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Don’t Drink And Drive Or You’ll Spill Jesus’ Blood

| Denver, CO, USA | Criminal & Illegal, Food & Drink, Religion, Transportation

(As I am driving along in my squad car I see someone driving while drinking a water bottle full of a dark red liquid. I pull up next to them at a red light.)

Me: “Is that wine?”

Driver: “….d***, Jesus did it again.”

(I arrested her, needless to say.)

Should Have Parked That Thought

| Philadelphia, PA, USA | Criminal & Illegal, Transportation

(I live in the busiest part of center city where there is zero free parking. I am walking home one day after running errands. I am approaching a woman in tears, screaming at a parking attendant that had her car towed. I stick around to listen…)

Lady: *screaming* “You have no right to move my car. That is against the law!”

Parking Attendant: “Ma’am, your car has been parked here for two days. You accumulated four separate tickets, over the two days. You abandoned your car during that time, so I had no choice but to tow it.”

Lady: “I don’t care! You have no right to move my car without my permission! I am going to sue the s*** out of your company! You are going to be fired!”

Parking Attendant: “Ma’am, this is a very popular tourist part of the city. You parked your car on the street in front of a meter and abandoned it. With all due respect, you have no right to abandon your car on a busy street, preventing other visitors from parking that is already very limited.”

Lady: “F*** you! I’ve been busy! I’ll see you in court!” *walks off*

(I really don’t understand how someone can leave their car parked in front of a two-hour parking meter and leave it for two days.)

Unable To Validate His Reasoning

| Canada | Bad Behavior, Criminal & Illegal, Transportation

(I work at an underground parking lot. Above it is mostly offices and a few shops. Recently a gym moved into the building and offers their clients two free hours of parking as long as they validate their tickets and insert it into the pay machines. A man inserts his ticket into the machine and drives up to the gate. The gate doesn’t open so I look up at him.)

Customer: “I was at the gym.”

Me: “Oh, it looks like the ticket didn’t scan properly. You can go back upstairs to the gym and rescan it.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to do that. I was only at the gym for 15 minutes! I wanted to sign up for the gym but I didn’t have any ID on me so I had to leave.”

Me: “The discount only applies if the ticket is scanned at the gym. You’re welcome to back up and get it scanned again or pay the fee.”

Customer: “I didn’t scan my ticket. No one told me to do that.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Well, like I said, you can go up and scan it. It will take the discount off. Or, if you don’t want to you can pay the $5.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to do either. Let me out.”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t do that. You parked here and your ticket shows you owe $5. You can scan it at the gym or pay it.”

Customer: “No, I don’t have my wallet on me. Let me out.”

(This goes on for about ten minutes. We aren’t allowed to let them out for free as the money would come out of our pay checks.)

Customer: “Guess how old I am?!”

Me: “I don’t know how that is relevant.”

Customer: “I’m only nineteen! And guess where I work? At [Brand] fitness. I’m a personal trainer. Hey, I’ll make a deal with you. Look at this—” *he shuffles through his phone and shows me a picture of a man with no shirt on* “—if you want I can hook you up with him! Just let me out.”

Me: “No, thank you. Please either pay the ticket or back up and get the ticket scanned.”

Customer: “I’ll train you! Come on!”

Me: “No, thank you. Like I said, you have two options. Please choose one.”

Customer: “What if I ram the gate? I can get out that way.”

Me: “There’s a camera right behind you. It would log your license plate and you’d be charged for the price of the gate — which is more than the cost of your ticket.”

Customer: “Just let me out! I don’t want to do either things! I have things to do! I make $37 an hour! Just let me go.”

(This goes on for about another twenty minutes. Had he backed up and gone to the gym he would have been out in less than five.)

Me: “If you’re unwilling to pay or back up, I’m going to call security.”

Customer: “I’m not doing it!”

(I call security who comes down a few minutes later. I explain to the security guard what’s been happening and that I won’t be letting him out for free.)

Security guard: “You can either pay the ticket or back up and go get it scanned.”

Customer: “I’m not doing either.”

(He proceeded to argue with the security guard for ten minutes. Eventually he backed up and got the ticket scanned. The entire process took over forty-five minutes when it should have taken only five.)

Scoot On Back Over

| UK | Criminal & Illegal, Transportation

(I am working on the service desk when an elderly woman approaches me.)

Customer: “Excuse me, dear. Could I please use one of these scooters?”

Me: “Do you have a blue badge certificate?”

Customer: “Oh, no. I’m not disabled. I’m just old. I’m having difficulty moving around today.”

(I look her over and she indeed does seem tired.)

Me: “I understand. Normally they’re only meant for people who can provide a blue disability badge, but I’ll just call the manager and see if he’s happy to let you use one.”

(I call and he allows it. I unchain one of the scooters and move it up to her. She’s extremely grateful as I show her how to use it and after a couple of minutes she’s off to start her shopping. About an hour later I see her again, leaving the store and still riding it. I assume she’s going to her car or something so think nothing of it until…)

Manager: *running past and outside* “[My Name], call the police. We’ve got a robbery.”

(I call the police and head outside myself to see what’s happened. The woman is being escorted from the bottom of the retail park by my manager and two colleagues. The police arrive before they make it back.)

Manager: “She claims she was going home with it.”

Customer: “But, but, I thought I was allowed. I thought that was what they were for!”

(The police tried to question her and it was apparent that she was completely confused by the entire situation. She broke down crying and you couldn’t help but feel sympathetic. It was decided to just leave everything as it was and the officers offered to take her home instead. No one here has seen her since then, but we hope she’s okay.)

Really Needed That Energy Drink

| Kansas City, MO, USA | Transportation

(Working as a cashier at a gas station when a woman pulls up, hops out of her car, and runs inside. She is obviously in a hurry. I ring her up and she leaves, only to turn around and come back in.)

Customer: “Where is my car?”

Me: “I don’t know. Where did you leave it?”

Customer: “Right there.”

(She points out the window to the spot just outside the door where she had exited her vehicle just a few minutes before. I walk over, poke my head outside, and look around the lot.)

Me: “Is that it?”

(I pointed to the far end of the lot where her vehicle had smashed into a secondary building that housed the automated car wash. Apparently she was in such a hurry to buy her energy drink or whatever that she neglected to turn off the car. She also neglected to put the vehicle into park when she exited. The car wash was fine.)

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