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Not Bready For The Holidays

| OH, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests, Food & Drink, Holidays

(We’re a small bread store that bakes everything fresh daily. We don’t have anything frozen or hidden in the back to sell, though some customers don’t seem to understand this. It is Christmas Eve and we have been slammed with customers. Even though we close at three, we’ve sold out of pretty much everything by noon. It is 2:30 and my dad and I are cleaning up and getting ready to close up shop. At this point, we’re just waiting on a couple of orders and we’ve put a ‘sold out’ sign in the window. Despite the sign, some people have wandered in and asked if we’re really sold out of bread, but are polite and understanding when we tell them we’ve got only a couple cookies left. I’m cleaning up some of the unending flour mess when this couple walks in:)

Dad: “Hello! As you can see, we’re pretty much sold out.”

Lady: “What’s that there?” *points at the rack where we’ve got the remaining orders*

Dad: “Those are orders we’re holding.”

Lady: “I’ll buy that loaf there.”

Dad: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that bread belongs to someone who placed an order earlier. All we’ve got are these cookies and this roll.”

Lady: “But I’m here and I have money.”

Dad: *trying not to lose his cool and yell at her* “Ma’am, that loaf is already sold.”

Lady: “You’re really out of bread?”

Dad: “Yes. Sorry about that. Have a Merry Christmas!”

(The couple leaves. Just as the door closes and they walk down the street.)

Dad: “You’d be really mad if that order was yours and I sold it!”


Capricious About The Capris

| MB, Canada | Bad Behavior, Technology

(The phone rings at work one day and I answer it.)

Me: “Hi, thanks for calling [Store]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. I was wondering if you could put a pair of pants on hold for me.”

Me: “No problem. What pants did you need?”

Customer: “I have the number.”

(Most often this is the number of the product on our website and short of pulling the site up and looking at the image the number doesn’t help us find the item.)

Me: “Actually, if you can just describe the item I could find it faster.”

Customer: “It’s a pair of white Capri pants.”

(We currently have six different styles of white Capris in store.)

Me: “Okay… Is there anything else you can tell me about them?”

Customer: “No! I told you, I just have a number!! I’m doing a favour for a friend.”

Me: “All right, do you at least know if they are dress capris or denim capris?”

Customer: “NO! I JUST have a number! Are you not listening?”

Me: *sighs* “Sorry, it’s just we have multiple pairs of white capris and the number doesn’t help me find them short of looking at every pair and trying to match your number.”

(At this time our computer system was in use to ring customers through so I could not use it.)

Customer: “Then do that! The number is…” *states eight digit number quickly*

(I went around looking for the pair but I couldn’t find them in our stock. As we were having our summer clearance we were out of a lot of items.)

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, but we don’t seem to have that item available.”

Customer: *in a very condescending tone* “Well, can you find where it does?”

Me: “Sure; however, just to let you know for future, you can find what store has it by finding it online. Just type the number you have into the website and it will tell you what store carry it in the size you are looking for.”

Customer: “Sure, that’s great if I have a computer.”

Me: *thinking she didn’t have access to one now* “No problem, just for next time so you don’t have to call multiple stores.”

Customer: “I SAID, it’s great IF YOU HAVE A COMPUTER!”

Me: “Okay, I’ll look it up for you here. What is the number?”

Customer: “I already told you! It’s—” *repeats number superfast*

Me: “So that was—” *repeats the first five digits* “—and then?”

Customer: *yelling at this point, repeats the whole eight numbers again*

(I look it up on our system checker which is more accurate and faster than the website but it doesn’t show photos and is only updated every night. Unfortunately her item was sold out across the province, the closest store to have was in Saskatchewan.)

Me: “Sorry, but it looks like the closest place that has it is [Location outside the province].”

Customer: “Can you transfer it in?”

Me: “Unfortunately, we cannot do transfers under $75 and this item is only $20.”


Me: *trying really hard to keep calm as she keeps yelling and treating me like I’m stupid* “You can always order them online. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can ship them to the store for free. Just typing in your number in the website will bring the item up.”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll do that.” *very sarcastically* “Thanks for the help.” *hangs up*

Me: “I thought she didn’t have access to a computer.”


Greek Shriek

| USA | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Food & Drink, Language & Words

(I am 15. Like many Greek Orthodox churches, my church holds an annual Greek Festival where we sell Greek food and display Greek culture. It’s my first year working there, and my older sister has promised to help me. We are the only people working at the the dessert stand. Note: Greek is the language we speak at home, so it’s the language my sister and I communicate in.)

Sister: *in Greek* “Why don’t you take this one?” *points to approaching customer*

Me: *in English* “Hi, I’m [My Name]! How may I help you today?


Me: “Yes, I do. What can I get for you today?”

Customer: “Good, I heard that other girl talking in that foreign muck and I was afraid you’d be too stupid to speak English too. Give me a dozen baklava.”

Me: *shocked* “Yes, ma’am. That’ll be [Price]. Just pay [Sister] after I load your box.”

(I start to load a styrofoam take-away box with baklava.)

Customer: “NO! I don’t want those. They’re too small. Give me the big pieces!”

(She points to galaktoboureko, a completely different dessert cut into bigger pieces than the baklava.)

Me: “I’m sorry, that’s galaktoboureko, a custard-based dessert, not baklava. If you’d like to try some I’d be happy to give you a sample—”

Customer: “Don’t you dare try to cheat me! I want the big pieces, you little foreign brat!”

Sister: *in Greek* “Just give her the galaktoboureko.”

Customer: “I know you’re insulting me in your language! Speak English like a normal person!”

(I nod and smile as I fill a new box up with galaktoboureko. She pays and walks away with a smug smile on her face.)

Me: *in Greek* “Do you think she’ll notice?”

(One hour later, the customer returns dragging the Festival Director behind her. She looks angry.)

Customer: “There! That’s the girl that cheated me! She gave me this squishy stuff instead of baklava! I demand my baklava and I want a refund!”

Festival Director: “[My Name], is this true? Did you give [Customer] the wrong dessert?”

Me: “Yes, but she asked for it. She said she wanted the big pieces, and I told her it was galaktoboureko and not baklava, but she accused me of cheating her, so I gave her what she wanted. Also, she called me a ‘little foreign brat.’”

Customer: “No! That’s a lie! She purposely tricked me, and the other girl insulted me in your language! You should really hire employees that are smart enough to speak English.”

Festival Director: “[Sister], did you insult her?” *in Greek* “I don’t blame you if you did.”


(She throws her galaktoboureko box to the ground and starts stomping on it, then moves aggressively towards my sister.)

Festival Director: “Ma’am, I’m going to ask you to leave.”


(She storms out and security confirms that she’s left the premises.)

Sister: *in Greek* “I swear to you nothing like that has ever happened before.”

(The next year I worked in the kitchen and I liked it much better. People still talk about “crazy baklava lady.”)


Making A Senior Mistake

| Orchard Park, NY, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Money, Non-Dialogue

I worked in a Mexican restaurant. We had a senior’s discount but policy states that we have to wait for them to ask for it. We weren’t supposed to just give it to them but sometimes I would just give it to obviously elder folks.

Once, after my standard greeting, I decide I will do so for a grey-haired man. But before he even places his order, he picks up my ‘take-a-penny, leave-a-penny cup’ with one hand, pours it into his palm, and puts all the change in his pocket. He even stares me in the eye the entire time as if to challenge me to do something about it.

To which I decide that he has taken his own senior discount. Too bad, because the one I would have given him would have saved him a lot more.


Not Very Sheepish

| Wales, UK | Bad Behavior, Transportation

(I work in a train station for a very rural line. Trains are two hourly, which city visitors don’t always understand.)

Customer: “Hi! When’s the next train to [Major English Hub Station]?”

Me: “The next one’s at 16:56; about half an hour.”

Customer: “Really? Did I just miss one? Bummer.”

Me: “No sir, the last one was 14:55, approximately one hour and a half ago.”

Customer: “Very funny!”

Me: “Sir, I’m serious. This is a rural line. We have two hourly trains. Look!” *points to massive timetable poster next to where he is standing*

Customer: “Bloody h***! You just got sheep around here or what?”

Next Customer In Line: *an elderly local legend* “Yep, now baaaaaa-gger off if you’re not buying tickets! I’ve got a gammy knee and it’ll take me that half hour to walk around to the platform!”

Me: *trying not to laugh*

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