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(Note: This business sells plug-ins that release scent when a bulb is inserted. Some of the plug-ins are nightlights; most are not. This takes place around the beginning of fall.)

Customer: Honey, which of these are nightlights?

Me: Hm, looks like the snowflake, the owl, and the pumpkin.

Customer: And these? Are these nightlights?

Me: Nope, those are regular. The only ones that are nightlights are the snowflake, the owl, and the pumpkin (I wind up repeating this several times over the course of the interaction).

Customer: Okay, I want something PLAIN. Which ones are the plain nightlights? I gotta replace this one. (Holds up a plug-in she apparently wants to exchange.)

Me: (internal sigh) The pumpkin. (Points.) The snowflake. (Points.) And the owl. (Points.) Those are the only nightlights we have right now, ma’am.

Customer: Never in all my life has it been this way here. My mother and I come here all the time, it’s never this way.

Me: I’m very sorry.

(Another customer approaches and grabs a plug-in.)

Customer: (under her breath) I can’t believe that just happened.

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer: She just came right up and took the one I wanted.

Me: That wasn’t a nightlight, ma’am.


Me: …

(Eventually I managed to slip away, but I wound up getting pulled to cashwrap just as this customer and her mother were ready to check out. She complained several more times about the lack of appropriate nightlights and even tried to get a discount without a coupon from my manager. We ended up giving it to her just to get rid of her.)

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Conversation of the day.

Me: “Did you find everything you needed today?”

Customer (a very petite young lady): “Not really. You don’t have the size I need in the paper mache letters. I only found this small one, but I want the big “D.” Actually, I *need* the big “D.”

Me (making full eye contact and perfectly straight face, just to see if she’s messing with me): “So the you want the Big “D?” I can get you the Big “D” if you want to order it. Or, if you go online, they’ll deliver the Big “D” right to your door.”

Customer (oblivious): “Nah, I’ll just get the small “d” for now. Maybe it will work.”

I had to take a break after that one because I almost peed myself holding in the juvenile giggle fits.

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(I was working at the gas station up the road from me when a security guard came in wearing his uniform ten minutes before his shift. This guy is a regular customer and often comes in twice a week to buy a soda, chips and chat a bit)

Security guard: How are you guys doing today?

Me: Just fine, hope you have a great day at work Security guard: I havn’t even paid yet

Me: Thats fine you are a regular, but also work for the local security company so it is on us Security guard: I can’t do that so please allow me to pay for that

Me: Your total wasn’t even $5 so its all good and on us Security guard: Oh well thank you very much

(As he walks out with his drink and chips he stopped at the colelction bin for a childrens charity. We see him put a $20 bill into the bin and wish us a great night)

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(I’m the annoying customer in this one. I am a male with hair down to slightly below my waist. I order a food at a shop with a deli section and note the younger man making my hoagie also has somewhat long hair pulled back into a pony tail. I put on a serious voice and decide to mess with him.)

Employee: *Handing me my food* Here you go.”

Me: “Hey.”

Employee: “Yeah?”

Me: “That long hair makes you look like a girl.”

Employee: “I… what?”

Me: “Forget it.”

(I figured he’d get the irony and realize I was just joking, but I guess not. I just took my food and left him there with a confused look on his face.)

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I just want to say not all customers are bad. In fact, I find many of them are open to your humanity if you show a glimpse of you own. On my last night of working a large chain of restaurants (of full time night shifts), one of my daily customers gave me a bottle of vodka, despite me and him messinging up his orders over the years. He has watched me drop his food on the floor after becoming unbalanced, and I have watched him order the completely wrong item by error of his own. We grew slightly by knowing each other, and that lesson was tolerance. May that lesson be forwarded into my future relationships, as well as those in which I encounter.

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