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Doesn’t Give A Truck, Part 5

| USA | Transportation

Me: “Now sir, will you be moving in the [City] area?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “And when do you need it?”

Customer: “Today.”

Me: “All right, sir, I’ll see what’s available. Will you be moving household furniture?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “I see. Just miscellaneous boxes and such?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “Okay…” *waits for the page to load* “Will a 10′ truck be big enough for you, sir?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “All right. Most customers need about four hours with the 10′ truck. Will that work for you?”

Customer: “Sure.”

Me: “All right, then. What time do you want to—”

Customer: “God d***, do you ever shut up? Just give me the truck.”

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Happy New Rear-Ended

| PA, USA | Holidays, Transportation, Wild & Unruly

(It’s New Year’s Eve, a few minutes before the repair shop closes (early) for the day. I’m a customer. I walk in and end up behind an older woman. She’s paying for her repairs. The cashier finishes with her and asks if she can help me.)

Me: “Yes, I need to have some brake work done. I was hoping—”

Older Woman: “HEY! It’s New Year’s EVE and they are closing in a few minutes. You can’t just walk in and get your brakes fixed.”

Me: “I know. I’m just trying to make an appointment.”

Older Woman: “But you can’t HAVE an appointment; they are closing soon.”

Cashier: “It’s fine; I know she’s scheduling for next week.”

Older Woman: “No, it’s not fine! You don’t treat people like this!”

(This goes on for almost ten minutes, with the older woman interrupting every time the cashier tries to explain. Finally, the cashier manages to get her father, the shop owner, to come out.)

Older Woman: “Finally! Now he can explain how RUDE you are!”

Father: “When did you want to bring in your car?”

Me: “Next Friday?”

Father: “That’s fine. Not sure why it was such a big deal.”

(By now the older woman has finally left. It’s past closing time.)

Cashier: “It was only a big deal because that woman couldn’t understand that making an appointment takes seconds, if she shuts up and lets me do it.”

Me: “Yeah, sorry. She seemed a bit off.”

(We all hear a crash from outside and rush out to check. The woman has backed into the building.)

Father: “It seems like maybe understanding how long it takes to schedule an appointment is the least of her worries.”

Ho Ho Tow

| OH, USA | Bad Behavior, Holidays, Transportation

(I’m a manager at an oil change facility. We have large garage doors in the front of the building to pull cars in and out. One evening as I am closing, I go downstairs to change back into my street clothes. After coming back upstairs I find a vehicle parked up against one of my garage doors. My company’s policies require that we tow away unauthorized vehicles before we leave at night. I am in a good mood, so I decide to go into the restaurant next door to ask their manager if any of the customers were the owner. After asking multiple tables, they find the owner of the vehicle along with his wife.)

Manager: “Okay, sir, this is the manager for the business next door; he wants to talk to you.”

Car Owner: *looks at me, obviously irritated* “What do you want?”

Me: “Sorry to disrupt your dinner, sir, but I wanted to let you know that you have parked in front of my store. We are actually closed now and I will have to tow it if it is not moved.”

Car Owner: “Are you serious?”

Me: “Unfortunately so.

Car Owner: “You have got to be f****** kidding me! I can’t even park in a god-d*** parking lot anymore?!”

Wife: “Darling, just move the car; it’s fine.”

Me: “Actually, sir, you’re not even in a parking lot. Your vehicle is parked in front of my store. If you were in my lot I would just let you stay since you’re just eating, but that’s not the case.”

Car Owner: “F*** you. I’m not moving my car!”

Manager: “Sir, I need to ask you to watch your language or I will need you to leave.”

Car Owner: “You stay out of this! It’s none of your god-d*** business!”

Me: *at this point my good mood has diminished* “Okay, hold on now. One, I did not have to come here and offer you a chance to move your vehicle. Two, I still don’t need to offer it, but Christmas is in three days and I really don’t want to tow your car. So, either move it now, or pay a couple hundred dollars in fines when I tow it.”

(The car owner delayed for a few seconds and then threw something down in anger. He stormed out of the restaurant to go move his vehicle. I followed him outside to make sure he moved his vehicle, which he did. I told him to have a happy holiday, and he returned the wishes by flipping me the bird.)

His Brain Has Run Out Of Gas

| USA | Extra Stupid, Transportation

(We have a policy where you must present a receipt if you filled up your gas tank before returning your car. Some cars take a while to move off of full.)

Customer: “Hi, I’m returning my rental car! It’s full of gas!”

Me: “Great! Do you have the receipt that shows you bought the gas?”

Customer: “Uh, no. You can see it’s full.”

Me: “Well, you drove 50 miles, so there will be a fee if you don’t have your receipt.”

Customer: “But it shows that it’s full of gas!”

Me: “Driving 50 miles used roughly two gallons of gas that you didn’t replace. I’ll need to charge you if you didn’t refill the tank.”

Customer: “Oh, no. You see, it didn’t USE any gas! It’s still on full!”

Caught With Their Pants Down

| GA, USA | Food & Drink, Transportation

Me: *to a coworker* “Can I make a public service announcement for our drive-thru customers?”

Coworker: “Saying what?”

Me: “You don’t realize it but… I can see all the trash piled up in your car floors. I can also see that you’re not wearing any pants.”

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