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Needs To Manage Their Stupidity Better

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(I help field inquiries about the sports team.)

Gentleman: “Hi, can I have the email of your coach or manager, please.”

Me: “Hi, can I ask what this is regarding? Being a player-run club, we don’t have a manager, but perhaps our president might be able to help you.”

Gentleman: “I need the email of your coach or manager.”

Me: “Hi, as I said before we don’t have a manager, and as you may know, our head coach retired at the end of last season and we’ve not yet officially replaced him. Can I ask what this is regarding as our president may be able to help you?”

Gentleman: “I need your coach’s or manager’s email. What is so hard to understand about that?!”

Me: “I understand that, but we have several coaches, and no manager. If you could tell me what this is about, I can direct you to the best person to help you.”

Gentleman: “Oh, for god’s sake. You’re f***ing useless.”

Different Degrees Of Understanding

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(A customer asked me an irrelevant question I didn’t know the answer to…)

Me: “I’m really not sure. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Well, I guess that’s why you’re a waitress.”

Me: *in disbelief* “I actually have a Bachelor’s degree in education.”

Customer: “So you think having a degree automatically makes you smart?”

Me: “Well, you seem to think that being a waitress automatically makes you trashy.”

(She sat there speechless for a few seconds, and then demanded to speak to my manager about my rudeness. Other customers vouched for me and I did not get in trouble.)

Has A Loose Hold On Definitions

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(I work as a cashier at a well-known fast food restaurant. The customer I was serving asked for his food to take out.)

Me: “Would you like a cup holder for your drinks?”

Customer: “Is that the thing that goes on top?”

Me: “No, sir, that’s a lid…”