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25 Of The Dumbest Things Customers Have Said

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We feature a lot of stupid customers on this site, but the stories below really highlight some of the more memorable encounters with those lacking IQ, common sense, or both!


#1: What this customer said when informed that her child was too light to ride the white-water rapids:

Me: “Children need to weigh at least 90 pounds so they are not thrown too easily out of the boat. We do offer life-jackets, but wish to prevent an incident.”

Customer: “That’s ok. You know what? I will put some rocks in his pockets until he weighs 90 pounds. Can I buy the tickets now?”

(I am stunned and hope silently the lady will realize by herself how crazy the idea is of putting stones in the pockets of your kid and then putting him on a rubber boat in the middle of a very wild river with rapids of class R-III to R-IV +. After a couple of seconds of silence I realize she does not see the issue.)

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