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I work at an ice cream parlor and we tend to get quite the rush on hot days, of course. One evening, a man and a woman, either a young couple or newly married, walk into the store. After they order their ice cream and I hand over the cones, we head to my register so they could pay.

Me: That will be total.

The young lady pulls a $20 bill from her purse to hand to me.

Man: I have this.

The man pulls a $20 bill from his wallet. The lady responds by thrusting her bill at me and I reach out to take it. The man then snatches the bill from the lady’s hand and puts his bill in my hand. I look at them both.

Me: This is going up on notalwaysright.


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(Our bakery receives a lot of cake orders to be delivered on the day before Christmas. The orders are noted with the person’s name and the time at which the order will be picked up. When the customer arrives, the person at the counter calls the bakery staff on the internal phone (the cakes are made upstairs) and gives them the name and hour of the order. To ease the process, the orders are taped to a wall, grouped by hour. I don’t work there but I always help out on these busy days, especially on the logistics part, so I’m usually the one who takes care of sorting the orders and taking the calls from downstairs. The following situation has happened several times, almost always with men.)

[customer] Hi, I’m picking up some cakes.

[counter staff] Sure, under which name are they and for what time?

[customer] Hum… That must be [his mother’s or wife’s name]. I don’t know about the time… maybe for now?

[counter staff, calls the bakery] Hey, can you send down the order under [name the guy said]? The customer is not sure about the hour but it should be now.

[me] Ok, I’ll check.

(The orders for later hours are piled on a desk, the ones for that hour are all aligned on the wall. I check them all but can’t find that name. I check previous hours, also not there. I go to the desk and start going through the piles of orders for the next hours and after a few minutes I still have no match.)

[me] I can’t find any order under that name, for any hour. Is he sure that’s the name?

[counter staff, to customer] Are you sure about the name? Maybe the order was placed under someone else’s name?

[customer] Well, my [mother/wife] usually takes care of that kind of thing…so it must be under her name… She just told me to come pick up the cakes for Christmas…

[counter staff] Ok… Do you know which cakes she ordered?

[customer] I have no idea… I’ll call her and ask.

[counter staff] Please do that.

(Meanwhile I’m double-checking all the orders just to make sure I didn’t miss that name)

(This is what we hear form the customer’s call) Hi [mom/wife], I’m here at [our bakery] to pick up the cakes but they can’t seem to find your order… It’s under your name, right? … Oh… really? Ok… Yes, yes, bye!
(The customer is now red from embarrassment) [to the counter staff] Hum… actually it seems that she placed the order at another bakery… I’m sorry… My bad…

[counter staff, screaming internally] Oh. Sure. No problem. [Forced smile] Have a Merry Christmas!

(The customer hurries off, the counter staff calls the bakery) [me] So which name is it after all?
[counter staff] You’re not going to believe it but… there was no order, he came to the wrong bakery!
[me] What?! [strong cursing]


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One of my first days at my first sales jobs I had an older gentleman ( I’d say around seventy) come in asking for headphones that went over his ears. I then proceeded to sell him our most expensive pair of Beats by Dre headphones. With a smile on my face.


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(I work in IT support for a specific industry to do with vehicles. Many of our customers provide services for the police who have very strict guidelines on how things must be done so we make sure all our software and services comply.)

Customer: Hello, I need to know how to edit this file I’ve got.

Me: Okay, let’s have a look. (I connect to his computer) That’s a PDF file, you can’t edit those but I might be able to convert it.

(I transfer the file to my own computer and run it through a PDF to Word converter, but the file comes out several hundred times larger than the original)

Me: Oh, there seems to be a problem with… Wait, this isn’t text, these pages are just images. Did you scan these?

Customer: Yes.

Me: Oh. What do you want to actually do with it? (I actually read through the file for the first time)

Customer: It’s a form from [police station], I just want to fill it out.

Me: Well I can’t do anything on this document as it is a statutory police file. It explicitly states at the bottom of this document that copying or modifying it is a lawful offense. I am deleting the copy on my computer and yours, contact them and request a digital version.

Customer: Oh they won’t give us one. They give us paper copies so we can’t fill it out on the computer.

Me: …Just so I understand… You have been given a paper document?

Customer: Yes.

Me: So that you physically have to fill it out with a pen and cannot fill it out on a computer…

Customer: Yes.

Me: …and in violation of its terms you want to create a digital COPY so that you CAN fill it out on a computer?

Customer: Yes.

Me: I cannot modify police documents especially if they have given you a paper format so it cannot be filled out digitally.

Customer: But several users need to collaborate on this document so I need to put it on the network so we can all fill it out.

Me: They have explicitly denied you a digital copy and the form says you cannot copy it. I cannot create one for you and I cannot modify police documents.

Customer: What do you want me to do then?

Me: I suggest filling it out with a pen.

Customer: But I need to put it on the network.

(This goes backwards and forwards several times until I give up and transfer him to my manager, after explaining the situation)

Manager: (in the next room) Yes I understand but it’s a statutory document, we aren’t allowed to do anything with it…. We can’t edit statutory documents…. No, it says you can’t create copies of it….


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I work in a somewhat quiet grocery store. It is nearing closing time, and we are about to close our doors. However, before this happens, a well-dressed gentleman dashes into the store and runs straight to our dairy aisle and picks up a stick of unsalted butter. He examines it, before screaming, “THIS BUTTER IS WRONG!” He then throws the butter to the floor and dashes out again. My co-worker looks at me and says with a smile, “That’s the most exciting thing that’s actually happened here all week!”

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