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Fur-bal Abuse

| NY, USA | Crazy Requests, Money

(I work in an outlet of a very high-end retail store. Most customers are looking to save a little money on expensive clothing and shoes, but some people don’t understand the concept of “outlet.” I am working in the coat section.)

Customer: “Excuse me, do you work here?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, how can I help you?”

(She holds up a $500 coat.)

Customer: “Why is everything here so cheap? Where are your good fur coats?”

Me: *indicating the rack with furs on it* “All our furs are right here, ma’am. Are you looking for a particular designer?”

Customer: *wrinkling her nose* “No, these are too cheap looking. Where are the GOOD furs?”

Me: “All our furs are here, ma’am.”

Customer: “Ugh, why don’t you have any by [High End Designer]. I can get them at [Main Store in NYC]; why don’t you carry them?”

Me: “Well, we are an outlet and we don’t always carry the same brands. People come here expecting to save money so we don’t always have the most expensive things. ”

Customer: “That is ridiculous! I came here to find a specific coat and you don’t even HAVE it. All you have is this cheap s***!”

(She managed to push a rack of $600 coats onto the floor and stomped on them while I frantically radioed for a manager. She screamed about our store being cheap until she was escorted out by security. She damaged nearly $10,000 worth of merchandise.)

That’s How The Cannoli Crumbles

| MI, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Food & Drink, Money

Me: *as I’m finishing taking a customer’s order* “Anything else I can get for you today?”

Customer: “Yes, actually. Do you think you could get the driver to stop somewhere? Buy me a couple cannolis?”

Me: “Well, normally we don’t allow our drivers to make other stops while they are out on delivery, but seeing as we aren’t that busy right now, we can make an exception for you as long as you reimburse the driver for the cost of the cannolis.”

Customer: “Are you kidding me? Why would I have to pay the driver some of my hard earned money?!”

Me: “Ma’am, we’re not going to allow our driver to stop off and buy your cannolis if you’re not going to reimburse the driver for the cost.”

Customer: *now screaming* “ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME! I JUST WANT MY GOD-D*** CANNOLIS!”

Me: *calm* “I understand that but we do not sell cannolis here nor do we usually allow our drivers to make other stops while they are out on delivery.”


Me: “Yes, we are a delivery service, but we do not sell cannolis at our store.”


Stayaway From Layaway

| Terre Haute, IN, USA | Money

(I work in the layaway department at a superstore. Late one evening, I’m cleaning the counter and a coworker from the electronics department shows up with three PS4s and tells me some customers are coming to put them in layaway. About twenty minutes after he leaves, three college guys walk up to the counter and tell me they’re putting the PS4s on layaway, but they have a question first.)

Guy #1: “I have a question about the layaway.”

Me: “Okay, what is it?”

Guy #1: “How much do we have to pay on these to take them home today?”

Me: “The full amount.”

Guy #2: “So, if we pay $30…”

Me: “…they stay here in the store until you pay the remaining balance. We keep them locked up, so I can assure you they’ll be safe.”

Guy #3: *to the two others* “Man, that girl in electronics said we could pay the $30 and take them home!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that isn’t how layaway works. You pay ten percent of the total cost and we store them for you. Once you pay them off, you can take them home.”

Guy #1: “So you don’t have like a payment plan or…?”

Me: “No. You can make payments as often as you like, but like I said, you can’t take them home until the full price has been paid.”

Guy #2: “Why not?”

Me: “Because that’s stealing.”

Guy #3: “So you’re saying we should get them at [Video Game Chain] for less?”

(At this point I’ve realized that there isn’t much going on in these guys’ heads, but I still attempt to explain that layaway allows you to spread out payments as opposed to paying a huge chunk of change all at once. Throughout my explanation they’ve been giving me blank stares.)

Guy #1: “All right, we’re just gonna go to [Video Game Chain].”

Me: “Okay, then. Have a good night.”

Guy #3: *as they’re leaving the layaway department* “I wonder how much [Video Game Chain] will charge us to take them home tonight…”

Me: *head-desk*

I’ll Need Some ID, And A Song…

| MD, USA | At The Checkout, Bizarre, Funny Names, Money

(I work in retail in a small strip of stores in a relatively well-off rural area. Due to a policy we should all follow (though few actually do) I ask everyone paying with a credit card for ID. A few stores down from us, there’s a salon named after its owner. For the sake of this story, let’s say her name is Emma.)

Customer: *hands me credit card*

Me: “All right, can I see some ID from you, super quickly?”

Customer: “Oh, okay, but I’m Emma. You know, [Emma’s Salon]?” *points at her apron with the salon name*

Me: “Ah, sorry, I’m new… but I should still see your ID.”

Customer: “But I’m Emma!” *in a sing-song voice* “EM-ma! Emmaemmaemma Emmaaaaa! Em-MA! Emma EM-ma Emmmmmmmma! Eeeeeeemmaaaaaa! EM-MAAAAA! Em-MA, Em-MA, Em-MAAA!”

(This went on for at least a full minute. She did show me her ID eventually. I don’t think I’ll ask her again, though…)

Honesty Begins At Home(owner)

| USA | Money

(My store has a price for contractors and a higher price for regular homeowners. We’ve tried various ways to subtly ask if a caller is a contractor, so we don’t lose their business by automatically giving out the higher homeowner price, but the subtle ways haven’t worked well. This caller has already been borderline rude before this exchange.)

Caller: “Yeah, how much is your [Product]?”

Me: “Sir, are you a contractor or a homeowner?”

Caller: *snottily* “Well, which answer is gonna get me a better price?”

Me: “The one where you’re a contractor and can PROVE it.”

Caller: “D*** it, fine. I’m just a homeowner.”

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