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The customer has seemed normal and maybe even intelligent throughout the shopping purchase. But then they get to the checkout and as soon as human interaction is required it all falls apart. The checkout operators really are our first line of defense against the stupid customer!

Refunder Blunder, Part 25

| Canada | At The Checkout, Crazy Requests, Technology

Customer: “I bought this flash drive a few months ago and it doesn’t work in my computer!”

(The customer had the receipt and the packaging for it still, so I decided to give her store credit.)

Me: “Okay, I can return it for you, but since it’s over our return policy, I can only give you store credit.”

Customer: “That’s fine; I’m going to get a new one anyway.”

Me: “Okay, great.”

(I start the return on the defective flash drive and then go to put it in its respective cupboard.)

Customer: “What are you doing?”

Me: “Um, I’m putting it in the defective items cupboard.”

Customer: “No, I’ll need that back.”

Me: “But I’m giving you store credit for it.”

Customer: “Yes and I’m going to buy a new flash drive with it, but I need that back.”

Me: “I can’t give you money for it if you’re keeping it.”

Customer: “But it doesn’t work!”

Me: “Then why do you want it?”

Customer: “Because it works on my work computer!”

Me: “Oh… that’s strange.”

Customer: “Well, I can’t let you take it.”

Me: “Then I can’t give you store credit for it.”

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You Say Tomato, I Say “Check Your Car”

| SA, Australia | At The Checkout, Food & Drink

(I am cashing my till up at work right as I was about to clock off, and this customer I’d served a couple of hours before comes storming in.)

Customer: “You! You forgot to put my tomatoes in my bag!”

(She proceeds to throw her ripped receipt onto the counter and points out the apparent missing tomatoes.)

Me: “Uh, I see. Well, that doesn’t sound very much like me, and I put away the dump stock earlier and there wasn’t any tomatoes there. I’ll just have to get my supervisor to help you out.”

(I explain the situation to my supervisor as the lady continues to rant about how “she took a shower and had to come back in her track suit.” The supervisor tells the lady to go and get herself some more tomatoes, and she does so. While she’s gone my supervisor asks the manager on duty what she should do.)

Manager: “Just give them to her; it’s not a big deal.”

(Even though I probably should’ve just let it go, I couldn’t stand the thought of this lady so bluntly accusing me.)

Me: “Can you please just check? I won’t be able to sleep tonight never knowing if I was right.”

(He begrudgingly complies. As I’m about to leave he calls us on the phone from upstairs and I pick up.)

Manager: “Hey, you totally did put them in her bag. Don’t let her have them.”

(Satisfied, I say to the lady who has now returned to the counter with her new tomatoes and a few other items.)

Me: “According to the cameras I actually did put the tomatoes in your bag; are you sure you didn’t drop them on the way to your car? Or they didn’t fall out in your car?”

Customer: “I obviously already checked my car. I’m not stupid.”

(My supervisor is over it at this point, and just lets the lady have the tomatoes. As she’s leaving she says:)

Customer: “If I find them I’ll come back!”

(I go upstairs to clock off, and come back down again to leave through the front doors. As I’m about to exit, my supervisor calls my name, and points to the bag of tomatoes on the counter.)

Supervisor: “Yeah, they were in her car.”

That’s Stone-Cold Awesome

| Selma, NC, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Customers, Family & Kids

(I’m ringing up a customer and he’s buying ten toy snakes, each at $1.)

Me: “I’m guessing you have a kid that really likes snakes?”

Customer: “No, my daughter has a school project and wants to make a Medusa wig.”

Me: “That’s the most amazing thing I have ever heard.”

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Not Drinking Inside The Box

| MI, USA | At The Checkout, Food & Drink, Money

(A customer comes through the checkout with a case of a new kind of beer from a well-known Canadian beer maker. The case doesn’t ring up.)

Cashier: “Sir, do you know how much this was?”

Customer: “The sign said it was $6.99.”

Cashier: “That doesn’t sound right. [My Name], would you see how much this case of beer costs?”

Me: *after checking the price* “Sir, $6.99 is the price for the six-packs inside the case. For whatever reason they just haven’t been taken out of the box yet.”

Customer: “Fine! I only want one!”

(I have no idea how anyone can think they can get 24 bottles of beer for just $6.99!)

Fifty Percent Off Is Way Off

| Orlando, FL, USA | At The Checkout, Bizarre, Money

(I’ve been helping a woman with her fabric. She has been a challenging customer from the start, insisting I carry her fabric for her, choosing fabric inappropriate for her project (using blackout curtain lining to upholster a chair), and disputing the measured length. I’ve finally cut her fabric and given her the ticket to check out when she asks if she can use a 50% off coupon on her purchase.)

Me: *in an attempt to be lighthearted* “The bad news is you won’t be able to use your coupon; the good news is that it’s because this fabric is already on sale for 50% off, so you can save your coupon and use it on your highest priced non-sale item!”

Customer: “I can’t use my coupon? It didn’t say it was on sale! I don’t want it then!”

Me: “You don’t want to buy this fabric on sale for 50% off because you can’t use your coupon for 50% off? Is that right?”

(It took me and the manager on duty ten minutes and a calculator to show her that she was paying the exact same amount for the fabric either way and was actually saving money because then she could use her coupon on another item in her transaction. She still didn’t believe us and the manager thankfully took over and rang her item at full price and let her use the coupon on it.)

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