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(I used to work as a Shift Leader at a very well known sub shop. Things usually tend to be a bit strange there…)

(A group of teenagers approach the counter)

Teenager: “Can I have a cookie?” (Looks towards our display of cookies on the counter)

Me: “Sure! Your total is-”

(The teenager grabs all the cookies, tray and all, and runs off, while his other two friends steal all of our gift cards… which are useless, by the way.)

Cook in the back: “CALL THE POLICE!” *rambles in spanish*

Next Customer: “Did you just get robbed?”

Me: “I… I don’t even know.”

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Yesterday a guy with no shoes walked into the store and bought 2 candy bars. The lady in the check lane in front of him got upset because he could be spreading a virus like Ebola with his bare feet. Now I’m on a corrective action because I wouldn’t throw the guy out.

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(My boyfriend is getting his picture for his new ID-card. He has had 3 pictures taken already, but he doesn’t like the way his moustache is looking on one side, he keeps trying to get the side right until…) Woman at the desk: You do know that the picture is flipped?

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(Its about 9 in the morning and this small Asian lady named Ms. Chin comes back to the electronics section and asks for ((PRECISELY)) a 250GB Xbox 360. I get the keys and and get one out for her, then I start to lock the case back up.)

Ms. Chin: No wait, I want more.

Me: More? OK.

(I start get out the only other 250GB Xbox we have.)

Me: That’s the only other one we have out here, I could check in the back to see if we have any more, how many would you like?

Ms. Chin: Uh…all of them.

Me: O.o

(Now I’m thinking am I allowed to give thus crazy b***h all the Xbox’s we have)

Me: umm, let me go talk talk to my manager. *walks over a manager* Ummm, this woman would like some Xbox’s…

Manager: *looks up at Ms. Chin* How many would you like?

Ms. Chin: *gives a modest laugh* Ooh, I don’t know if you have limits.

Manager: o.O Uh, no ma’am we don’t

(Manager looked it up and apparently we had 6 more we could give her, but we only ended up finding 4 so she left with those and paid for all of them with a chase freedom card.)

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(Note: This business sells plug-ins that release scent when a bulb is inserted. Some of the plug-ins are nightlights; most are not. This takes place around the beginning of fall.)

Customer: Honey, which of these are nightlights?

Me: Hm, looks like the snowflake, the owl, and the pumpkin.

Customer: And these? Are these nightlights?

Me: Nope, those are regular. The only ones that are nightlights are the snowflake, the owl, and the pumpkin (I wind up repeating this several times over the course of the interaction).

Customer: Okay, I want something PLAIN. Which ones are the plain nightlights? I gotta replace this one. (Holds up a plug-in she apparently wants to exchange.)

Me: (internal sigh) The pumpkin. (Points.) The snowflake. (Points.) And the owl. (Points.) Those are the only nightlights we have right now, ma’am.

Customer: Never in all my life has it been this way here. My mother and I come here all the time, it’s never this way.

Me: I’m very sorry.

(Another customer approaches and grabs a plug-in.)

Customer: (under her breath) I can’t believe that just happened.

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer: She just came right up and took the one I wanted.

Me: That wasn’t a nightlight, ma’am.


Me: …

(Eventually I managed to slip away, but I wound up getting pulled to cashwrap just as this customer and her mother were ready to check out. She complained several more times about the lack of appropriate nightlights and even tried to get a discount without a coupon from my manager. We ended up giving it to her just to get rid of her.)

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