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(sooooo this story takes place went I was still in food service. I was a bus boy at one point for a popular sandwich chain, Contrary to popular belief I can be pretty friendly and this story takes place when I wasn’t as fat but still pretty intimidating looking. This is about a little girl and her stupid mom who has a horrible judgement of character)

little girl runs up to me and say HI

me- Hi, how are you

(here comes mom)

Mom- Back away from Him honey we don’t talk to convicted felons

(at this line you all know I’m thinking of something smart to say)

Me- You know not all of us “convicted felons” as you say are bad people. We are just in wrong place and wrong time.

Mom- B*****T All you guys do is rob banks and kill people.

Me- Do you even know Why I was in jail?

Mom- Whatever Its was its the reason you work here because you cant get a real job

Me- Well that statement is fairly accurate, the reason I was in jail was for an attempted murder charge for beating a guy within an inch of his life for trying to molest a child, but because of judgemental people like you stating we convicted felons are all bad people the only job i could get to support myself is a bus boy.

(mom proceeds to have this look of shock on her face grabs her daughter and leaves)

My manager- Were you really in Jail?

Me- Dude you know I wasn’t you hired me and did my background check

(moral of the story, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, Most scary looking people would run into a burning building to save your judgemental self)


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Not the worst bad listener ever, but just a small sample of what I have to deal with every day.

Caller: This is _____. I need to speak with _____.

Me: One moment please.

Caller: I spoke with him yesterday and blah, blah, blah.

Me: One moment please.

Caller: I need to reschedule my appointment because blah, blah, blah.

Me: One moment please, while I get you to his assistant.

Caller continues to talk. I cut him off at this point and just transferred him.


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I work at a customer service/information desk in a big shopping mall; people ask me for directions in the mall and can buy gift cards, I give general information and other howabouts around the area, like turist information and such. We also operate a call center, so I answer incoming calls as well. I have to know a lot about everything, but I cannot have knowledge of everything.

(Side note: this male caller sounded like he is a recovering drug addict)

Caller: “Hi, my name is ( ), I was wondering if you have a home testing sperm kit?

Me: “Hi, what was the last part you said? Home testing …?

Caller: “home testing sperm kit”

(He was talking really low, so I had to ask one more time)

Me: “Once more, I didn’t hear the last part.”

Caller: home testing sperm kit, do you know where I can get it? “

Me: “…”

Me: “I’m sorry, I have never heard of anything like that for sale in any store”

Me: “Have you been to the drugstore? They might have something like that? Or know somebody that does sell it”

Caller: “I’ve been there earlier today, they did not know about it either, nor heard of it! So I was wondering if you did? Can you maybe search for it?”
Me: “would you like the number to the healthcare center?”

Caller: “I know I can get my sperm tested at the doctor, but I want to do it at home, so I wondered if you knew where I can buy it”

Me: “the healthcare center might know more than me, they might know where you can buy it!”

Caller: “I know I only can buy it online, but I wanted to know if there was a place I could purchase it”

Me: “Then you probably only can buy it online, I’m sorry I can’t help you anymore!”

Caller: “Ok, but do you know if those home sperm tests are reliable? Like, can I trust the results of them?”

Me: “… eeehh??”

Me: “I really don’t know. That is far out of my league of expertise.”

Caller: “ohhh…. Ok… thank you anyway”

Me: “your welcome, have a good day…..”

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