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(I am going to the police station to see my mother who works in the records and evidence. It’s chilly out and I’m wearing a rainbow scarf and this happens on my way to the front doors)

Young Man: *Walking to his car* I like your scarf *Smiles*

Me: Thank you *Smiles back*

Young Man: Can I just tell you something? I know this is going to sound weird coming from some stranger considering I’m here for a ticket. It should not be a happy day, but everyone here has been so nice to me and not just at the station. I live in -Neighboring town-, you know like right on the border between -Neighboring town- and -My town-.

Me: Yeah

Young Man: Well in all my twenty four years of life I just wish my dad had moved us just a little farther over the border *Smiling*

Me: I’m glad you like it here! *BIG smile*

Young Man: Have a good day!

Me: You too!

(I then went in and told my mother about the encounter and she thought it was amusing and told me about how she had had someone who complimented how nice everyone at the station was, that every the arresting officer was very nice! Makes me love my hometown a little bit more)

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My family and I are at a high-end restaurant and have all dressed up for the occasion. I have dyed bright red hair, which looks good on me, but it is a clearly unnatural colour. The people across the room from us apparently took offense at this, because they loudly started talking about it.

Woman: Teenagers and their artificial hair! They think it’s so edgy and cool… But just look at what happens when they try to fit into a nice atmosphere like this…

The woman actually had the gal to point me out, which made her other guests laugh. I chose to ignore them, although it was pretty embarrassing. My loyal sister, however, decided to spend the rest of the dinner glaring at the woman and her rude guests!

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The hospital has a doctor’s office attached. I’m sitting in the waiting room, waiting for my appointment with my doctor. A woman walks in.

Woman: “Hi, I’m here for my appointment with Doctor [Name].”

Receptionist: “If you could just give me your name, I’ll confirm you’re here for it.”

The woman gives her name.

Receptionist: “Thank you ma’am. You’re an hour and a half early, so if you’d like to come back then, or take a seat, the doctor will see you then.”

The woman insists on seeing the doctor now, and the receptionist refuses to fit her in, and asks her to wait for her appointment. The woman doesn’t accept this and loudly calls the hospital complaints line in the middle of the waiting room. She apparently has no luck, and sits down, very clearly livid.

While two of the receptionists are on break, and the third is getting files from a cabinet, the woman reaches over the counter and steals several random patients’ records.

The receptionists return, notice the missing files and see the woman acting very strange. Her handbag is big enough to conceal the files hidden inside, and she’s sitting there with a smirk on her face.

She gets called up, goes in and has her scans done, and comes back out, clutching her handbag protectively. She can clearly see several members of staff eyeballing her. She gets scared and goes to the toilet, probably to try and dispose of the records.

Security arrives, and they have a chat.

I later saw her leave the hospital afterwards, very quickly, quietly and walking oddly as if in shock/pain — the hospital hires gorillas with security licences.

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I am checking in a family at the desk. The two kids must be at least 15. Note: this hotel is in Scotland the family is English.

Me: and heres your key, is there anything else i can do for you today?

The mother, who has been smiling broadly all this time suddenly nudges her daughter and starts to laugh.

Customer: go on ask her.

Daughter: no its ok.

The duaghter looks sheepish but i dont prompt her since the family are laughing so much. Finally the daughter is persuaded.

Duaghter: so do we need adapters up here to use the sockets?

I stare at her unsure what to say.

Me: er no, Scotland is on the same national grid.

The duaghter seems satisfied and leaves with her chuckling family in tow.

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(This happened at a local Woodman’s. Keep in mind I have a grocery cart in front of me and a grocery list in my hand).

Me: (to my husband) “Honey, can you grab the mushrooms?”

Woman: “Hey you! Can you tell me where the pickles are?” As she’s looking at me.

Me: *turns around with the list in my hand* “Ma’am, I don’t work here.”

Woman: “Well do you know where they are?”

Me: “Ma’am, I don’t work here, you might want to try to find an employee.”

Woman: “I don’t care if you do or not, where are the damn pickles?!”

Me: *staring in disbelief at this point* “They’re over that way” *points to an employee*

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