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The Idiot Cycle

| Germany | Family & Kids, Popular

(The gas station we are at has four pumps which are built in a rectangle. While our parents are inside to pay, my brother and I stay in the car. In front of us stands a young man with his small car, which has the tank trim on the left side, while he stands on the top right pump (meaning the pump is on his right side). He gets out, tries to pull the pump and realizes that the tube is too short. He shrugs and gets into his car. My brother and I are already watching with amusement.)

Me: *to my brother* “I bet he’ll start going in circles.”

Brother: “No way.”

(The young man starts his car and makes a beautiful u-turn to the opposite pump, gets out, and discovered that the tank doesn’t move by going in circles.)

Brother: “…”

(It took us a whole 10 minutes to gain enough composure to tell our parents why we were actually laughing.)


Good Parenting Is Trans-parent

| MN, USA | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Family & Kids, Popular

(I am a female-to-male trans man. I haven’t been on my hormone meds for very long, but most people can’t tell that I was ever female-bodied. I am currently working the register with my unisex name tag on.)

Customer: *glances at my name tag* “That’s not usually a girl’s name.”

Me: “Well, I’m not a girl. That’s [total due], please.”

Customer: *pauses and then begins talking to me very condescendingly* “Listen, sweetheart. I know your type. You act like a tomboy all your life and you think you should play pretend and try to become a boy! Well, you’ll always be a woman, even if you’re a man-ish looking b****. Grow up.”

(I am in tears at this point and silently carry on with the transaction. A little boy who was in line next to her steps away from his mom.)

Boy: “Hey! That’s not very nice. He’s obviously a boy and you should respect that! You can’t be mean to someone just because they’re not like you. You should say you’re sorry.”

(The customer turns red, and the boy’s mom speaks up as well.)

Boy’s Mom: “Hmm, isn’t it sad when a six-year-old is better behaved than a forty-year-old?”

(The customer mumbled an apology and rushed out of the store, leaving her purchases on the counter. I offered the kind little boy and mother a discount on their books, but they declined and offered to buy me a scone from the coffee shop in our store, which I also declined. They stop in frequently now and always say hi!)


Pull-Up That Customer’s File In The Future

| MN, USA | Family & Kids, Popular

(I work at a furniture retail store that has a children’s play area where parents can drop off their kids to play for an hour while shopping. Assuming we have room, kids need to be 37″-54″ tall and must be fully potty-trained, meaning not wearing diapers or pull-ups. These restrictions are written in two different places by the check-in window. A mother with two kids in a two-seat stroller set-up are in line behind my current customer. They fill out the card that is required to check kids in. After finishing up with my first customer, I greet the mother.)

Me: “How many kids today?”

Mom: “Two.”

Me: “All right, I have space for two. I just have to check TWO requirements first. I need to check heights; can you have them stand by the measuring wall?”

(The mom takes both three-year-old boys out of the stroller and they are both tall enough. Despite me saying that I had to check more than one thing, the mom tells the two kids that they can go inside. The two start cheering.)

Me: “And our other requirement is that any kids we take in must be fully potty-trained. Are they wearing pull-ups or diapers?”

Mom: “They are both wearing pull-ups.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t take them in, then. It’s against our policy.”

(The mom suddenly becomes very belligerent as her two kids start crying.)

Mom: “But the pull-ups are just in case! They had a long car ride here and I just put them on in case they had an accident while sleeping in the car.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I still can’t take them.”

Mom: “Well, what if I just take them to the bathroom and take the pull-ups off, then bring them back here?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that’s also strictly against policy. I still can’t.”

(Feeling bad for the two kids, I give them each a coupon to our bistro for $1 off so they can get a snack. Usually this mollifies parents, but the mom just storms off in a huff. Thinking that’s the end of it, I put the card with their info off to the side to toss later since I have another customer to speak to. About twenty minutes later, I spot one of my managers off to the side, speaking to someone I can’t see. I recognize the corner of the stroller from earlier and inwardly groan. Five minutes later, my manager calls the department phone.)

Me: “Hello, [My Name] in [Kids’ Play Area].”

Manager: “I just had a customer complain to me that you wouldn’t let her two kids in because they had pull-ups on.”

Me: “Ah, yes, I remember her. They were very… interesting.”

Manager: “Yeah, I told her that you can’t take the kids and she went on this rant about driving here and how she still puts a pull-up on her seven-year-old overnight and didn’t think it was a big deal…? And then she asked, ‘Well, what if I take their pull-ups off in the bathroom and try to check them in when someone else was at the door? And I told her, ‘We still won’t let you because that’s lying and I’ll be giving my employees your description.’”

Me: “Wow, that’s… yeah. I actually still have her card with her name and signature on it, so I can warn my coworkers.”

(My manager was pleased to hear that. I wrote a note on the card not to check this woman’s kids in and warned all my coworkers. Fortunately she didn’t try to come back.)


The Mother Of All Bad Customers

, | Salt Lake City, UT, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Food & Drink, Popular

(I work at a very popular fast food place. It’s Friday night, so we’re incredibly packed. I’m on front register, which I rarely do; I usually always make the food. Despite this, I have no affiliation with the drive-thru, as I’m trying to take care of all my customers by myself. A woman comes up almost behind the counter and starts SCREAMING at me, interrupting the customer’s order I’m currently taking.)


(The store goes silent as this woman is almost yelling bloody murder.)

Me: “I apologize, ma’am! I am currently serving customers up front but I can grab my manager for you!”


Me: *dumbfounded*, but trying to get my line back in order as she storms out*

Next Customer: “What a f****** b****. I’m sorry. I can’t believe people get off on screaming at hard workers over food. I’ve always loved how well you guys work here, and I don’t mind waiting for good food.”

Coworker: *head down, in shame* “That was my mom. She’s so embarrassing.”

(I later found out she cut in line and screamed at a manager of mine until she cried. I still boil remembering this transaction, but I still feel awful for my coworker. I heard he went home and told her off royal and she hasn’t tried it again.)


Beautiful Resolution

| Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Family & Kids, Love/Romance

(I’m the only female employee at a well known auto parts store. I’m at the register with a coworker of mine.)

Customer: *while my coworker rings him up* “You’re gorgeous! You’re very beautiful.”

Me: “Thanks.”

Customer: “No, seriously! You have beautiful eyes. You look like an old movie star. You’re beautiful.”

Me: *obviously uncomfortable at this stage* “Thank you.”

Customer: “You’re lovely. Oh, don’t be worried! I’m married.”

Me: *motioning to my coworker* “That guy? He’s my dad. Trust me, I’m not worried.”

(The customer walked away obviously embarrassed, but now awkwardly stuttering:)

Customer: “Well… your daughter is lovely!”

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