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(Whenever we get salmon cutlets delivered, they come with a salmon head as well. For some reason, it was sold at the same price as the cutlets, by weight and fairly expensive.)

Customer: “How much for the salmon head?”

Me: “It’s the same price as the cutlets, I’m afraid.”

Customer: “Oh, no.. I came in last week and bought it for $5.”

Me: *confused* “To my knowledge we’ve never sold it for that price. It doesn’t seem fair though does it?.”

Customer: *super sad face* “Are you sure?”

Me: “Really sorry about that.”

(I asked a coworker if anyone has sold the head cheaper before, and found out that the woman had come in every week for the past few weeks saying the same thing. She continued to do so for about three months, needless to say I was less sympathetic each time. The weird part was, about a month after she stopped visiting, a new price came out for the salmon head which worked out to be almost what she was asking for.)


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I have just gone on break and entered the break room, where several coworkers are waiting to clock in. One is in the middle of telling a story.

Coworker (quoting a customer): “This coffee maker isn’t working! I want a refund!” So I plug it in to make sure it’s working. I run water through it and it works just fine and I tell her “The machine works just fine.” She says “No, there’s no coffee coming from it!” I said “Well, you need to put a filter with coffee grounds in it.” She said “No I don’t. The box says ‘automatic’!” This woman is a teacher! One time she followed me around the store singing Christmas carols because she thought I wasn’t happy enough. What she didn’t know was I was trying to get away from her! Did I mention this woman is a teacher? It makes me worried about what she’s teaching our kids!”

(I’m glad I went to a different school district.)


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(I was on duty with my colleague and he check-in a guest whom at first didn’t look all that fussy. An hour later he comes back to the hotel and ask for a late check-out at 2PM. Our latest check-out can be extended until 1PM and unless you have a very important/distress reasons then we can extend the check-out time later)

Guest: Why do you mean I can’t check-out at 2PM?! I think it was you who promised you I can leave at 2!!

Me: If it was me sir, I wouldn’t reject your request.

Guest: A lady was the one who said I can!

Me: I know sir, but I can assure you it wasn’t me. What is your purpose for your late check-out? Is your flight a bit late or-

Guest: You promised me I can!

(After a while of me explaining the late check-out charges and what not, he said…)

Guest: I call all the way from Hong Kong and you know that that is not cheap!

Me: I understand sir and I am really sorry becau-

Guest: No you don’t understand and you are not sorry! I want you to compensate me!

Me: Fine. What do you want us to compensate for you sir?

Guest: I want you to compensate my telephone calls!

Me: What? Uh.. Ok.. *hands him my Hotel Manager business card* This is our Hotel Maneger, you can contact her or email her regarding your request and-

Guest: No I don’t want to!

Me: Uh.. But you want a compensation right?

Guest: Yes but I don’t want to contact your manager. I don’t know what’s her name! I want YOU to tell your manager!

Me: I can’t do that sir. You NEED to do that because YOU want a compensation, right?

Guest: What is your name?

Me: I’m [My name].

Guest: I don’t get it! All the [5 Star Hotels] let me check out at 2PM!! If I know this happens, I will not stay in this hotel! I can actually leave this hotel!

(He left and went to his room)

Colleague: Why the hell didn’t he ask me in the first place? Dumb***.

(Thankfully I did not attend to him the next day during check-out. I did inform my other colleagues about him and thank goodness nothing much happen. I heard he was just quiet during his check-out)

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