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Member asks what his username is – Advised Him

Member asks what email address we have for him – Advised Him

Member says he is inputting his email address and password but it won’t work

Advised him that his email address is NOT his username which is why it won’t work

Member says that he has not forgotten his password

Advised him that he is trying to put his email address into the ‘username’ field but he should actually be putting in his username

Member says that I am not making any sense and I am confusing him

Member says it must be his password but he is sure he is not getting it wrong

Advised he can reset his password if he is unsure

Advised to click ‘Forgotten password link’

Member says he has not forgotten it though

Adviser to give it a try…

Member says he is getting error message “We don’t have this email adress on our system”

Asked what he was inserting – mem says his username

Advised he needs to put in his email address

Member says it is not working and our system is broken

I (the advisor) opened a web page, went to the forgotten password link and entered his email address

Then advised that I have sent him a link via email to reset his password

To be continued…

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I was in line with my cart to checkout at a popular warehouse club. A man with cart was in front of me… and a woman with cart in front of him. Out of nowhere another man with his own full cart pushes it in line next to the woman in front…completely ignoring the people behind him (us). I didn’t want to cause a scene but I couldn’t let this go unmentioned.

ME: Excuse me but did you just jump in line in front of us?

HIM: Its ok, its ok…she’s my wife…its ok.

ME: But, you can’t just jump in the middle like that, you have to go to the rear. We’re all waiting in line.

HIM: Its ok, its ok, this is my wife. I can move my cart here, its ok (loud voice).
People were starting to glance over from other lines and I could see this was going nowhere so I fell silent. Some people were looking at the guy and exchanging glances. But when it was his turn and he got to the belt and unloaded his items onto it here’s what happened.

CASHIER: Sir, can I have your membership card?

HIM: Membership card? What do you mean?

CASHIER: I’m sorry sir, you have to be a member here to be able to purchase things.

HIM: Noone told me that I needed a membership card here @#$%. I have to be a member?

CASHIER: I’m sorry sir.

He began angrily loading all his items back into his cart, the people in the other lines were now smirking a bit. His “wife” was nowhere to be found. I could see this might take a while so I moved to (the end) of another line.

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(I answer the phone in between waiting tables at a Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse.)

Customer: What is “Sashimi?”

Me: Sashimi is pieces of raw fish sir.

Customer: Oh I see….

(Several seconds of silence)

Me: Can I help you with anything else sir?

Customer: So it’s piece of raw fish and that’s it?

Me: Yes sir that is it.

Customer: I’d like 4 orders of that then.

Me: All right sir that’ll be ready for pick up in about fifteen minutes.

Customer: So I’ll be getting the fish with the rice underneath right?

Me: No sir. That’s nigiri. Sashimi is JUST raw fish.

Customer: Oh… Nevermind then.

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(I work as a delivery driver for a small restaurant on a college campus. I get a call 5 minuets before we stop delivering to the local hospital)

Me: ok, we will have that out to you as soon as we can.

(The food takes 15 min to make and I take it out. When I arrive I call and let them know I’m in the lobby. They say they will be down shortly. It takes 15 min for them to come down, at this point it’s almost 30 minuets after we deliver. When they get there.)

Me: ok so the first order is [$10 and some change] (she hands me a $20) Would you like change?

Customer: sure give me $5

Me: ok the second order is [$9 and some change] (she hands me a $10)

Customer: can I get change from that?

Me: like, coin change?

Customer: yeah

Me: I don’t really carry that kind of change.

Customer: fine whatever

(She snatches the food from my hands and walks off)

Me: have a nice evening?

(Haven’t seen her since)

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(I’m a pansexual woman working in a novelty store. I have blue hair and piercings, which is not out of place for employees at my store. We sell a lot of rainbow and gay pride items. I have a rainbow ribbon tattooed on my wrist, and several of our pride related buttons on my lanyard. Two women walk up to my register and I point out our buttons to them, as they are on sale. One of the women picks up a button that says “Gay By Birth, Proud By Choice” on it).

Customer #1: Well that’s just WRONG!”

Customer #2: What?

Customer #1: This pin they sell, it’s just a lie. That is a choice you make!

(At this point I just kind of look away awkwardly, biting my tongue)

Costumer #2: Oh don’t start that again.

Customer #1: (To me) What do YOU think? Is being gay a choice?

Me: Well…No, sorry. As someone who’s not straight I’d have to say that I didn’t choose it.

Customer #1: Ugh. Well, look at her though, she obviously doesn’t believe in god. (To me) No offense or anything, but you don’t, right?

Me: …No, but-

Customer #1: Exactly.

Customer #2: (Now looking embarrassed) Regardless…

Customer #1: Ya’ll is just wrong, this discussion is over! (walks off)

Customer #2: (To me) That’s what SHE thinks. I don’t know how a straight woman thinks she knows more about what it means to be gay than we do, but there you have it. Sorry about her, I hope you have a good day.

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