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I was working at the returns desk at my store and we usually get some odd returns but this one took the cake. A customer came in with an outdoor electrical box worth about $150 and said i would like to return this i asked for his receipt and he gives me it, as i read it i see in large font “THIS IS A TRAINING RECEIPT NOT VALID FOR RETURNS” and I double check he is sure he got this receipt when he bought his item i explain that this isn’t a real receipt and he would never get this if he paid money to which he replies by taking it from my hands ripping it up and telling me to forget about it and return his item needless to say after a lengthy conversation with my manager he walked out with no money

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(I keep the door to me shop open because the door tends to stick and people think we’re closed when they can’t open the door immediately. The counter is right by the desk so people tend to come in off the street quite often and ask for directions etc which is pretty irritating but fairly harmless)

I was on the phone to a customer today when a woman popped her head in the door and started asking me something. She could see I was on the phone so I assumed she was a customer making a query. I put the other customer on hold to help her.

Me: Hi how can I help you?

Her: Hi I was here about a year ago.

I nod, as this is often something customers say.

Her: And there was a little place that did quiches do you know where it is?

Me: (With a look of utter disbelief and irritation) No.

(Seeing my expression she beat a hasty retreat. She had honestly thought it was okay to interrupt a phone call to a paying customer just to ask for directions)

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(My mom works at a rehab hospital in Wheaton, and does long hours and rarely takes a lunch break to support our family. I also have a cousin who wishes to be a physical therapist. This occurs about a week ago. Note, I am twelve)

Mom: (to my cousin) This is where I do my part. (nods towards coworker and says in a hushed tone) That lady there is my coworker, [name]. she got our last boss fired, because she found out about how she takes an hour morning break, and hour lunch break, and works only the bare minimum. Not to mention she also pays her bills and does Facebook and such while she IS here.

Cousin: (in same hushed manner) why hasn’t she been fired yet?

Mom: Because there isn’t any proof.

Cousin: d***. I wish there was something I could do to help…

(I take the opportunity to look to see that she is playing a game on Facebook that my best friend plays.)

Me: (Pulls out phone, selecting the Video Recording Master app)

Mom: [my name} where are you-

Me: (makes the shh signal)

Cousin: (figures out what I’m about to do, and leads my mom behind a bookshelf to watch)

Me: (Quietly walks behind [names] chair)


Mom’s Coworker: Shut the h*** up you little b****! I’m concentrating on my c***** job and don’t want a d*** little f** spreading f******* lies about me!

Me: Well, I think your foul mouth and not working just got you fired!

Mom’s Coworker: (not looking away from the screen) *snorts* and what proof do you haaaaaaa (notices the phone in my hand)

Mom’s Coworker: GIVE ME THE D*** PHONE!!!

(She said this just as the higher up, Dr. Creager walked in. I promptly walk over to him, and play the video for him, while [name] is sitting there stuttering that my mom “blackmailed her into doing this”) Dr. Creager: So, she “blackmailed” you into doing this?

Mom’s coworker: *smirking at my mom like he believes her* that’s right! I asked her daughter to record this so I could show you!

Me: wait, what-

Dr. Creager: well, you should be happy to know that someone will be getting fired, Lori.

(my heart fell, thinking he believed her crazed story about me and my mom. That’s when Dr. Creager did the unexpected) Dr.

Creager: Lori, after ten years of pretending to do your jb here at Maryanjoy, I now pronounce you-

Lori: thank you so much for the promotion! I knew I deserved it!

Dr. Creager: what I was going to say is that you are now fired, goodbye Lori. I expect your things out of here by noon.

(I look at the clock and start laughing. It was currently 11:45, meaning she had about 15 minutes to get up and get out. Thank you, Dr. Creager, if you are reading this, for getting rid of what I considered the downfall of the hospital!)

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I was having a yard sale in my front yard and on my porch on a busy street in this too-busy-to-be-kind city. I was on my laptop signing off when a woman walked up and started looking at things.

“Hi! I will be right there,” I called, in a friendly way, as the laptop slowly shut down.

“Well,” she snapped, “if you want to sell anything you had better get up and show me this,” as she pointed at a skirt on a hanger. “This is not the way you serve people!” She continued on in that vein for a few more seconds but I was so annoyed I could not listen to anymore.

Instead, surprised by her rudeness I got up, picked the skirt’s hangar up and held it in front of me with a huge smile on my face.

“How much is it!?” She demanded.
“Well,” she snorted and stormed off.

What I did not say was, “$5 for anyone else…”

I did well that sale. Sold a lot of stuff. Nothing to her. In fact, I was hoping she would offer to buy something so I could tell her how little her money was welcome on my porch. But am glad she left before I had to.

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I have been working in this children’s clothing store for a few weeks now. We carry mostly girls clothes but we have boys clothes as well. This story takes place as we’re doing a floor set and changing the store around for the holidays.

Customer: “Can you see if there’s another dress with a belt in the back, this one’s bent.”

Me: “Um okay.” *walks to back*

The dress in question had a flimsy plastic belt, one of those that gets beat up pretty quickly. I walk in the back and speak with my manager, who says we can’t damage just a belt. So I walk back out and tell this to the customer, who was not pleased.

Customer: “Seriously? I’m not even asking for a discount I’m just asking for a new belt. I can’t believe you can’t just switch it or something.”

The customer continues to rant even as I tell her I can’t really do anything and she says of course it’s not me, she just can’t belive that the manager would say that. After a minute of this my other manager pops up to see what’s going on and she decides to switch the belts anyway just to appease the lady. Once the lady leaves my other manager just looks at me.

Manager: “what was the big deal anyway it was barely even bent.”

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