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(I work at a locally owned, mom and pop type restaurant that is dearly beloved by many, not only because we serve amazing, home-cooked food, but because we have that whole family thing going on. This took place within my first month of serving, with a regular customer who I see weekly.)

Me: “Alright, sir, here are your pasties, let me just grab your cock–”

(At this point, I realized that I had meant to say “turnovers” instead of “cocktails” but stopped at an incredibly unfortunate time… I duck down to access the case and hide my embarrassment. Upon grabbing the turnovers, I start to stand up and slam my hand in the case, because of course I did.)

Me: (bright red, in pain, and deeply, deeply embarrassed, but not going to admit it) “… here are those turnovers, just let me get your total..”

Customer: (looking concerned) “Didn’t that hurt?!”

Me: *laughs awkwardly* “….Well yes, yes it did!”

(Being an older gentleman, he didn’t even hear my massive slip-up, and was only concerned that the new girl had hurt herself…. this could not have played out any better, but I still didn’t tell my coworkers about it for nearly 6 months. We still giggle every time I re-tell it, and the customer is among my favorites.)


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(I work in a restaurant that has a promotion on Saturdays. If you bring a receipt from earlier in the week you can buy one meal with a drink and get the second one free)

Lady: I usually come to your restaurant for a meal once a week and want to complain about your rude manager. He told me to use the coupon for the second meal, but I have a receipt.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, the coupon is on the receipt.

Lady: But he told me to use the coupon!

Me: (getting confused) As you can see the coupon is on the receipt, ma’am.

Manager: (sees the confusion so comes to help) May I help?

Lady: I don’t want to talk to him!

Manager: (Explains everything in a clear and concise manner) (She leaves in a huff) She calls to complain and gets a free meal, confusing all of my co-workers and the General Manager.


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(I work in a foreign exchange store, the pound to euro rate is currently £1 – €1.20).

Customer: Hi, Whats the euro rate today?

Me: It’s £1 to €1.20.

Customer: OK, so how many euros do I get for £100?

Me: €120!

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