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10 Stupid Customer Questions: Food & Drink

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I am working the ovens at a pizza chain that offers both carryout and delivery.

Customer # 1 comes in to pick up his order. He has long dyed blond hair. Our Till worker informs him that his first pizza is ready and his second one will be out in about 30 seconds.

Customer # 1: “Why is the second pizza not ready with the first. “

Till: “I took a little more time to make the second one so it went in the oven a little while after the first”.

Customer # 1 “that’s not how it works”

Manager steps in. “Im sorry for the delay sir, but the first pizza was a simple cheese and the second was a works pizza. IT takes a little more time to put all the topping on your pizza.”

Customer # 1 (getting very nasty) “Have you even taken a Customer Service course before. “ Manager “yes”

Customer # 1 “I demand to see the certificate right now”

Manager “I cant do that, I need to make other peoples orders now”

Customer # 1 “What is your name”

Manager “*****. Sir, you have your order, please leave, I have a store to run”.

Customer # 1, rants for a little while, then leaves.

Customer # 2 who witnessed everything and has already paid for his order takes out $20 and hands it to my manager. “You souldnt have to deal with assholes like him.”

Manager “Thank you, but I can’t take that” and hand it back. He then put in on the counter and leaves the store.

She then makes change for it and gives me, the till and another worker $5 and keeps the last part.

They then tell me this isn’t the first time he has made a scene.

About half an hour later the phone rings and I Answer.

Me: “thank you for calling ****, this is ****, How may I help you”

Customer # 1 (Very nice) “who is the manager right now”

ME: “***”

Customer # 1 “May I speak with her”

Me” May I ask with this is regarding”

Customer # 1 “This is **** and I want to talk to her about the incident that happened about 30 mins ago”

Me “ok please hold”

Customer # 1” Ok”

I told my manger it was the guy, and he wanted to talk to her. I also told her I was going to listen in to the line because of him being a trouble making customer.

Manager “Thank you for holding, this is ***, how may I help you”.

Customer # 1 (very nasty and he doesn’t know im listening) “HI, I was in earlier and I want to know the names of the store manager, and his manger, and I want their phone numbers. “ Manger “ I can give you their name, but I cant give out their numbers.”

Customer # 1 “Your telling me you cant call your manager if there is a problem.”

Manager “no, I just cant give you their numbers.”

Customer # 1 “When will the store manager be in so I can call and talk to him.”

Manger “He is opening in the morning.”

Customer # 1 “I will be calling him. And let me tell you what you did wrong. You Saw my hair and assumed I was uneducated. I have a masters degree and am a regional manager for an aeronautics cooperation. I am educated and I assure you I am Smarter then you.”

Manager “Sir, if you don’t have anything important to tell me now, I need to get back to running my store.”

Customer # 1 “Assure your boss that I will be calling him.” Hangs up We check over his account and see he got free food about 3 months ago, we think he complains until we give him his food for free. We told out boss about the incident and noted how he talked to me verses my manager, probably to make me think he was level headed and she was being rude to her, but he didn’t know I was listening in on them. We haven’t heard from him again.

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I am cleaning tables.

Customer: Miss! Waves me over.

Me: How can I help you?

Customer: This coffee isn’t very good. How long was it sitting there?

Me: I made it ten minutes ago.

Customer: Ten minutes? Oh ok then.

Me: What’s wrong with it? Is it too strong? Not hot enough?

Customer: Well… it’s flat.

Me: Ummm… can I get you a new one?

Customer: No if you made it ten minutes ago.

Me; Alright. Walk away. I have no idea what to make of that. Flat it’s not pop. I tell my manager and he just laughs.

Needs To Manage Their Stupidity Better

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(I help field inquiries about the sports team.)

Gentleman: “Hi, can I have the email of your coach or manager, please.”

Me: “Hi, can I ask what this is regarding? Being a player-run club, we don’t have a manager, but perhaps our president might be able to help you.”

Gentleman: “I need the email of your coach or manager.”

Me: “Hi, as I said before we don’t have a manager, and as you may know, our head coach retired at the end of last season and we’ve not yet officially replaced him. Can I ask what this is regarding as our president may be able to help you?”

Gentleman: “I need your coach’s or manager’s email. What is so hard to understand about that?!”

Me: “I understand that, but we have several coaches, and no manager. If you could tell me what this is about, I can direct you to the best person to help you.”

Gentleman: “Oh, for god’s sake. You’re f***ing useless.”

Different Degrees Of Understanding

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(A customer asked me an irrelevant question I didn’t know the answer to…)

Me: “I’m really not sure. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Well, I guess that’s why you’re a waitress.”

Me: *in disbelief* “I actually have a Bachelor’s degree in education.”

Customer: “So you think having a degree automatically makes you smart?”

Me: “Well, you seem to think that being a waitress automatically makes you trashy.”

(She sat there speechless for a few seconds, and then demanded to speak to my manager about my rudeness. Other customers vouched for me and I did not get in trouble.)

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