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Taking A Stand And Quitting

| OR, USA | Bad Behavior, Bizarre

(I work in the deli of an organic grocery store. We get a lot of customers that can be hard to deal with, but after years of customer service jobs I usually don’t have a problem. This happens about an hour after I have given my notice so I can return to school. I am at the case and an older regular comes up to ask me to restock the forks on the salad bar. There is a woman serving herself some salad, so the older gentleman and I stand back and chat to let her finish before I get the forks from underneath the counter. As she finishes and walks away I proceed to get the forks and stock them. She sees me doing this and says:)

Woman: “You could have said ‘excuse me.’ I would have moved.”

Me: “It was no problem. We weren’t in a rush. Have a great day.”

Woman: *absolutely loses it, yelling:* “INSTEAD OF BEING SO RUDE JUST STANDING THERE!”

(I was speechless, and honestly couldn’t help but smile. This got her even more mad and she yelled further. By that point I couldn’t stop from laughing and walked back behind the case before she could continue berating me. Thank you, rude, crazy girl, for reaffirming my decision to get my degree!)

Feel Sorry For The Husband

| Seattle, WA, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Time

(I am working in a retail store, and my shift starts at 12:30. I get in at 12:15, and see many customers so I put my uniform on, clock in early, and get to work. A woman approaches me.)

Woman: *aggressively* “I hope you enjoyed your LUNCH.”

Me: “…I’m sorry?”

Woman: “Don’t be sorry. Just don’t do it again. I shouldn’t have to wait.”

Me: “Ma’am, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Woman: “Don’t lie to me. I was here an hour ago and you had a back in five minutes sign, to get your lunch, even though there were people who wanted to get into the store. Don’t EVER do that to your customers again.”

Me: “Ma’am, my shift doesn’t even start for another ten or fifteen minutes. Was there something you wanted help with?”

Woman: “If you keep lying like this, you’ll never find a husband.” *shows me her wedding ring with a smug look, then turns and walks out*

His Guilt Is Like An Open Book

, | Washington, DC, USA | Bad Behavior, Books & Reading

(I work in a museum bookstore where we sell a lot of expensive, hardcover art books. A customer brings up an unwrapped exhibition catalog and shows me his receipt and the damage to the top edge of the pages.)

Customer: “Can I exchange this for another?”

(I look at the damage. It’s not bad, but when a customer pays eighty dollars for a book they want it to be perfect.)

Me: “Certainly. There are others right here.”

(I pick one up from the stack and glance at the edges before I hand it to him. They’re perfect.)

Customer: “Thanks. I’d just like to check the new one before I leave the store.”

Me: “Let me unwrap that for you—”

(I hold my hand out to take the new book back and do it for him, but it’s too late. The gentleman has very helpfully whipped out his credit card and used the edge to slit the shrink wrap like a paper knife. He did so very vigorously. So vigorously that the credit card tore into and through the page edges, damaging the pages in a different spot from, but identical to, the way the pages on the original book were damaged.)

Me: “That wasn’t like that when I handed it to you. Did you open the first one that way?”

Customer: *sheepish look spreads over his face*

Me: “Would you like to keep the first book you damaged or the second one?”

Customer: “The… second one.”

(I hand it to him, and he slinks off. For all I know he went to another shop to exchange the second book for another new one…but I bet he didn’t tear into it with his credit card like that again.)

The Other Shoe Finally Dropped

| England, UK | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests

Customer: “I wonder if there’s anything you can do for me. I bought these shoes in the January sale and look!”

(She takes her shoes off her feet and, well, the sole on the bottom has totally split in half. It’s only May now; we wouldn’t expect that to happen in so short a time.)

Colleague: “Ah, that’s pretty terrible. I don’t suppose you have your receipt?”

Customer: “No, I didn’t think I would need to keep it. But I bought them in January.”

Colleague: *looking at the shoe* “Give me a moment; I need to find out what shoe this actually is so that I can process it through the till correctly. [My Name], could you come here a second? I don’t suppose you recognise this shoe?”

Me: “Sorry, it’s not one I’ve seen.” *pointing to a similar shoe* “Kinda looks like that one though.”

Colleague: “Yeah, if it was in the sale it’s probably an older version.” *to customer* “Please excuse me. I need to go out back and look through the old catalogues to find it.”

Customer: “Well, if you can hurry it up? I have to be back teaching at the school in 15 minutes.”

(My colleague goes out back to see if she can find out what on earth this shoe even is, as not even our manager recognises it. The customer is getting impatient, and things go downhill very quickly.)

Colleague: “I’m very sorry; I know it’s awful that this has happened to your shoes, but I’ve got back through the catalogue for the last seven years and I can’t find it at all. What store did you get it from?”

Customer: “I got it from [Store] in the sale. Honestly, how can you not find this out? Your system should know what it is! I just want money off a new pair!”

(One of my other colleagues rings up the store she named and tries to find it there. They have no idea either.)

Customer: “This is terrible service. Just give me money off a new pair!

Colleague: “I’m doing the best I can for you. I can’t just give you money off a new pair without processing the old pair through the till, and there’s no way I can do that without knowing what this shoe is!”

(I have to go out back to help another customer out, as I return it appears she’s got customer service’s number off of us and is yelling at them down the phone. Really, really yelling.)


(I feel so sorry for the poor representative on the phone, but it gets passed back and forth between my colleague and the customer, at this point looking constantly at her watch and huffing and puffing. In the end, customer service tell my colleague just to give her the money off her shoes and a reference number for the receipt so that we won’t get in trouble. I didn’t quite catch all of it, but I think the customer needed to take the receipt and do something with it later.)

Customer: “FINALLY.”

Colleague: “We’ve managed to take the money off for you. I’m sorry we couldn’t do more.”

Customer: *pulls new pair on and legs it out of the store yelling* “THIS IS AWFUL SERVICE. THIS IS WHY I NEVER BUY YOUR SHOES FULL PRICE!”

Colleague: “She forgot the receipt…”

(I came back from my lunch break later to find my workmates looking at the old shoes and looking annoyed and confused. Turns out, they’d managed to find out what the shoes were – they were 17 years old! We figured she’d got them at a charity shop and pulled a fast one on us. She never did come back for her receipts.)

This Customer Is Not Worth A Dime

| FL, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior

(I currently have a line at my register of a few people when two customers walk up to the side to ask a question. I’ve just finished with one person so I decided to quickly answer them before starting the next.)

Customer #1: “So, what is the price of this hat?”

(I flip the hat over and read the price printed on it.)

Me: “And just so you know, that’s actually part of the buy one get one half off, if you want to grab another hat.”

Customer #1: “Oh, okay!” *begins talking to her friend*

Me: *to the next person in line* “Hey, you ready to check out?”

Customer #2: “Oh, yeah, thanks.”

Customer #1: “Um, excuse me, you just cut in front of me in line, JUST SO YOU KNOW!” *storms off*

Customer #2: “Um… I’m sorry?”

Me: “Don’t worry about it; you were here first. I just answered a question for her really quick. Technically she skipped you.”

(About 10-15 minutes pass by and I get everyone else in line all dealt with when the girl comes back with two hats. I go through the process of asking for her email with she rolls her eyes at, then ring up her items and tell her the price.)

Customer #1: “Why is it that much?”

Me: “Well, it took [amount] off of this hat.”

Customer #1: “So the cheaper one was half off?”

Me: “…Yeah.”

Customer #1: “Why, that’s stupid. It should be the more expensive one. That’s LOGIC.”

(At this point, I’m annoyed. I’ve had a long day of frustrating customers and this girl has been rude from the start, so I couldn’t be bothered with being all smiles.)

Me: “Well, it’s a business and we’ve gotta make money.”

Customer #1: “Well, your business is stupid.”

Me: “…Okay. Do you still want to get both hats?”

Customer #1: “UGH. I guess.”

(I take her money and hand her her change, then SHE drops a dime on the floor trying to put it in her wallet.)

Customer #1: “Hey, open your register and give me a new dime!”

Me: “Uh… I can’t do that.”

Customer #1: “You have to. You can’t steal money from me!”

Me: “I can’t just take money out of the register. That would leave me short at the end of the night.”

Customer #1: “So? You need to give me another dime or you’re stealing from me.”

Me: “I can’t. I don’t owe you any more change. You dropped the dime.”

Customer #1: “I’M NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN! THIS BUSINESS SUCKS!” *storms out of the store*

Manager: *who’s seen the whole thing* “We can only hope…”

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