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Some Customers Are Cut From Different Cloth

| LA, USA | Crazy Requests, Time

(We have glass doors, so when I see someone pull up and try to get in after closing, I signal and mouth to that we are closed. Most people would see this and leave, but not everyone.)

Customer: *through the glass doors* “Do you have [fabric]?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Can you go get it and show me?”


Closing On A High

| Orem, UT, USA | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Criminal & Illegal, Time

(I’m a 19-year-old closing shift manager, who has one other employee with me. I come from a very strict religious family, in a very conservative town, so I can say that I’m a bit naive about certain things. One night just as I am walking to lock the doors at 10:58 pm, someone walks up and catches me.)

Customer: “Aww, are you closing? I just wanted a couple of burgers.”

Me: *thinking that technically we had two minutes* “Well we are about to close, but we can make a couple of burgers. No problem.”

Customer: *at the register* “Okay, let me have 18 burgers, 16 fries, 2 onion rings and 18 [Soda]s.”

Me: *knowing that once he is in the store, by policy I have to serve him, I’m fuming* “Okay, sir, but that is a lot of food, and we aren’t set up for that much. Everything has to be cooked from scratch. It’s going to take quite some time.” *hoping he will change his mind*

Customer: “That’s okay. I’ll wait…”

(After spending almost twenty minutes cooking all this food, it’s finally ready.)

Me: *trying to hide my anger at having to stay well past the end of my shift* “Thank you for you order; here you go.”

Customer: “Hey, thanks, dude. Here, I have a tip for you, since you were so nice to stay and cook for me.”

(The then hands me a small envelope. I just want him to leave, so I can go home, so I take it and walk him out. I head back to the office and start with my closing duties.)

Fellow Employee: “So what did that guy give you in the envelope?”

Me: “I don’t know. I didn’t look.” *opening the envelope, it’s full of marijuana, which I’ve actually never seen before in my life* “What the heck is this?”

Fellow Employee: “Well, that explains a lot.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Fellow Employee: “He had the munchies…” *turning around, leaving me holding my first and last bag of weed*


Doesn’t Give A Truck, Part 4

| USA | Crazy Requests, Time, Transportation

Customer: “Hey, I want to rent a truck for this weekend.”

Me: “All right, sir! Let me see what’s available!” *goes through the steps*

Customer: “I need a 20′ truck.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, it looks like the 20′ is unavailable.”

Customer: “How can that be? I just drove by your place, and it’s full of trucks.”

Me: “Well, sir, they’ve been reserved for this weekend.”

Customer: “But they’re right there. I just saw them.”

Me: “Yes, sir, but customers have called in advance, kinda like what you’re doing now, and claimed them for the weekend.”

Customer: “So why are they still sitting on your lot?”

Me: “Well, sir, it’s Tuesday. They haven’t been reserved until this weekend.”

Customer: “Oh, so they’re not reserved yet! Well, why can’t you reserve one for me this weekend?”

Me: “…”

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That (Week)Ends His Smug Streak

| WI, USA | At The Checkout, Time

(I work the weekend shifts as a cashier at my local grocers. This includes me working on Fridays.)

Customer: “Man, I am so glad today’s Friday! Whole two days off after this.”

Me: “It’s a good feeling ain’t it?”

Customer: “What are your plans for the weekend?”

Me: “Earn my wages here. Gotta pay bills somehow.”

Customer: *in a more snarky voice* “D***, that must suck having to work weekends! Glad I don’t have to do it.”

Me: “Well it just means I get different days off to you. For example while you’re heading back to your job on Monday, I’ll be sleeping in, enjoying one such day.”

(The customer’s smugness instantly vanished and he took his merchandise with a very sour expression.)


H2-Slow Service

| USA | Time

(It’s 5:45 pm on a Friday. Due to a civic event I happen to be in City Hall when the main phone line rings and I answer on reflex. Connecting services (e.g. water) is a quick and easy process when given even 24 hours’ notice.)

Me: “[Town] City Hall.”

Female Caller: “Yeah, I need a water hook-up.”

Me: “The city can certainly assist with that during normal business hours. That department opens Monday morning at 8:30 am; feel free to give them a call then or you can leave a message now and request a call-back.”

Female Caller: “No. I need a water hook-up.”

Me: “I understand, ma’am, but that department is closed for the evening. They closed at 5:00 pm.”

Female Caller: “I’m moving in tonight and need a water hook-up! Transfer me to the water department.”

Me: “Ma’am. No one’s there; it’s 5:45 on a Friday evening.”

Female Caller: “…”

Me: “I’d be happy to take a message and request they call you Monday morning.”

Female Caller: “Why can’t you do it?”

Me: “Ma’am?”

Female Caller: “Get over there and hook up my water! I need it TONIGHT!”

Me: “That is really not my department, ma’am. As I said, I’m happy to take a message or you can call again Monday morning. Did you wish to leave a message?”

Female Caller: “I don’t know why the h*** I’m moving to your crappy little town, if this is how you treat your residents! Fine. Take my information. And I’m going to stop in at City Hall to see if I can find anyone when I get there!”

(I took her information, hung up, and left immediately. I really didn’t want to be there if she started pounding on the doors demanding her hook-up. That’s the last time I go anywhere near the phones after five pm!)

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