were told we could by the city.

Me: The city was misinformed and this is private property. When did you call the city?

Them: A couple of weeks ago.

Me: And who did you speak to?

Them: I can’t remember. Some girl named Amanda?

Me: sorry guys, I can’t let you play. *i hand them my business card while they start packing up. They stop videotaping)

Me: So what kind of music do you play anyway? *motion toward their 50’s looking microphone and the fedora with a feather one of them is wearing.

Them: Dont worry about it, we’re leaving.

Me: *raising my eyebrows* Alright then, have a good night.

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(I’m working a summer job as a cashier and it’s nearing the end of summer so parents are buying their children back to school clothes. This woman comes into my line with a large number of clothes for her two sons. I proceed to ring them up and notice that a few of the shorts she was buying were missing price tags, which was a common occurrence at that store. I proceed to use the UPC code on the tags inside the shorts; however I come across a pair that does not have a tag on the inside.)

Me: It looks like I’m going to need to call the fitting room to get the code for this pair of shorts, as there is no inner tag for this pair of shorts.

Customer: *Sighs.* Look, those shorts are the same as the other pairs you just rang up, can you please just scan one of those again?

(This is true, the shorts were the same brand; however, they were not the same color or size and the way the store kept track of sales of items took this into account. So I explain this to her very briefly.)

Me: …And so you see, these ones may be a different price than the other colors due to the fact that they keep records of sales for colors and sizes. If a color isn’t selling as well as the others and they wish to get rid of it, they will knock down the price and from what I noticed on the other pairs of shorts was that they seemed to be on our sale rack.

Customer: Okay, fine, call the fitting room.

Me: Sure thing, ma’am!

(So I proceed to call the fitting room and describe the shorts to the woman on the other line. She then goes to look, so I explain to the customer we need to wait. About two minutes pass.)

Customer: Ughhhh, can we please just scan the other shorts?

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but if we do that the store won’t have an accurate record of sales and you cannot return them otherwise because you will not have an accurate receipt.

(She sighs and we continue waiting. The woman from the fitting room comes.)

Fitting Room Associate: Hi, are these the shorts you were talking about?

Me: Unfortunately no. Here are the ones I was talking about.

(The woman picks them up and then says she’ll go look back on the racks to see if she can find them. The customer is now very irritated and sighing loudly.)

Me: I’m sorry for the wait ma’am…

Customer: Whatever…

(The Fitting Room Associate takes about five minutes and returns with the information we need.)

Fitting Room Associate: Sorry, I had to look up the brand on the computer.

(Customer is now rolling her eyes.)

Me: Thank you very much.

(I punch in the UPC code she got for me and up comes the price. $7.00 appears on the screen the customer can see and I have to fight to make a face, because the woman is now realizing that she saved $7 by me not scanning in one of the pairs she was already buying in a different color and size.)

Customer: Oh…my I should have been more patient. I’m going to remember this…

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(There are only two ushers on duty in the mornings as there aren’t very many customers. I’m standing at podium waiting for an auditorium to drop/a movie to end when an older man, probably in his 60s, comes up to the podium. He pulls out a package of crackers from his shirt that we do not sell. Company policy states outside food is forbidden in the movies. My coworker is a shy, soft-spoken girl who doesn’t stand up to customers often, so I take the initiative to stop him.)

Me: Sir, I’m sorry, but you can’t have outside food in the auditorium.

Customer: But my wife’s already in the movie!

Me: Sir, that’s fine. You can still go into the movie, but you have to either put the crackers in your car or throw them away. *I point to the sign that says ‘No Outside Food.*

Customer: That’s ridiculous! I demand my money back!

Me: Um, no. You can go into the movie if you leave – (The customer throws the crackers at us in anger and stomps towards the movie. My coworker speaks up just before the customer has left ear-shot.)

Coworker: You want some crackers?

(At this point, a woman and her son have started towards the doors and apparently saw everything.)

Woman: Did he just throw those at you?

Me: Yes, ma’am, he did.

(The woman looks shocked then leaves. I go to clean an auditorium, half-fuming, half-laughing. When I come back out, the angry customer is grabbing a booster seat from the hallway with his arms full of popcorn. I watch him in case he needs help. He sees me watching him, picks up the booster seat, and stomps back towards the auditorium.)

Customer: Am I allowed to carry these in?

Me: Yes, sir. Let me get the door for you.

Customer: No! I don’t need your help! This sucks!

(My manager walks by at that point. I tell her what happened in case he complains. She gets angry then goes to watch the security footage placed at podium. When she returns, she’s even more upset.)

Manager: Nobody throws food at my employees! Next time you see him, you get him and his wife to see me so I can send their a**** home without their refund. He broke our rules anyway and assaulted two employees. I’m done with him.

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(I take a phone call from a member on a Sunday evening. Managers don’t work at all on weekends, so it’s just employees there at the time)

Me: Thank you for calling [business], my name is [name], how may I help you?

Member: Can I speak to a manager?

Me: I’m sorry, but our managers do not work on the weekends. They will be here tomorrow at 9:00am, so you could try calling then.

Member: No, I want to talk to manager.

Me: I’m very sorry, sir, but there are no managers here for you to talk to. They work on the weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm.

Member: Just pass me to a supervisor or a manager.

Me: Sir, I’m telling you, there is no manager here to pass you to. It’s just employees. If you have an issue, I can try to help, but our managers are not here on weekends.

Member: So if I come in tonight I can talk to a manager.

Me: No. Sir, the next time a manager will be in the building is tomorrow, Monday, at 9:00am.

(This went on for about 10 more minutes, with them finally hanging up on me)

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