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Customer: “Excuse me, can you help me find something?”

Me:” Of course, what can I help you with?”

Customer: “Do you have any chicken broth?”

Me:”Yes right down isle 4.”

Customer:”Im dyslexic, not stupid. So can you show me where 4 is?”

Me:” Yes for sure.”

[I take him to 4]

Customer:” Do you only have liquid chicken broth?”

Me:”Yes, unfortunately.”

Customer:”Ugh ew, that stuff does absolutely NOT get my cock hard”

Me:”… Alright well if that is all, have a great day.”

Customer:”REMEMBER! Dyslexic, NOT STUPID!”


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(I’m a LMT (licenced massage therapist). I’ve never gotten into any energy work modalities. I have very warm hands, and have been told my hands get even hotter during a massage. I have just given a massage to another massage therapist)

Client 1: (After the session.) “Have you ever tried Reiki?”

Me: “No, I’ve never really gotten into energy working.”

Client 1: “Oh you have to, you’re a NATURAL Reiki conduit!”

Me: “I’ll… keep that in mind.”

(In the middle of another session with a different client who also is a LMT)

Client 2: “Hmm, are you Reiki attuned?”

Me: “Nope, never really got into Reiki.”

Client 2: “You really should get attuned. I can FEEL the energy pouring out of you. Your like a natural Reiki conduit!”

Me: “I’ve been told that before, actually. But I dunno, I’ve just never put too much stock in energy working. I’m more of a physical sort of guy.”

Client 2: “You should look into it.”

(Yet another client. This one was a physician, but as far as I know was not a LMT)

Client 3: “You have very warm hands… do you practice Reiki at all?”

Me: “No, but funny story… Apparently I’m a natural Reiki conduit.”

Client 3: “I was actually going to say that!”

(Apparently I’m the grand chi leyline of Reiki. Perhaps I should take some time and look into it?)


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(A mother and her daughter approach the counter, clearly to buy fabric for a school project. Note that I am short and often mistaken for being a lot younger then what I really am. The mother starts to make small talk while I cut the fabric)

Mother: So, are you a sew-er?

Me: Yes ma’am, I try to do some projects in my spare time.

Mother: So you’d be studying sewing at high school then?

Me: I did when I was there, yes, but right now I’m actually at university.

Mother: Oh? What are you studying?

Me: Technically it’s a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in information systems and technology. Basically a business IT degree.

Mother: Oh, ok. So you’re still at high school then?

Me: …

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