Sprint For The Open Checkout Lane

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That Scam Back-Tired

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10 Scams We’re Not Too Stupid To Fall For

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Crowd in the mall
#1. Changing the price label.

Cashiers work long and hard hours, in an unforgiving environment, completing one monotonous task after another, so you would be forgiven for expecting them not to notice if you play the old switcheroo with some price labels. But think again; it doesn’t take a genius to realise that a $50 bottle of liquor would not be mislabeled as $0.99 cheese-balls in any universe. The moment the cashier spots this (and they will), they are fully within their rights to play with you like the fool that you are, as seen in this beautiful example.

SCAM 001


Hundred Dollar Bill

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Don’t Have Baggage About Types Of Baggage, Part 2

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