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I work at a pool as the aquatics specialist mostly teaching and training lifeguards but occasionally if we are short handed I will guard. One day doig this a group of girls got in the water as said a variety of funny things. Note all girls are around 16-18

Girl 1 my mask era is running why does the water make it happen

Girl 2 let’s have a swiming contest

Apparently 15 feet is enough for a contest

Girl 3 let’s do breakstroke

Girl 2 that’s not a real stroke

Girl 3 them demos it

Girl 2 well it looks stupid who would do that

(Breaststroke is a very common stroke and a Olimpic stroke)


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I was at my register on Memorial day weekend when two Persian ladies (I’d seen them around before and knew they spoke Farsi) walk up to my till. I instinctively ask how their day is going/what their plans are for the long weekend when one of them just yells “SHE CAN’T HEAR YOU SHE’S DEAF”.
I smile and nod and continue the transaction to the total, at which point they start yelling about a clearance item I didn’t catch, so I go back and adjust the numbers. Just as I input their 15% off, they yell that its 20% because of their store credit card. So I go back and input 20%. I ask for their card and they yell about it not being what they calculated…at this point they’re just making angry hand gestures at me while miming 12.

I called an LOD and it turns out that they’re repeat customers…and do this every time. Happy Memorial day to me, I guess


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Guest: My hair drier doesn’t work.

Me: Unfortunately we don’t have any hair driers in this hotel, but there is a Tesco down the road where you will be able to get a replacement with little cost.

Guest: No. You have to come here now and fix my hair drier.

Me: Is it dead? Or blowing cold, or what?

Guest: I have tried plugging it in and it just won’t! You don’t seem to get it! I have a very important event to attend and I need to do my hair, so get here and fix it now!!

Me: I’ll send someone to have a look…

(I send the porter to have a look. Seconds later he comes back laughing)

Me: What was wrong?

Porter (laughing): She was trying to plug her European hair drier into our British sockets. Do you have an adapter back there?

I gave him the adapter and a little while later she walked by me (with fabulous hair) and muttered about how useless I am to her partner.

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