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(I was in line to buy my lunch at a coffee shop that was behind security in the area where passengers wait to board their planes. The customer was a lady a few spots a head of me in line.)

[b]Customer:[/b] Can I have a medium double-double. (In Ontario asking for a double-double gets you a coffee with two cream and two sugars … everywhere, unless you specify otherwise)

(Cashier prepares the drink and hands it to the customer)

[b]Customer:[/b] What the h*** is this, is this coffee?! What’s wrong with you I said double-double, where did I say coffee?!

The customer then spent the next 3 minutes holding up the line to chew out the poor girl working at the counter. I also missed my narrow window for lunch because my flight was coming in by the time it was my turn to order.


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(I’m a nurse and it’s a Friday at the end of a very long week of work. I’m the customer taking my year old son to the pediatrician. I’m very exhausted mentally and physically, but I have my husband with me. We are getting ready to make our son’s next appointment.)

Receptionist: Okay, so would you like to make an appointment?

Me: Yes, for his 15 month check up.

Recpetionist: When is he going to be 15 months old.

(I pause for a minute, look at my husband.)

Me: That would be… *Counts on fingers* May? Yes, May.

Husband: No, sweetie.

Me: *Counts on fingers again* Yes, because it’s the fifth month of the year.

Husband: Sweetie, that’s not…

Me: Yes! January, February, March, April, May. He’ll be 15 months in May.

(We both look at the receptionist, who is looking at me like I have two heads.)

Husband: Here are the keys, why don’t you go put [our son] in the car?

(He made the appointment, and it took me a couple days to figure out why people were looking at me funny.)


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I work at a pool as the aquatics specialist mostly teaching and training lifeguards but occasionally if we are short handed I will guard. One day doig this a group of girls got in the water as said a variety of funny things. Note all girls are around 16-18

Girl 1 my mask era is running why does the water make it happen

Girl 2 let’s have a swiming contest

Apparently 15 feet is enough for a contest

Girl 3 let’s do breakstroke

Girl 2 that’s not a real stroke

Girl 3 them demos it

Girl 2 well it looks stupid who would do that

(Breaststroke is a very common stroke and a Olimpic stroke)

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