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(I have just enrolled in a PhD program and am working at a private language institute. As a client is filling out some paperwork for her little son, I am typing on my computer and talking to my boss.)

Me: “You know, sometimes I still get lost on campus. I mean, it’s my first year of being a student there.”

Little Boy: *wide-eyed* “You go to school, Miss?”

Me: “That’s right.”

Little Boy: “My sister is a first grader, too, but she can’t write yet.” *gestures to computer*

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(Note: It’s Thanksgiving so we are closed but still have to come in for half a day to take care of the animals. I was cleaning the isolation building where the sick cats and dogs are kept.”

Coworker: “There’s a guy at the door.”

Me: “What?” (walks over to the door and sure enough there is a man standing there with a large dog.) “Can I help you with anything sir?”

Man: “Yeah, I came here to drop off this dog.”

Me: “We are closed today sir but you can probably go up there (to the main building) and set up an appointment to drop him off.”

Man: “The doors were locked.”

Me: “Oh, well you can call tomorrow morning to set up an appointment to bring him in or you can go to animal control, I’m sure they are open today.”

Man: “You’re not open? But there’s people here.”

Me: “Yes, we have to come in to take care of the animals but we are actually closed today. You can call tomorrow to set up an appointment.”

Man: “But it’s not even my dog.”

Me: “Yes, I understand that but we are closed and do not do intakes today. Like I said, you can call tomorrow morning.”

(He finally walks away with the dog and goes up to his car. He talks with the woman driver for a few minutes before going back up to the doors and trying to open them. He then tried looking through windows to flag down my coworkers. When this didn’t work, they drove to the staff entrance at the back and were told the exact same things I said by two more staff members before leaving.)


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(The last four metro stations in town are closed for construction, meaning everyone has to switch to a shuttle bus for the last leg of the trip. A pair of black women ahead of me are very loudly complaining about this.)
(Note: This story has a lot of foul language, and none of it is exaggerated. I feel it is an important part of the story to understand exactly how homophobic and insulting these women were.)

Woman 1: *very loud* “This is fucking bullshit! Man these people are all a bunch of fucking scammers, I need to get downtown!”

Woman 2: *even louder* “Hell yeah, these fuckers are all a bunch of lazy fucks, stopping the train here and just forcing us off.”

Me: “If you just take the shuttle it will take you downtown…”

Woman 1: *turning around* “Nobody was talking to you! You see me talking to you!? No!, stupid ass, bitch ass, punk ass faggot.”

Woman 2: “Uh huh, you fucking faggots always be getting involved where you don’t belong! Why don’t you try leaving people alone.”

(The two women go over to the shuttle bus, where they immediately push past the line that had formed and storm on.)

Bus Driver: “Ladies, please, there was a line..”

Woman 1: “You shut up you racist bastard! I’ll do what I want and your faggot ass can’t do nothing about it!”

(Without a word the bus driver signals to a nearby parked police car, one of the cops walks over while the 2 women continue their ranting. The police officer gets on the bus and has a quick conversation with the driver.)

Woman 2: *talking to woman 1* “All these fucking faggots, they have nothing to live for you know. Just a bunch of soulless, godless, immoral bastards.”

Police Officer: “Ladies, your going to have to get off the bus.”

Woman 1: (without even turning around) “Oh fucking hell, another one of these faggots thinking they can tell me what to do.”

(She spins around and punches the cop right in the face, the cop immediately tackles her to the ground and begins cuffing her.)

Woman 1: *struggling* “Let go of me! You can’t do this to me, you racist fucking cracker!”

Police Officer: “Ma’am you just punched a cop on camera, I don’t care what you call me, you’re going to prison for a while and I would just love to see you try and talk that way in there.”

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(I was a front of house manager at a french cafe and wine bar. One day, I saw a server come in from the dining area in on the verge of tears. She came straight up to me. )

Server: “There’s a guest that would like to speak with you.”

Me: “Are you ok, is there something wrong?”

Server: “They just want to talk to you.”

(I go out and she brings me to the guest)

Me “Hello, I’m (name) I understand that you would like to speak with me?”

Guest: “Yes, I’m very upset about this server, just look at her.”

(I look over and all I see is the server fighting back tears, visibly upset)

Me “And what is the problem with your server?”

Guest “She’s one of those damn (Homophobic slur). She shouldn’t be allowed to be anywhere near my food.”

(I look back at her perplexed, I knew this server was actually straight)

Me. “Sir, we do not discriminate in our hiring practices, and (server’s name) is one of our best employees.”

Guest: “I ‘m not going to pay for my meal, because she touched it! You shouldn’t be hiring abominations”

(At this point he was so loud, that my boss, who was actually a lesbian came out, she looked at the guest with fire in her eyes, then made eye contact with me and just nodded.)

Me: “Well sir, I’m sorry to say this but that’s theft as you don’t have a legitimate complaint. So I insist that you have to pay or we’ll call the police. additionally I’m going to ask that once your bill is paid that you don not come back to this establishment, as we have a zero tolerance policy towards bigoted language and harassment.”

Guest” WHAT!? This is outrageous, I’m taking my business elsewhere”

(the guest threw a ten and a twenty at me and left on the way out, another customer leaned over to him.)

2nd guest: “You should try (bar down the street) They would love your business there.”

(The guest had recommended a gay bar. The sever and I almost couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing.)

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(I’m at the airport and the flight from KC to Detroit has been delayed due to freezing rain on the runway. The boarding pass attendants are reprinting passes for anyone who may not have kept their pass stub when boarding the plane the first time. A very angry woman cuts the line and begins grilling one of the attendants.)

Woman: Would you mind explaining your logic for reprinting boarding passes?

Attendant: Well, ma’am, we need to make sure that anyone who has a boarding pass is able to get back on the plane.

Woman: But you have the old ones right there!

Attendant: Yes, ma’am, but we need to make sure that nobody sneaks onto the plan because we didn’t check passes on the second boarding.

Woman: This is ridiculous! I want the number to your CEO! I shouldn’t have to wait in line to get a boarding pass that I already gave you.

Attendant: As I said, this policy is to prevent people from sneaking on the plane. We get a $1000 fine if that happens.

Woman: Oh! OHHH! So this isn’t even about the customer! This is about covering your own butts!

(She continued ranting and raving for about five more minutes with the attendants calmly explaining to her the policies that she was just given. All in all she spent more time complaining than she would have had she just got in line with the rest of us!)

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