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(While working a midweek shift, I’m informed by one of my cashiers that a person outside the store is attempting to sell his EBT benefits for cash on out lot. It’s been a rough day, so I decided to have a little fun. I change out of my uniform into my street clothes, and exit through the stockroom door of the store. Sure enough, a man on a bicycle approaches me as I round the corner of the store.)

Bike Guy: Hey, man, how’s it going?

Me: Good, man, good. You?

Bike Guy: Pretty good. Hey, listen, I have a question.

Me (feigning ignorance, acting confused): Oh? What’s that?

Bike Guy: Are you about to get some groceries?

Me (hoping he’ll admit to what’s he’s doing):…maybe..why do you ask?

Bike Guy: Well, I’m trying to make some cash and I have an EBT card, so I was hoping-

Me: Dude. You know I’m a manager here, right?

Bike Guy: Oh! No, I mean-

Me: And I’d hate to call the cops on you.

(Bike Guy still attempts to have me let him stay on the lot until I move to put out my cell phone. He then quickly gets on the bike a day rides off as fast as he can.)


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Me – “OK – so you want a room with 2 queen beds. Is that room smoking or non?”

Caller – “Yes, two queens.”

Me – “OK, but smoking or non?”

Caller – “Two queens!”

Me – “Yes sir! But do you want a smoking room or not?!”

Caller – “Oh, non smoking please.”


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(A mother comes in with two children, one of whom is a boy who looks to be about 10 years old. When she brings their cups to the counter, I can see that her left wrist looks like it’s in a cast. While I cash her out, I ask about it.)

Me: “Did you hurt your wrist?”

Woman: “Oh, no, I had an IV in, to give intravenous antibiotics for an infection.”

Me: “Ohhh, okay.”

Son: “Mom, she doesn’t understand what you’re saying.”

Me: *speechless*

Woman: “Yes she does, sweetheart.”

Me: *a bit offended, but trying to remain friendly* “Yeah, I do.”

(I’m not certain, but I thought I heard the son mutter, “Are you sure?” Meanwhile, the woman explained that she had cellulitis all over her face. I’m glad the antibiotics worked, since her face might have ended up in much worse shape if they hadn’t!)

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