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I bag at a national chain grocery store. A woman comes to the register talking on the phone. She points at the reusable grocery bags we have for sale. I put everything except the gallon of milk in the bag. The customer comes down, sees the milk isn’t in a bag.

Customer: I want my milk in a bag. *Goes back to talking on the phone about her new job*

Me: OK *Puts milk in a plastic bag.*

Customer: Miss, I want it in my reuseable back.

Me: Sorry! *rearranges things so nothing isn’t crushed.*

Customer: *As she walks away, still on the phone.* Sorry, was at the store, they’ve got morons working here.


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<i>(There has been a crash involving a bus and a little car that didn’t look before turning out at a cross-section. I am passing by this on my way to work, but join a few people who have stopped to look. Everyone is being civil, the car driver and bus driver are not hurt and it seems things are going smoothly. There are police everywhere, people watching, an ambulance and a firetruck. It is very obvious there has been a crash and until it’s sorted, that part of the road is closed. A man pulls up with his fancy red sports car.)</i>

<b>Man:</b> *Honking the horn* “Hey! What’s the hold up? Move over! I’m trying to get through!”</b>

<b>Policeman:</b> *Ignores the man for being ridiculous, and also to focus on the task at hand.*

<b>Man:</b> *Half hanging out the driver side window and honking the horn* “Hey bro! MOVE. THE. F***. OUT. OF. THE. ROAD! I have to be somewhere!!”

<b>Policeman:</b> *Looks at the man in disbelief* “Sir, you need to calm down. There’s been an accident. Please be patient.”

<b>Man:</b> “NO! F*** YOU, YOU C***! MOVE THE F****** BUS! I HAVE PLACES TO GO! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? *Honks his horn a few times*

<i>(At this point, the man is flailing and hanging out the driver side window, making an absolute fool of himself. The other onlookers and I giggle and make jokes about how the driver is “compensating”. The police officer has had enough of the abuse.)</i>

<b>Man:</b> “YOU’RE A PIECE OF S***! F*** YOU! MOVE!! F***!! YOU C**** BETTER MOVE THE F*** OUT OF MY ROAD OF ELSE!” *Honking his horn rapidly*

<b>Policeman:</b> “You had better shut up, and stop honking that horn before I shove it up your arse.”

<b>Man:</b> *Deflates and shrinks into his seat to a size comparable to what he is compensating for. He is quiet through the rest of the ordeal.*


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(This was during my 8 year career of going from a fro-yo jockey to manager. The store I worked built its name on a claim they had “the best” frozen “yogurt” in the “country.” It is nearly impossible to walk into this store and not know what we’re selling)

(Customer enters. I’m behind the counter)

Me: Welcome. How are you today?

Customer: I’m good. Do you have any “vanilla yogurt-type product?”

(I did a double take. It wasn’t that he asked for vanilla, because there were rotating flavors in addition to the staple flavors. His inflection wasn’t on vanilla, his inflection was on yogurt-type. I wanted to tell him no, but we had vanilla asparagus-type product. Of course, I said nothing, helped him with his order, and sent him on his way. Just one of the gems from those 8 years)

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