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Powell River, B C Canada | Unfiltered

I’m in the produce department of my local supermarket. One of the employees is restocking heads of iceberg lettuce. Just as another customer and I are passing him, he drops one of the lettuces and it trundles several feet down the aisle.

Customer: (Deadpan) Heads will roll!”


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Bloomington, IN | Unfiltered

(I walked into a convenience store. I see an older man talking to a teen, who blushes and walks off hurriedly. I go to make my purchase when the elderly man approaches me.)

Man: Would you give me a hand job for $2?

Me: Excuse me?

Man: A hand job. You know what that is? I’ll give you $2.

Me: Sir, I’m pretty certain my boyfriend wouldn’t like that.

Man: I’m not flirtin’ or nothin’.

Me: No, I won’t.

(The clerk is doubled over with laughter.)

Me: Did he ask the kid that, too?

Clerk: Yeah. I want to call the cops, but it’s just so funny …


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Manchester, UK | Unfiltered

(After serving an older gentleman as he is turning to leave, saying goodbye in my usual casual friendly manner after a pleasant transaction)

Me: See you later!

(Customer looks me up and down with a disgusted face)

Customer: I don’t think so.

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