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When ‘Geography For Dummies’ Is A Step Up

| Bangor, ME, USA | Uncategorized

(A customer called to check on the status of a mail order she mailed a week prior. I mentioned that mail orders are sent to Albany, NY.)

Customer: “Where are you?”

Me: “I am in Bangor, Maine.”

Customer: “Oh. Is that in New York?”

Me: “No. It’s… Bangor, Maine.” pause “Bangor is a city in the state of Maine.”

Customer: “Really? Where is Maine?”

Me: “It’s northeast of New York. It is the most northeastern state in the country. It borders New Hampshire to the east.”

Customer: “It borders what?”

Me: “New Hampshire.” *long pause* “New Hampshire is also a state.”

Customer: “…huh. Never heard of it.”

The Law Of The South Paw

| Denmark | Uncategorized

(I was scanning in the next customer’s items when this occurred.)

Customer: “You’re doing it wrong.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Customer: “You’re scanning my things in wrong.”

Me: “No, it’s done correctly. Every time the item is scanned it says beep.”

Customer: “But you’re left-handed.”

Me: “Yes, I am. Is there a problem?”

Customer: “I’m right-handed. I don’t want my things scanned in by a lefty! Undo it.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t un-scan all your items, and re-scan them with my right hand.”

Customer: “God, are you a cripple or something?”

Me: “No, but there are other customers waiting.”

Customer: “FINE! I’ll pay with a check.”

(She gets out her checkbook, and starts writing with her left hand. Another customer in line speaks up.)

Customer #2: “Didn’t she say she was right-handed?”

(The woman looks up, and then at her left hand.)

Customer: “Are you stupid? This is right!”

The Outer Limits Of Entertainment

| Chandler, AZ, USA | Uncategorized

Customer: “Two for ‘Ice Age’, please.”

Me: “No problem. Did you want the 3-D showing at 2:15, or the regular, 2-D showing at 2:50?”

Customer: “What’s the difference?”

Me: “…thirty-five minutes, and a dimension.”