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(After a day of lazing around, I decide to run up the street to the nearby grocery store to pick up something for dinner. Since I wasn’t feeling well I had on a pair of black sweatpants, boots, a gray North Face jacket, and my hair piled on top of my head in a messy bun and no makeup on. At this particular grocery store, employees are required to wear a red shirt and khaki pants. I throw a few things in my cart and was browsing the meat case when I notice a woman staring at me.)

Woman: Uh, excuse me.

Me: Yeah?

Woman: Do you work here?

Me: [Looks down at the ground beef in my hand, my jacket and sweatpants and the items in my cart.] Uh, no…


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I work in a store selling medical aids. We’re a part of a larger organization that also do repairs to wheelchairs.

A man comes in, asks for repairs to be done to his chair since he’s got a flat tire. No problem, I call one of my co-workers who takes the chair in, leaving the customer in the café section.
My co-worker comes back and gives me a specification for the cost, since all the sales go through us.

The man and his assistant stays in the café for a while, drinking the coffee we offer for free, before they decide to leave.

He comes rolling up, sees that my other co-worker and I are sitting in the office but what he doesn’t know is that I can see him, meaning that I can see how he looks around himself before hurrying towards the exit.

I get out of my chair and say: “Excuse me sir, but [my co-worker] gave me the specification for your cost. You have to pay.”

Customer: “Oh. But I don’t have any money.”

Me: “…That’s really not our problem, sir.”


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(I work for a mail order pharmacy)

Customer: I just got medication, but now I need to return it (We don’t take medication back in less we made an error)

Me: why are you
you wanting to return it

Customers: My friend died and takes same medication so just took her left over, so I don’t need any

Me: we not able to return the medications, also it not adviced that you take someone elses medication but if your going too can just keep it till you need more

Customers: I am not keeping this medication, starts yelling and it will go bad before I can take it all

Me: how much medication did you obtain frm your friend

Customer: about 3 days worth

(When i told her she would run out before we could reship it , she requested a supervisor)


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It’s the last day if late registration, a week full of huffy and often rude procrastinators. We are supposed to close at 2 on Fridays but management decided to “see how it goes” and makes us to stay later to allow stragglers to finish enrolling.

It’s now nearly 4 and we’ve all worked late for a few weeks now; we’re tired and ready to go home and be finished with registration already. Finally the boss says “shut it down, it’s 4” and walks out. Relieved, we all shut down our computers and start hitting the lights, but as always someone walks in before they lock our door. While she’s being helped I make the mistake of answering the phone again.

Me: Thank you for calling (technical school), how can I help you?

Caller: What time do y’all close?

Me: Well ma’am we were supposed to close at 2 but stayed to finish up a few more people. However, everything is now shut down and we closed at–

Caller: (cuttting me off) When do you offer your child care again?

Me: We do not offer child care or child care courses here, let me give you the number to Pre-k–

Caller: (interrupting again) I don’t want Pre-k I want your 30 hour child care CLASS! Ain’t nobody ax you for no Pre-K! Transfer me to Admissions! S***!

(It’s now 4:20, lobby is empty aside from a few coworkers waiting for me. I look longlingly at the exit.)

Me: Ma’am, as I said before we do not offer any type of child care course and haven’t in some time–

Caller: (now screaming into the phone) MAN Y’ALL GOT SOME RUDE A** B*****S WORKING THERE! TRANSFER! ME!

Me: “–”
“Ma’am this is Student Services, we handle admissions and course information. I can assure you anyone else here is going to tell you the same thing, and all our departments have now closed. I’d be happy to tell you about any other classes we do offer, but I’m not sure how else I can explain we do not have the class you are asking abou–”


ME: (gives name, dept) and if there is nothing else, you have a nice day. *hangs up*

(Phone rings again, same number.)

Me to coworkers as I start walking out: Go ahead and get cussed out by more crazies if you want. I’ve had my fill.


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THis happened while I was working for Nextel before it was bought out by Sprint. Nextel’s policy is to write down each exact reason for the insurance claim before sending them to the company.

Me: Hello there, and thank you for calling. How can I help you today?

Lady (on the phone sounding nervous): Yes my phone has water damage, I would like to have it replaced, does my insurance cover it/

Me: just one moment madam while I check.

(a minute latter)

Me: Good news the level of insurance does cover the damage, but I need to record how it got damaged so we can make phones to prevent it in the future.

Lady: Well umm..

Me: Don’t worry madam it’s just for research nothing else.

Lady: Ah yes well… the damage involved the phone being used…. but not answering it….

Me: Not answering it?

Lady: While on vibrate…

Me (realisation kicks in): Okay, I’ll see about finding a good way to word this here for you, and send you to the the insurance company for the claim. One moment while I put you on hold.

Lady: Thank you for your professionalism.

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