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(I got this story from a coworker. It was closing time and this was the last customer. The manager and my coworkers were all waiting for this one customer to leave so they could all start closing up. She had a pretty big order. Another coworker was ringing her up and smacked a fly onto the table to kill it.)

Customer: “What! Why would you do that? That is outrageous!”
Coworker: “I’m sorry ma’am, let me just put some hand sanitizer on and I will go back to ringing you up.”
Customer: “No I will NOT have you ring be up anymore! I demand someone else ring me up! I can’t believe how rude you are!”

(Another coworker, who is also a supervisor, goes to ring her up. The manager is standing about 10 feet away and can hear everything going on.)

Coworker: “Okay ma’am you’re all set! I hope you have a nice night!”
Customer: “I can’t believe how rude you and that other woman are! My god how did you get hired?” *starts to walk away, then says under her breath* “B****”

(The customer ended up getting 10% off her purchase for inconvenience by the manager. I wouldn’t have done that!”


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I was a night auditor at an interstate motel when this telephone call happened a thousand times:

Me: Thanks for calling xxx, how can I help you?

Caller: What time do you close?

Me: We’re a motor lodge. We don’t close.

Caller: But what are your hours?

Me: We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, except leap year, when we’re open 366 days.

Caller: But what are your hours?

Me: We are open every hour of every day of every year, and we’re staffed 24 hours a day.

Caller: Okay, I’ll try to get there before you close.

(I have to admit, though, that I might, perhaps, once or twice, have told a particularly rude caller that we closed at 2 am and kicked everyone out so that housekeeping could get in the rooms…)


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(I work as a security guard on third shift at a car part factory. I usually get a paper before work but I was running late the night before and couldn’t stop. I decided to pick one up the next morning instead. I’m leaving the gas station near my house with my paper when an older man approaches me in a slight panic. I’m still wearing my uniform, which while similar to a cop’s, is noticeably different)

Man: Hey, hey listen, my wallet’s been stolen, I need you to take down some information, okay?

Me: (interjects) Uh, sorry, but I’m not police, I’m a security guard.

Man: Oh it’s all the same thing, now take this down; the guy was-

Me: (Interrupts again) Sir, I’m really not police. I’m a night time security guard and I’m off duty now.

Man: Don’t you have a notebook or something? Take this down! It’s an emergency! All my personal stuff was in there!

Me: Sir, for the last time, I’m. Not. Police. If I were, I doubt my badge would be EMBROIDERED onto my uniform.

Man: If you don’t take this down, I’ll have you fired!

Me: (getting fed up) I don’t have to do anything for you! I work for (employment agency) I couldn’t do anything for you even if I wanted to!

Man: That’s it, I’m calling your supervisor! I’ll have your job for this, you brat!

Me: Go ahead, see if you can.

(I leave as he’s actually taking out his cell phone to call someone. One, it should be noted that all the police officers around here wear BLUE and no one is going to know who the rogue officer in BLACK is, and two, even if he DID call my agency, what the heck are they going to do about it? I wish I could’ve stuck around to find out)


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I am walking in to returns to cover for Coworker #1. She’s dealing with a customer who I will name Ms. Rude. Coworker #1 wasn’t at the register as she was talking with the Manager about her. She asks for “the pretty girl with the black hair” to come back. Coworker #1 does, & what happened was this: Ms. Rude wanted to return $20 worth of items. She lost her credit card & receipt, so we couldn’t put it back on her card. Her ID was declined, her passport was declined. We could not give her her money back in any manner. The system simply wont allow it. She was not gonna take this for an answer. Ms. Rude asked me if I could do the return, & I told her once it’s denied, no one can do the return. Ms. Rude then said in a very demanding tone, “Make a way then”. I told her I couldn’t do anything.
Ms. Rude then asks why cant Coworker #2 (who was nearby assisting other customers & watching the whole ordeal) do the return? I explained that once it’s denied on this computer, the whole system, every computer, denies it. She doesn’t buy it, but doesn’t move either. I go to move her items to the left side of the counter.

Ms. Rude: “Oh nonononono! I am your next customer. You will take care of me.”

So I step to the left & pull customers over.

Customers kept coming up & doing their returns. Every single customer that came up, she asked them for their ID. Each one declined. I told her I am not allowed to do that; I cant type in someone else’s ID when they are complete strangers. They have to be friends or family. No exceptions. The customer’s IDs that did get accepted, she would ask why theirs did & hers didn’t. There wasn’t much I could tell her other than it could be a glitch or something else. This happened to maybe 5 customers.

Ms. Rude then talks to my manager for a little bit. I continue helping customers. Manager leaves while dialing the phone. More time passes. She then asks when the cops are gonna get here to arrest us for not giving back her money.

Ms. Rude: “I’m calling the newspapers & they’re gonna get here before the cops!”
I call Manager. He tells me to ignore her.

Me: Mam, I don’t know if they’ll be here-

Ms. Rude”WHEN. WHEN are they gonna get here?!”

Me: …when they get here. I don’t know.

Ms. Rude: “Call him back & ask when they’ll be here.”

Manager wont answer the phone. So I just tell her he doesn’t know either.
The cops come over, so does Manager. I relay part of the story, then Manager takes over. The cops even had their ID’s declined! I ignore most of what was happening with them after this. Then I hear:

Ms. Rude: “I’ve been divorced for 8yrs. You can wrap your big burly arms around me & drag me out!”

I think I had a stroke when I heard that. Eventually the Manager talked to her about how to solve this problem & she ended up taking a $40 discount on a $120 item & walking out. We’re expecting her to return it for full price.


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Customer: *staring at the menu and pointing with her finger* “Okay, what about this, the “Thai Chicken Noodle Wrap”…does that have noodles?”

Me: “Yes… yes it does.”

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