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In Need Of Some Dedication Medication

| IA, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

(I work at a busy pharmacy; we usually look up patients by name, then confirm date of birth. A customer walks up.)

Me: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’m here to pick up medication.”

Me: “All righty, for who?”

Customer: “For my dad.”

Me: “Name?”

Customer: “John.”

Me: “Last name…”

Customer: “Smith.”

Me: “All right, and birthday?”

Customer: “John Smith!”

Me: “No, date of birth.”

Customer: “I don’t know; it’s my dad.”

Me: “Address?”

Customer: “Something, something, street…”

Getting Too Old For This S***

| Allentown, PA, USA | Bad Behavior

(I arrive for my work shift and greet my coworker. After I clock in and the only customer in the store leaves, she decides to use the restroom. I’m working on the store computer when I suddenly hear her shriek.)

Me: “What happened?! Are you all right?”

Coworker: *comes out looking pale* “There was an old woman in here about an hour ago, who really needed to use the bathroom. So we let her.”

Me: “Okay…?”

Coworker: “She left a pile of paper towels full of s*** in the sink!”

(Stunned, I follow her into the single-toilet bathroom and stare in horror at the mess, which is exactly as she described. We get the mess cleaned up and try to joke each other out of our disgust, when her phone rings.)

Coworker: *looks at the text and chuckles* “It’s my daughter. She’s taken a job as a hostess at [Restaurant Chain], and she just messaged to say she had to clean up vomit. Now I can reply and say I had to clean up s***! They don’t pay us enough for this!”

More Money, More Problems

| Warwick, RI, USA | Bad Behavior

(It is a very busy day, and our small restaurant is crawling with customers. One woman comes in wearing very “fancy” clothing. This is the interaction that followed.)

Woman: “I’ll have a small latte and two cheeseburgers, right now!”

Me: “I’d be happy to serve you, but as you can see we’re very busy right now.”

Woman: “Make it snappy!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, I’ll try.”

(Not even one minute later, and this happens.)

Woman: “I demand to be served right now!”

Me: “One moment, please.”

Woman: “Do you have any idea who I am?! I can buy and sell you! Do you see my clothes?! I’m f****** rich!”

Me: “With all due respect, ma’am, I have a job to do. Could you please sit down in that room over there, so as to not irritate the other customers?”

Woman: “What did you say!? Did you just tell me to s*** in that room!? Are you implying I’m mad because I haven’t gone to the bathroom!? That is disgusting!”

(At this point my boss has come out to watch, and has been secretly observing the woman for the minute or so. He decides to come out of the shadows and help me out.)

Boss: “Ma’am, you’re disgusting! You think because you have more money than some people, that you are entitled to service before other people, and said that you can buy and sell my employee. I’m going to ask that you get out of my store right now!”

Woman: “Well, I never! I’m not coming here ever again!”

Me & Boss: “Okay, thanks!”