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Some customers can be demanding, but within reason. These customers however make some requests that go beyond demanding, beyond reasonable, beyond possible! These requests, like the customers, are crazy!

A Scrambled Sense Of The Law

| ME, USA | Crazy Requests, Criminal & Illegal, Popular, Technology

(Working for the local cable office we often get questions about services that are connected to TV, but not necessarily a service we provide.)

Customer: “Hi, I was wondering if you guys rent cable descramblers?”

Me: “Oh, do you mean antennas to get over-the-air channels?”

Customer: “No, cable descramblers for the people that want TV stations but don’t want to pay for them.”

Me: “No, ma’am. That’s not how business works. I can either set you up for TV or you can get an antenna.”

Customer: “Well, why can’t I get a descrambler?”

Me: “Because they are illegal, ma’am.”

(The customer went wide eyed and immediately changed the subject.)

Just When You Thought It Would All Be Yankee Doodle Dandy

| Savannah, GA, USA | Crazy Requests, Popular, School

(I’m working the floral counter at a high-end natural foods store. An older woman comes in, well-dressed and with a strong upper class southern accent, and peers at the cut flower display. Note that my accent is quite clearly Bostonian and couldn’t pass for southern even if I tried.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, welcome to [Store]! Can I help you with anything today?”

Customer: “Yes, you can. My daughter is graduating from Georgia Southern. I’m having a party for her tonight, and I need flowers to make an arrangement.”

Me: “Oh, well, congratulations to your daughter! Are there any types of flower or colors in particular you had in mind?”

Customer: *looking affronted* “The Georgia Southern colors, of course!”

Me: *anxious smile* “Um?”

Customer: *as if this is a universally known fact* “Blue and white!”

Me: “Oh, okay! Well, we have quite a lot of lovely options for white, but I’m afraid as for blue we only have these blue hydrangea or this blue thistle.”

Customer: *frowns* “Hmm. Well, what would go with the hydrangea?”

Me: “You know, we just got these peonies in, and they come in an ivory as well as a cream, and they’re really quite stunning the way they open up, and we only have them for—”

Customer: *shocked* “Peonies? Honey, don’t you know those are a YANKEE flower?!”

Me: *speechless*

Cash Back Attack, Part 2

| IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Money, Popular

(I’m working our drive-thru lanes with another teller. A customer comes through our business lane and asks that I exchange some coins for him. I do this, give him cash back in a sealed money envelope, and he drives off. 10 minutes later, he comes back through the drive-thru…)

Customer: *to me* “You! You didn’t give me enough cash back!”

Me: “I’m sorry?”


Me: “Is it stuck to another one of the bills, sir?”

Customer: “Of course not. This is what you gave me. I want my d*** money right now!”

Me: “Let me go count my drawer and I’ll see if I can find that $20 for you.”

(I count my entire drawer, and discover I balance perfectly.)

Me: “Sir, my drawer is perfectly balanced. Are you sure the $20 isn’t stuck to something else?”

Customer: “I don’t give a flying s*** if your drawer is f*****g balanced! You cheated me out of my d*** $20 and I want you to give it to me RIGHT NOW!”

Me: “Please don’t use that language with me.”

Customer: “I can talk however the h*** I want!”

Me: “I’ll ask you again to not to use that language with me. What I will do is get a supervisor to count my drawer again.”

Customer: “You tell your supervisor to get her a** over here right f*****g now!”

(I grab a supervisor. She counts my drawer slowly and makes sure the customer can see her through the window. Again, it comes up balanced.)

Supervisor: “Sir? Her drawer is coming up balanced. I’ve checked her transaction history and it’s showing she gave you the $20.”



Supervisor: “I’m not going to do that. I have no proof that she did anything other than give it to you.”


Coworker: “Sir, did you look on your seat for the $20?”

Customer: *looks down* “…Oh. Here it is. Right on my seat.”

Supervisor: “Good, I’m glad you found it. Now, have a nice day.”

Customer: “I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t cheat me. I don’t like to be cheated. I guess I’m sorry.”

(My jaw drops. I click the drive-thru mic off and mouth “Shame on you” at the customer as he drives away.)

Supervisor: “A**hole.” *looks at me and my coworker* “Sorry! I shouldn’t have said that. Are you okay, [My Name]?”

Me: “Yeah, you only said what we all were thinking…”

Cash Back Attack

A Golden Opportunity To Complain

| ND, USA | Crazy Requests, Hotels & Lodging

(I work as a night auditor and part of my job is making reservations. One night I get a call from a gentleman that needs a room on a night that we are sold out. I inform him we are full and this is his response:)

Caller: “But I am a Priority Club Gold member. My room is guaranteed!”

Me: “Yes, it’s guaranteed IF there is availability, but we are completely booked.”

Caller: “But I’m Gold; you have to give me a room!”

Me: “I again apologize, but we are full on that night.”

(He cussed me out and hung up. I sometimes wonder if people realize that when they argue, it’s pointless. I mean, I’m not a carpenter, so I can’t build them a room!)

False Colors

| Malta | Bizarre, Crazy Requests

(We sell a lot of flip flops and they’re on stands helpfully organised by style and size. Most people sort themselves out but some require a little help.)

Customer: *points at shoes* “You have this in 41?”

Me: “Yes, it should be there.”

(I get up to check when she doesn’t move to take them, thinking they may have run out. However, they’re where they should be, so I hand it to her and she tries them on. They’re slightly small.)

Customer: “Give me another.”

Me: “I’m afraid we don’t have that one in a larger size.”

Customer: “No, not larger, another!” *she points towards identical ones in different colours*

Me: “Those are the same brand; they’ll fit the same…”

Customer: “Yes! Yes! Same brand!”

(I give up and give her a different colour that fits her identically.)

Customer: “Yes, perfect. I’ll take them.”

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