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Some customers can be demanding, but within reason. These customers however make some requests that go beyond demanding, beyond reasonable, beyond possible! These requests, like the customers, are crazy!

Keeping You Busier Than Her Shirt

| MI, USA | Crazy Requests, Time


(For context, I work in a relatively small store. It would take you max 10 seconds to walk from one end to the other.)

Customer: “Do you have this in larger?” *she’s holding an XSP shirt*

Me: “We don’t have a large petite, but we might have large regular size. Would you like me to find it for you?”

Customer: “Mhm.” *she puts the shirt she’s holding on the nearest rack to her. This rack only has pants on it and isn’t in the petite section…*

(I find her the other shirt and bring it to her. She spends about 30 seconds looking at it before putting it on another random rack, this time one with only scarves hanging on it. I’m standing right next to her and would have happily taken it back. She meanders around the store for a bit before asking me to help her find a shirt that will go with two very different patterned scarves. One is bright yellow with purple flowers and the other is blue and white stripes and floral patterns. I show her a shirt; she disagrees with my opinion. She asks about a beige, pink, and yellow busy patterned shirt. I politely say that a solid color would be a better choice. I show her a solid color shirt instead, and she asks about the first shirt I showed her, acting like she’s never seen it before. This goes on for about three more repetitions of that process, all the while asking my opinion and immediately dismissing it. She eventually picks some random shirt, pays, and leaves.)

Me: *to new coworker* “And that’s what we like to call a ‘high maintenance’ customer.”

Customer Complaint Escalating Into A Perfect Storm

| Philadelphia, PA, USA | Crazy Requests, Food & Drink

(I work in catering for a popular local restaurant and schedule deliveries throughout the region, mostly for businesses. On this day we’re preparing for a massive winter storm to hit overnight. I’m calling customers to reschedule the next day’s deliveries. I call an office at a very prestigious university to ask when they’ll be rescheduling their meeting.)

Me: “…so we’re just calling to see if you already have another date for your order or if you just want it placed on file until you do.”

Customer: “So you’re telling me I can’t have my order tomorrow?”

Me: “If possible we’ll get out any orders that are still needed, but the way things are looking now it’s doubtful.”

Customer: “Well, why?”

Me: “I’m sure you’ve seen, they’re calling for record-breaking snowfall tonight. If the storm is anywhere near as bad as they’re predicting we won’t be open tomorrow and won’t be sending out any deliveries.”

Customer: “So, I’m not going to have any food for my meeting?”

Me: “Honestly, I doubt you’ll even have a meeting. Half the colleges in the area have already announced shut-downs, so [University] will probably close tomorrow, too.”

Customer: “This is a very important meeting; they won’t cancel it. I don’t see why you can’t get my order here.”

Me: “Sir, we do everything possible to accommodate our customers. But if there is over a foot of snow tonight I can’t ask a delivery driver to risk their safety to drive down there for the sake of your lunch. If there is no storm we will get you your sandwiches, but right now I don’t think that will be an option. I’m actually leaving work right after this call because the city is already shutting down the trains. So do you have a date you would like me to reschedule for, or should I just keep the order on file for now?”

Customer: “Just keep the order in for tomorrow!”

(I left work early to avoid being stranded. An hour later I got a text from my manager to let me know that the customer had called back because the university had cancelled all operations. He was, obviously, completely unapologetic. And his “very important” meeting was just a routine monthly budget update for his department.)

Tipped Not In Your Favor

| Canada | Crazy Requests, Food & Drink

(After one of the most special-order requests I have seen from one of the rudest customers I have ever encountered:)

Customer: “How do you skip the tip? I’m not tipping here.”

Me: “You can skip the tip by entering zero into the tip an amount. We will be serving you at the table for the rest of your visit, though, just like casual dining.”

Customer: “But I had to walk up here to order, so you don’t deserve a tip.” *about 15 feet from door*

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way. I hope your experience here will encourage you to tip next time.”

Customer: “Don’t tell me what to do.” *doesn’t tip on his custom order*

(Later, after taking up the best booth in the house for four people…)

Customer: “I need a wine glass.”

Me: “Sir, you have a [Soda]. Why do you need a wine glass?”

Customer: “I need one for my [Soda].”

(Later… by now the restaurant is brutally busy with only two servers.)

Customer: “I need a new salad.”

Me: “What’s wrong with this one?”

Customer: “It has croutons in it.”

Me: “Yes, it’s a Caesar salad; it always has croutons. Would you mind if I just get the chefs to remove the croutons instead of making a new salad? It is getting very busy and will be much quicker.”

Customer: “NO! I said a WHOLE NEW SALAD.”

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “With a lemon wedge!”

(Later, after flagging me down to complain about service time…)

Me: “How’s your salad, sir? Better without the croutons and with the lemon wedge?”

Customer: “It’s FINE. I need more lemon wedges. Three more.” *for his SMALL salad*

(He did finally leave, leaving behind a good portion of his food, the wine glass he demanded — broken — and all four lemon wedges completely unused. And no tip. Thanks.)

They Must Work Until They Break

| IL, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Time

(I am a member service supervisor at this particular membership-based (meaning only people with memberships are allowed to shop here) retail store. It is a Sunday and there is a huge volume of members going through check-out lanes. It is time for one of my cashiers to go on his break, so I come over to his register, shut down his sign, and stand at the end to block the lane due to the high volume of members, so he can go on break. Then a member pushes his cart right in his lane and right in front of me.)

Me: “Sir, this lane is closed. Please use a different check-out lane.”

(He either pretends he doesn’t not hear me or he really doesn’t hear me; I do not know which is the case.)

Me: “Sir? Excuse me, sir, but this lane is closed.”

(He finally looks at me.)

Customer #1: “Why is it closed? All the other lanes are long and I don’t have time to wait.”

Customer #2: *on the very next lane* “Why is the sun shining outside?”

Me: *trying not to laugh at [Customer #2]’s comment* “Sir, this lane is closed because the cashier has to go on his break. We also have self-checkout lanes if you don’t want to wait in line.”

Customer #1: “I don’t care if he has to go on break. I paid to shop here and I do not want to use self-checkout. Your job is being paid by me so you better open the register back up and check me out before I have your supervisor fire you.”

Me: “Sir, I am the supervisor and the cashier really does have to go on break.”

(The cashier has finished with his last member and is walking toward the break room. I move away from the checkout lane.)

Me: “Sir, the lane is now wide open just for you.”

(I walked away and went to thank the Customer #2 for his comment early on. When I went back to the podium, I noticed Customer #1 was using the self-checkout to check himself out.)

Laptop Flop, Part 12

| Raleigh, NC, USA | Crazy Requests, Technology

(A customer about 15 years old walks up to the counter of our service department, holding a laptop bag. She places the bag on the counter and where the zipper section is on the bag has pieces sticking out of it. It looks like a strange box of french fries.)

Customer: “I need to get this laptop fixed. I have a service plan.”

(She hands me a receipt that has an extended service plan.)

Me: “What happened to this laptop?”

Customer: “I was staying in a hotel and opened the window because it was hot and decided to use the laptop in the open window. It fell out of the open window.”

Me: “How far did it fall?”

Customer: “I was on the eighth floor… so, however far that is.”

Me: “The plan only covers falls from about eight feet or lower. Basically any place you would use a computer under normal operation. It’s all covered in the terms and conditions you were given.”

Customer: “I don’t read those things… So, what are you going to do to fix the computer?”

Me: “Not much I can do. If we attempted to fix this… which I’m not sure we can do, it would be probably be more than this is worth to do it. It’s in hundreds of pieces.”

Customer: “The plan says it covers accidental damage.”

Me: “You were using it in an open window, on the eighth floor of a hotel. It falling is not an accident.”

Customer: “What do you call it?”

Me: “Negligence.”

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