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Surprisingly, This One Knows How To Read

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Library Patron: “Do you guys have books?”

Me: (I turn and give a side glance to the shelves of books on my right) “Nope. It’s all online.”


Gone, As In Mentally

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Lady: “Yeah I just got back so I missed the big rain storm.”

Me: “Well it wasn’t too bad, where did you go? Out of town?”

Lady: “What?”

Me: “You got back from somewhere, where did you go?”

Lady: “I haven’t been anywhere.”

Me: “So you were here for the rainstorm?”

Lady: “No, I was gone.”

One Track Minds And Earwax Don’t Mix

, | Beverly, MA | Uncategorized

Me: “What size?”

Lady: “Electric Lime.”

Me: “What size?”

Lady: “Electric Lime.”

Me: “That’s a color miss. What size did you want the harness in?”

Lady: “What do you mean, ‘What size?'”

Me: “How many inches is it?”

Lady: “Oh I didn’t even think about the size.”


Of Course, If You Really Want To Pay …

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Hotel Guest: “So how does parking work at the hotel?”

Me: “Oh sir, parking is complimentary anywhere on site.”

Hotel Guest: “How much does it cost?”

Me: “It’s complimentary … It’s free …”

Must … Have … Chocolate … GraAAaawr!

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(It must be noted the ice cream shop I worked at was in a mall, so it was pretty tiny and limited.)

Customer: “I’d like a chocolate ice cream cone please.”

Me: “Sorry, we only have vanilla.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. I’d like a chocolate ice cream then.”

Me: *stares* “We only have VANILLA. I can drip it in chocolate for you though.”

Customer: “Ugh, gross! No thanks, I’ll go try McDonald’s.”