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Everyone in the store at this moment was Caucasian, and none speak *fluent* Spanish.

I am ringing up a customer in her 60s who asks for cigarettes. I look at my coworker by the case of cigarettes, to see if he will get them for my customer.

Coworker: Uno?

Me: Por favor.

Customer: Oh, parlez-vous francais!

Me: o.O Uh, no, that’s Spanish. French would be s’il vous plait.

Customer: I’m really getting old!

How you could mix up such different languages is beyond me.


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I work at a fast food restaurant famous for serving chicken sandwiches. This particular customer was at the drive-thru.

Customer: The #1…is that chicken??


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Me: *company name*, how can I help you today?

Caller: You speak in Spanish?

Me: I’m sorry, sir, I don’t speak Spanish.

Caller: You should speak in Spanish.

Me: Lo siento, no hablamos en Espanol. (all the Spanish I know)

Caller: You should speak in Spanish!

Me: I’m sorry, sir, I do not speak Spanish.

Caller: What the f*ck…

Me: Was there something I could help you wi-

Caller: You should speak in Spanish!! Hold on!

*Puts me on hold, dials the number for the FCC, their automated system greeting plays, he hangs up*

*My supervisor had not been listening in on the call but could tell I was confused*

Supervisor: What was that all about?

Me: I think I should learn Spanish.

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