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*I work as an office manager in a real estate office in Sydney, I do not work the front desk, we have another receptionist for that role, I can hear the receptionist, however can not see her desk from my desk, one day I over hear the following*

Tenant: Hi, I’d just like to pay some rent please

Receptionist: Not a problem, just the address and the amount you are paying please?

Tenant: ******* & *********

Receptionist: Ok, not a problem, just letting you know that you are currently a week behind in rent

Tenant: No I am not, I am paid up to date

Receptionist: Looking at the system, it currently says that you are seven days behind and we need you to always be two weeks in advance

Tenant: No! You have stolen my money! I pay my rent on time every week.

Receptionist: I can assure you that it is almost impossible for me to steal your money, and secondly you did not come into the office last week.

Tenant: No! You have stolen my money! I pay my rent on time every single week. *YELLING* YOU ARE STEALING MY MONEY YOU B****

*Suddenly after this conversation I hear a lot of commotion going on, I walk out to the front desk to see if I can be of assistance to see the customer has pushed her body over the front desk counter trying to attack our receptionist whilst continuously yelling, I manage to restrain her & call the police and the shopping mall security. Turns out that she was currently wanted by the police for a domestic violence order, now she is no longer a tenant of ours and the last I heard she received 30 days in jail*


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I work for an IT support desk working the night shift. Usually we get strange calls but this one was the best of the night.

Me: IT support, my name is [name], how can I help.

Disgruntled customer: Hi there [device name] is frozen. Can you kick it for me?

Me: I will remotely kick it for you right now.

Now happy customer: Cheers hun, bye. *Click*


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(I’m a girl in a video game store. I’m fixing a small preorder issue, when a man in his 20’s walks in. He sees me and storms over to the counter next to me.)

Customer: Excuse me!

Cashier: One minute, sir. I’m helping her.

Customer: That’s the problem, sir, she’s gonna steal stuff.

Cashier: Uhm….excuse me?

Customer: She’s just here to steal stuff and resell it, girls don’t play games!

Me: Hey, you a**hat, f*** off. I play more games than your a** would bet.

Customer: See?! She’s some thug here to steal whatever she can!

Cashier *to me* Fixed the problem, you have [amount] towards Pokemon. *to the man* Sir, please leave this girl alone.

Customer: She probably brought in stolen games to pay for that! She’ll sell it online for twice as much!

Cashier: I doubt it. She’s battled me and kicked my butt more than I’m willing to admit. Unless she’s running an illegal side business, she’s a legit gamer.


Me: Sir, what proof do you have that says that girls don’t play video games?

Customer: Well…I…uh…the main character is never a girl!

Me: Bulls***. And just because games don’t have chicks in them doesn’t mean we can’t like them.

Customer: You’re a liar!

Cashier: Please leave.

Customer: What?! Kick the thief out!

Cashier: She’s a regular. She spends legit money on stuff here. You’re just causing trouble. Get out of the store.

(The customer finally leaves, but complains the entire way. After the door closes, I start laughing.)

Me: Wish he knew better.

Cashier: Yeah…I’m gonna get the rest of your preorder paid off. Here’s the reservation slip.


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*I’m working the window at a well known fast food chain. A customer has just ordered about six specially made sandwiches. I hand her food hoping to move the line along because we are backed up but she insists on going through her whole bag and making sure all the sandwiches are correct. I’ve had run ins with her before and know better then to leave the window. She pulls the last one out and checks it before waving it in my face.*

Customer: This is suppose to be plain!

Me: I’m sorry mama is the something on it other then cheese?

Customer: There’s no ketchup!

*I quickly explain to her plain means there is only meat and cheese on the sandwich*

Customer: Well it’s suppose to get ketchup! They always have ketchup! You never get it right!

*I figure at this point the reason we ‘never get it right’ is because she doesn’t understand what plain means*

Me: Alright I’ll fix that for you.

*I take the sandwich back and have another staff member put ketchup on it.*

Me: Here you are mama have a nice day.

Customer: You people are all so F***ing stupid! You can’t even get a sandwich right!

*ten minutes later we get complaint from a customer saying I wasn’t polite to her in drive-thru. My manager tells me not to take it as a personal attack and says it was the lady with the sandwichs. I turn and give him a deadpan look*

Me: Trust me I don’t. She calls and complains about me ever time I have the pleasure to serving her. She insists I’m Mexican and stupid.

*I’m German-Irish. I’m as white as you can get.*


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(I went to the grocery store one evening after work to pick up a few items. I got in the shortest line I could find, behind a woman who had 6 boxes of instant mac & cheese and 3 taco kits up on the conveyor belt. There were a few other items, but these caught my eye. The cashier was ringing up the woman’s purchases, and suddenly, the woman spoke up.)

Woman: You rang that up wrong.

Cashier: Pardon me? What did I ring up incorrectly?

Woman: The squash. You rang that up twice.

Cashier: Um, no ma’am, I didn’t. I entered it wrong once, then voided it, and put it in correctly.

Woman: No, you didn’t. You rang it up wrong. It’s wrong. It says that the squash is 99 cents each, and it’s not. (she got a circular out of her bag and started thumbing through it.) It’s 99 cents a pound.

Cashier: (holding up the squash in question) This squash? (The squash was individually wrapped in plastic, with a bar code.) No, ma’am, this squash is 99 cents. The individually wrapped ones are 99 cents each.

Woman: No, it’s not. It’s 99 cents a pound. (she held up the circular.) It says here it’s 99 cents. But it doesn’t say whether that’s per pound, or each.

Cashier: Ma’am, it’s 99 cents each. It has a bar code on it. That’s how it rang up.

Woman: No. It doesn’t say here whether it’s per pound or each. I want to know if it’s per pound or each. I need to see a manager.

Cashier: Ma’am, I can assure you that it is 99 cents for one squash.

Woman: But it doesn’t say that. I think it’s 99 cents per pound. Please call a manager.

(A manager walked over, found out what was going on, looked at the squash.)

Manager: No ma’am, these are 99 cents each. They’re not 99 cents a pound.

Woman: I want to know where it says that, because I think it’s 99 cents a pound.”

Manager: (to the Cashier) Finish checking her out. (The Manager headed back to the Produce section, then returned a couple minutes later.) It’s 99 cents for one squash, ma’am.

Woman: But I thought it was 99 cents a pound.

Manager: It’s not.

Woman: Well, I thought it was.

Manager: I understand that.

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