8 Reasons Why Retail Workers Hate Black Friday

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1. Thanksgiving is ruined.

For our American readers, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, traveling to visit family, or relaxing is almost impossible. Instead, you’re stuck spending your time with total strangers.

2. The crowds are borderline zombie-apocalyptic.

Hundreds of shoppers, doorbuster deals, and limited stock: what could possibly go wrong?!

3. Customers are even more short-tempered than usual.

Everyone’s in a rush, lines are long, and items are often sold out. But remember, the customer is always right!

4. Shifts are exhausting.

Working overnight, coming in extra early and pulling multiple shifts are often required, and can wipe you out. Hope you got plenty of sleep the week before!

5. Black Friday seems to get earlier every year.

When stores open (and stay open) at 9 pm on Thursday, you have to wonder why they even call it Black Friday. Oh, that’s right — that’s Thanksgiving, the day you’re supposed to be spending with your loved ones!

6. Your diet will consist of coffee and Red Bull.

You’ll drink enough caffeine to power a small city, and it still won’t be enough. A triple venti caramel macchiato? Don’t mind if I do!

7. Clean up is horrifying.

Take a cattle stampede and run it through your store… and then repeat that about 100x. Add manure to taste.

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8. Even when it’s over, you realize this is just the beginning of the holiday season.

We are all in for a “ruff” ride!

Not Always Right wishes our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving; to all our readers, best of luck for a safe Black Friday and holiday season!

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