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Me: How are you doing today?

Customer: Good, you?

Me: Doing rather well.

Customer: Well, it’s still early and that can change.

Me: … -no idea how to respond to that-


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My Co-Worker was standing at the Cafe machine, next to our muffin display.

Customer: “Oh, you’re just standing at this register but it isn’t open?”

Co-Worker”… Ma’am, that’s our muffin display.”


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I was a young boy at the time (around 11-14) and I wanted to buy some supplies from a book store.

Me: I will just have these, please.

Cashier: Alright, that will be [Total]

I gave her a higher amount of money and waited for the change.

Cashier: Here you go.

Without looking, I take the money and walk out, but after a minute or two I notice something strange, it turns out instead of giving me one 10 cent coin and two 20 cent coins (which was supposed to be my change), they gave me one 1 cent coin and two 2 cent coins. I returned to the store.

Me: Excuse me? You seem to have given me the wrong change.

At this point I was not expecting this to be resolved, since I already left the store, but the cashier looked at her coworker, smirked slightly sheepishly and gave me the right change.
I never returned to that store.

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