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Some customers can be demanding, but within reason. These customers however make some requests that go beyond demanding, beyond reasonable, beyond possible! These requests, like the customers, are crazy!

Even The Most Supportive Cakes Need Time To Bake

| UK | Crazy Requests, Family & Kids, Food & Drink

(I am presenting a custom order cake to a mother for her son’s birthday.)

Mother: “Could I have it in pink?”

Me: “Did you order it in pink?”

Mother: “No, but it needs to be pink now.”

Me: “It would have to be remade, and you would still be charged for this one, as it has been completed to your specification.”

Mother: “Oh, but you don’t understand! My son just came out as a woman!”

Me: “That still doesn’t change the fact that you ordered this cake and have now changed your mind after it has been made.”

Mother: “Oh, but, couldn’t you show me some kindness? I’m trying to be supportive.

Me: “Okay, I’ll give you a large discount on this one, but you will still need to pay full price for the pink cake.”

Mother: “Oh, thank you.”

Me: “What time will you need the cake for?”

Mother: “Oh, literally now! I’m just heading over.

Me: “…”

(I eventually convinced her to get a generic “It’s A Girl” cake after wising her up to the fact that I can’t just magically pull a fully made cake out of my a**. Her daughter came into the bakery a week later to thank me. She found the cake hilarious.)

Their Ungratefulness Is Very Taxing

| ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests

(The grocery store where I’m a cashier, about once a month, has “No Tax” promotions where the store pays the sales tax for all sales. To ring this through, however, all the tax has to be manually taken off by the cashier, like a coupon. This is not normally a problem at the regular tills, but at the self checkout it is a hassle. We have big signs on every register to inform customers that they need to call for the cashier when they’re finished scanning their items to have their tax removed, but no customers actually read the signs. As I’ve worked a lot of long shifts on these promotions, I’ve got running around and cancelling customer’s debit transactions so I can take their tax off down to a fine and quiet art.)

Customer: *has a purchase of $10 with about $1 in tax*

(As most of our products aren’t taxable anyway, this is moderately significant percentage.)

Me: *busy helping another customer*

Customer: *hits the debit button*

Me: *finishes, notices what he’s doing, rushes over to his machine, removes his card from the machine, hits cancel*

Customer: “What the— You scared me!”

Me: “If you’ll just give me a moment to take off your tax for you, sir…” *by the time I’m through with my sentence, I’m already back at my own station taking off the tax from his order*

Customer: “What?”

Me: “It’s ‘No Tax’ day.” *releases his machine, his order now tax free, and begins working on the next customer’s* “I need to manually take off your tax for you. You’re good to pay now.”

Customer: “What? There should be signs up instead!”

Me: “There are signs.” *points to the large sign right in front of him* “It’s just nobody really reads them.”

Customer: *completely, and utterly serious and loud enough for all of my customers and three cashiers over to hear* “Well, that’s your fault.”

(Needless to say, I know this man’s face, and plan to do him no favours in the future. If he comes through next time I’m working one of those days, he’d better read the signs and call me, because I have other customer’s payments to intercept.)

From Cashier To Corporate

| SK, Canada | Crazy Requests

(We sell somewhat expensive shoes since most items are genuine leather. I’m just a simple store associate. I live in an area of Canada where it can be very icy during winter. This lady walks in and she’s been in the store before asking the same question…)

Lady: “Hello, did you happen to get in any grips for the back of boots?”

Me: “We have inserts to put in the back of boots—”

Lady: “No, I mean on the bottom of the shoe.”

Me: “No, sorry. We don’t sell any bottom grips for shoes here. There are other stores that likely carry them.”

Lady: “That’s strange that you don’t carry them. They’re so important this time of year…”

Me: “Yes, it is, but unfortunately we are an American-run company, and we only get in specific items for the store.”

Lady: “Well, you should get some in. You should tell your manager to get some in.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that wouldn’t do anything. Like I said, we are a large-scale, corporately-owned company. If you’d like, you can go to the website and try sending them an e-mail suggesting you’d like a product like that, or try giving corporate a phone call.”

Lady: *she turns away rudely sticking her nose up* “I don’t have the time!”

(Clearly she has never worked a day in her life in retail. It’s just humorous that she thought I would have the time and that me asking my manager to get in a product the company doesn’t make would accomplish anything.)

Timely Flights Of Fancy

| London, England, UK | Crazy Requests, Tourists/Travel, Transportation

(I’m on the phone with a customer inquiring about flights to a certain destination. Airline #1 has multiple flights per day, while Airline #2 flies once per day.)

Me: “So the cheapest flight for [Airline #1] flying to [Destination] is £[Total], and the cheapest flight for [Airline #2] is £[Total].”

Customer: “Why does [Airline #2] only fly to [Destination] once per day?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “I don’t like the times for [Airline #2]. Can’t I fly at a different time?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I have no control over how often airline companies schedule their flights. If you want to arrive by a certain time, [Airline #1] would be the better option.”

Customer: “I still don’t get it. Why doesn’t [Airline #2] fly to [Destination] more often? Their counter at the airport is much bigger than [Airline #1]!”

Me: “…”

Customer: “Hello?”

Me: *trying to keep a straight face while talking* “No, ma’am, the size of the check-in counter has no relation to how many flights an airline has.”

Not Fully Open Minded

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Crazy Requests

(We are setting up a new store. The owners want to open as soon as possible so leave part of the store blocked off because it hasn’t been set up yet. An older woman approaches me.)

Customer: “What’s in that area?”

Me: “Nothing at the moment but it will be [Department] when it is.”

(She starts moving stock that we have blocking access into the area, as it’s dangerous to have customers wandering around in there.)

Me: “Sorry, you can’t go in there.”

Customer: “I want to see what’s in there.”

Me: “I can’t let you in there. There isn’t anything set up in there yet.”


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