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We sell patio umbrellas. A customer asked if we had a certain color in stock. I went to the back and checked for her. We did not. I came back and told the customer, who then asked me what color I recommend. I suggested a few (that we had). The customer decided that she would order online (we have the capability of ordering from our ecommerce site, at the store). We found the umbrella. And this is when the fun begins. The umbrella is available in 9-12 colors. The customer was interested in 4. I proceeded to spend 30 minutes, with a -not color blind – adult, explaining colors. In this 30 minutes, she expressed interest in a red. The same red one in the department, that 10 minutes ago, she said she didn’t want. It went like for 30 minutes. One minute she’d like a color, ask my opinion, consider it, then pick another color, ask my opinion, then go back to the first color and ask for my opinion again. All over a $40.00 patio umbrella.


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Customer: “Excuse me, can you help me find something?”

Me:” Of course, what can I help you with?”

Customer: “Do you have any chicken broth?”

Me:”Yes right down isle 4.”

Customer:”Im dyslexic, not stupid. So can you show me where 4 is?”

Me:” Yes for sure.”

[I take him to 4]

Customer:” Do you only have liquid chicken broth?”

Me:”Yes, unfortunately.”

Customer:”Ugh ew, that stuff does absolutely NOT get my cock hard”

Me:”… Alright well if that is all, have a great day.”

Customer:”REMEMBER! Dyslexic, NOT STUPID!”


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(I’m a LMT (licenced massage therapist). I’ve never gotten into any energy work modalities. I have very warm hands, and have been told my hands get even hotter during a massage. I have just given a massage to another massage therapist)

Client 1: (After the session.) “Have you ever tried Reiki?”

Me: “No, I’ve never really gotten into energy working.”

Client 1: “Oh you have to, you’re a NATURAL Reiki conduit!”

Me: “I’ll… keep that in mind.”

(In the middle of another session with a different client who also is a LMT)

Client 2: “Hmm, are you Reiki attuned?”

Me: “Nope, never really got into Reiki.”

Client 2: “You really should get attuned. I can FEEL the energy pouring out of you. Your like a natural Reiki conduit!”

Me: “I’ve been told that before, actually. But I dunno, I’ve just never put too much stock in energy working. I’m more of a physical sort of guy.”

Client 2: “You should look into it.”

(Yet another client. This one was a physician, but as far as I know was not a LMT)

Client 3: “You have very warm hands… do you practice Reiki at all?”

Me: “No, but funny story… Apparently I’m a natural Reiki conduit.”

Client 3: “I was actually going to say that!”

(Apparently I’m the grand chi leyline of Reiki. Perhaps I should take some time and look into it?)

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