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Don’t Let Children Take The Children

| Lafayette, LA, USA | Family & Kids, Popular

(The store I work in sells plush toys, and it’s sometimes a struggle for parents to convince their children to leave without buying any. However, one customer manages to come up with a wonderful story.)

Customer: “We can’t take them, honey! They’re the lady’s children! We can’t take her children!”

(I am amazed at her ingenuity, and decide to help by playing along.)

Me: *doing my best not to laugh* “I’d be SO SAD if somebody took my babies!”

Customer: “See! You don’t want to make the lady cry! So, we’ll leave the lady’s children with the lady!”

(They paid for their candy and left, without any plush toys. I burst out laughing as soon as they were gone.)


Should Steal A Nugget Of Parental Advice

| TX, USA | Criminal & Illegal, Family & Kids, Popular

(The EAS alarm goes off as a young girl of around 12-13 and her mother are leaving. They both have purses and the mother also has a store bag.)

Me: “I can deactivate that bag and receipt for you.”

Mother: “Sure, thank you.”

(I run it over our sensor, and as they leave, the alarm goes off again. I call them back into the store.)

Me: “Do you have any new clothes or purses on? Sometimes there can be a sensor in the seam they forget to deactivate.”

Mother: “No. It might be my daughter’s keys.”

Me: *not even gonna ask* “Okay.” *to the kid* “If you can open up your purse, I can deactivate it for you.”

(The kid goes back through the sensors with haste and the alarm goes off again. The mother makes her open her purse, and there are some unpaid-for stuffed dolls inside. I take them back as the mother apologizes profusely.)

Me: “No harm done. It happens a lot.”

Mother: *as she’s leaving with her daughter* “You can’t steal! That’s not okay! That was not expensive enough to try to get away with it!”


This Conversation Doesn’t Fit The Bill

| AB, Canada | Family & Kids, Food & Drink, Money, Popular

(My family is eating at a large restaurant. My dad is talking to my mom about an unrelated school activity that he didn’t know has fees involved. As this happens, the waitress comes with the bill.)

Dad: “I didn’t know we had to pay for it!”

Waitress: “Umm…”

Dad: “Oh, sorry, not that. I was talking about [school related activity].”

Waitress: “Thanks! You’d be surprised how many people don’t think they have to pay.”