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(I work in the electronic section of a National Retail company and received this phone call late one night from a woman with a thick eastern European Accent. I at first thought it was a prank call, but her voice was even and a screaming child in the background convinced me it was real)

Me: Thank you for calling electronics, this is [my name] how can I help you?

Customer: Yes I need, uh, what you call it. LUBE!

Me: Excuse me??

Customer: You know for ass? I have man coming over.

Me: Ma’am this is electronics, you’ll have to call a pharmacy for that.

Customer: You have number for them?

Me: No I do not have the number for a pharmacy.

Customer: So how I call them?

Me: Look it up on the internet?

Customer: You call them for me?

Me: No ma’am I can’t.

Customer: So how I supposed to find lube?

Me: Not sure ma’am but good luck. [Hangs up]

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(I work for a small company as a customer service representative. You can place orders over the phone. A customer called and left three messages with various mobile numbers and a message to call her back to place an order. I call every number leaving a voice mail each time. Today, the customer calls in:)

Customer: “I called three days ago and nobody rang me back!”

Me: *recognising voice* “Um… okay, can I just double check the name?”

(Customer gives name.)

Me: “Oh yes I’m sorry; I did try and call and left several messages on the numbers you gave us! Did you receive none of them?”

Customer: “Hmph! I didn’t know my number that day! Stop being smart with me and take my order!”

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(It’s been a long shift, late at night. Just before I’m scheduled to go on my break, a pair of obviously drunk university students walks up. Neither are slurring, but they’re far too happy for this time of night. I greet them. The first one orders without incident, but the second one poses a problem…)

Customer: Hey, man, I’d like a [sandwich]. And could you give me as much cheese as you can squeeze on there, without paying for it?

Me: Ahhh… sorry, sir. I can’t give you extra cheese without charging you for it. I’d get in trouble if I did.

Customer: Come on. Can’t you give me, like, an extra half-slice? It’s for the boys. Just has to be between us.

Me: No, sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I’d get fired if I did.

Customer: *laughs* Wow, you’re a really upstanding guy! Okay, nevermind.

(He proceeds through the till, laughing and joking all the way. I make my employee sandwich and go to sit down. At that point the customer is on the phone with someone, asking for them to call him a cab. Inexplicably, he comes and sits at my table.)

Customer: *on phone* Yeah, I’m waiting here with… *to me* What’s your name, bud?

Me: *stunned* Uh… [Name].

Customer: I’m waiting here with [name]. Yeah, can you call me a cab to… what’s the address?

Me: [Address]. Or you can say [Nearby park].

Customer: Awesome, man. Thanks. *hangs up* So, you a student?

Me: *blinks* No.

(It’s worth noting at this point that there’s a homeless woman sleeping in the corner of the restaraunt. We haven’t bothered her as our restaraunt is one of the only 24 hour places with good cameras in our area.)

Customer: *suddenly* Hey, there’s a homeless lady passed out over there. Let’s go wake her.

Me: *blinks again* Sir, please don’t do that. She’s homeless. Please let her rest.

Customer: Nah, I’m gonna do it! Watch!

(The customer gets up and heads over, poking the homeless person repeatedly. Still a bit stunned, I come over, mostly to make sure I can see what’s happening.)

Customer: Hey. Hey. Lady. I don’t like watching you sitting here all uncomfortable. How about you come back to my place? It’s safe and clean, it’s on a university campus.

Homeless Woman: *blinking groggily* Ah… where is it?

Customer: [Address]. It’s really safe and clean and…

(The customer goes on and on about how it’s the best student apartment ever.)

Homeless Woman: *blinking again* … No, thank you. *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

Customer: Hey! Lady! I’m talking to you! Listen, I’m taking a picture of you now. You’re a vagrant! *leans over, brandishing his phone, trying to get a good picture of her face* Turn around and look at me!

Me: *getting angry* Sir, you have to leave, now.

Customer: Hey! Hey, lady-!”

(I grab the Customer by the shoulder and turn him to face me.)

Me: You need to leave. Now.

(I gently push him towards the door, placing myself between him and the homeless lady.)

Customer: *angry* What the hell is your problem? Chill out! I’m trying to help!

Me: You need to leave now, or I’m calling the police. *gently but firmly pushes him towards the door again*

Customer: What the !@#$ is your problem, apron?

Me: *losing patience* Get out.

(I manage to get him to the door without manhandling him any further. He’s about to leave when he rounds upon me.)

Customer: I should knock you out.

Me: *staring intently* You’re welcome to TRY.

(The customer stands still for a moment, before pretending to jump forward and rush me. My hands instinctively come up into a combat stance, from my martial arts training. He clearly doesn’t recognize it.)

Customer: Hah! Wuss. *beckons* Come on.

Me: *sardonically* Bye. *waves using now upraised hand*

Customer: I could kick your ass any day of the week!

Me: Bye.

Customer: You know what, [sandwich shop] !@#$ing sucks. *turns and leaves*

(The customer had little idea of how close he came from a broken elbow. Nobody messes with homeless people around me.)

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I was shelving some books when a customer came into the store. I greeted her and asked if I could help her find anything.

Customer: (Referring to our cart outside the store, which has sale books) “Those books you have on sale outside–they’re only half price. Like this book here (picks up a Tom Clancy hardcover and shakes it at me). It’s $29! Half of that is still too much! I could get it at (names local charity thrift shop) for like fifty cents!

Me: Well ma’am, I’m sure that’s true, but we’re a bookstore, not a charity. They get their books donated to them while we have to pay for ours.

Customer: Snorts, then storms out of store.

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“Poor customer service”

Many years ago when I was still in my early twenties I worked in a Housewares store. I guess working in retail must give you some sort of “retail worker” aura. I had a day off and decided to go shoe shopping. I was standing looking at some shoes when I kept hearing a woman saying “excuse me”. I turned around to have a middle aged woman shove a pair of shoes in my face:

Woman: I need these in a size 10!

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t work here, I’m just shopping for shoes.

Woman: *Snort* Well you didn’t have to be SO RUDE! You ignored me!!!…What poor customer service!!!!

She then stormed off as I stood there bewildered.

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