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Even during the holidays, customers don’t seem to take a break. With that many extra light-bulbs around you’d think a few extra would appear above their heads?

Naughty Words On The Naughty List

WI, USA | Holidays, Theme Of The Month

(I work in a specialty toiletry shop. For the holidays we are selling miniature Santa hats for $1. They’re small enough to fit over the lid on a bottle of lotion, shower gel, or fragrance mist. I am ringing up a woman. Her sister, son, and mother are also at the register. The boy, no older than nine, grabs a Santa hat out of the jar.)

Grandmother: “You could put that on your winger-dinger!”

(The daughters are mortified.)

Daughters: “Mother!”

(I laughed hysterically as I finished ringing the one’s order and then rang the grandmother’s order. I will never be able to look at those Santa hats the same again.)

Santa’s Little Helper, Part 2

| Porterville, CA, USA | Holidays, Theme Of The Month

(I am five years old. My mom takes my two little sisters and I to see Santa. When it’s my turn to see him I pull a wrapped mini candy cane out of my sock and hand it to him.)

Santa: *laugh* “Thank you. No one has ever given ME a candy cane before.” *then he handed me a full sized candy cane*

(I’m 28 now and I still haven’t forgotten the Christmas I surprised Santa.)

Santa’s Little Helper

Full Of Holiday Sneer, Part 2

| England, UK | Holidays, Theme Of The Month

(I am on the till serving customers during the Christmas season, and am just finishing up with a customer.)

Me: *handing the customer his bags* “There you are. Your receipt’s in the bag. I hope you have a lovely day, and a merry Christmas!”

Customer: *sternly* “I don’t celebrate Christmas.”

(The customer then storms out.)

Me: *speechless*

Nearby Coworker: *trying her best not to crack up laughing*

(I’m on my third Christmas working in that store now, and that customer is (luckily) the only one I’ve come across to have that reaction! Even when I’ve occasionally slipped up and wished an obvious Sikh or Muslim a Merry Christmas, they’ve always appreciated the sentiment!)

Full Of Holiday Sneer