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No One Can Get Their Point

| FL, USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

Customer: “Can I have a pound of turkey, sliced thin, please?”

Me: “Which kind of turkey?”

Customer: *pointing to something in my meat case* “This one.”

(I have no way to tell what she’s pointing at, since the counter, the meat rack, and all the meats on it are blocking my view. I can only even see her arm down to the elbow.)

Me: “I can’t see what you’re pointing at, ma’am.”

Customer: *jabbing her finger at it* “THIS one.”

Me: “The counter is blocking my view, ma’am.”

Customer: “Then look closer, you f***ing [disabled slur]!”

Me: “Please don’t use language like that in the store, ma’am. Could you just tell me which kind you want?”


Me: *giving up and guessing* “Oh, you mean the [Brand] hickory smoked honey.”

Customer: “YES! What was so hard about that?!”

They’re Uber Demanding

| Orlando, FL, USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Popular, Transportation

(I am manning a taxi stand at a sports complex hosting a national cheerleading competition. I am offering complimentary cold water to guests who are using our taxi service, as it is sometimes hot and humid in the Sunshine State. I am approached by two adults and a child who appears to be nine or ten years old.)

Dad: “We would like to go to [Destination].”

Me: “Certainly, sir. Can I offer anyone a cold water for the ride?”

Dad: “That would be great.” *takes water and turns to daughter* “Honey, would you like a cold water?”

Daughter: *crosses arms, frowns* “I WANT A STRAWBERRY LEMONADE.”

Dad: *turns to me, thrusts the water in my direction* “She wants a strawberry lemonade.”

Me: “No strawberry lemonade here, sir. Just complimentary water.


Me: “…”

(I close the door and watch the taxi drive away.)

Coworker: “Did that just happen?”

Me: “I’m going to start weeping for the future now.”

Complaint Compliant

| Lexington, KY, USA | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests

(For years our store’s deli has had meat/cheese slicing available as an on-demand service, with no additional slicing fee. More recently, many customers have been taking advantage of this, getting up to 14 or more pieces sliced at once. To hopefully put a stop to this and to save on labor costs, our corporate offices have decided to change this policy to an ordering system with next-day pickup PLUS a $2 charge per piece. There are several signs posted around our deli explaining the new policy. However we’ve had several customers either not pay attention to these signs or just think we’ll slice their order anyway.)

Customer: “Excuse me, could I get this ham sliced?”

(I apologize to the customer and explain the new rules to him in case he might not have seen the signs.)

Me: “We can still slice you order for you but it won’t be available until tomorrow morning, and there is a two dollar fee.”

Customer: “This is stupid! I live in [Town 20 miles away] and you expect me to come back tomorrow? AND I have to pay two dollars more? What are you going to do about this?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, there’s nothing I CAN do. Corporate is the one that started this new policy, not us. All of this is above my pay grade.”

(The customer grumbles under his breath and storms off. I think that’s the end of it but about ten minutes later I see that the same customer has cornered one of our managers. Later, as I’m about to go on my lunch break I ask the manager what happened.)

Me: *to the manager* “So, I’m guessing that guy bugged the crap out of you about slicing, too?”

Manager: *exasperated sigh* “YES! That was one of the most hard-headed people I’ve ever dealt with…”

(She begins telling me about HER interaction with the customer:)

Customer: “I just spoke with one of your associates. You mean to tell me you won’t slice when I ask anymore?”

Manager: “No, sir. Corporate changed the policy two months ago as a cost-cutting measure.”

Customer: “Well, then, what are you going to do?”

Manager: “We’re doing exactly what corporate told us to do, sir. My associate and I have explained the new rules to you.”

Customer: “I don’t think you understand…I’m complaining! I live in [Town] and I shouldn’t have to come back tomorrow!”

Manager: “No, I do understand, sir. You’re not the only one who’s had a problem with the new rules. If you have any questions or complaints, you’ll need to call HQ.”

Customer: “Excuse me, but this is supposed to be customer service and you’re being very rude to me!”

Manager: “Sir, I’m being as nice as I can be in this situation. We cannot slice for you right this minute and we’ve given you alternative options.”

Customer: “You DO understand me, right?… This. Is. A. Complaint!”

Manager: “Sir, as I’ve already explained, this is a corporate issue. If you want to complain, give them a call. There’s nothing more I can do for you at the store level.”

(Apparently, this went in circles a few more time before the customer finally stormed off.)

Drives Through All Your Patience

| OH, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Time

(Working in a drive-thru has given me many great stories:)

Me: “Hello, Welcome to [Restaurant]. Would you like to try one of our new burgers?”

Customer: “Wait a minute! I am on the phone.”

Me: “Okay, just let me know when you are ready.”

Customer: “All right, I’m here at the drive-thru. What do you want?” *continuing to mumble into the phone*

(Several minutes later I don’t hear the customer talking anymore.)

Me: “Can I help you find anything on our menu?”

Customer: “I have been WAITING! How come it took you so long to do your job?!”

Trying To Bowl Them Over With Common Sense

| TX, USA | Bad Behavior, Popular, Wild & Unruly

(One popular food item at our shop is a bowl with a foil lid. When the bowl is finished, the employees put the lid on top and fold the foil so it stays in place. The customer can carry the bowl out as-is, or carry it in a bag. However, our store has just run out of the bags. We have other, smaller bags for a different type of item, but the bowls don’t fit them well and it has been causing some problems, especially if they are carried upright. I’ve asked my manager if I can just tell customers that we are out of bags, but they have requested that I just warn customers about these problems every time a customer asks for a bag, and give them one of the smaller ones if they still insist. Despite these warnings several other customers have already spilled their bowls all over the floor, becoming so frequent that I have been keeping a broom and mop at the ready right behind the register to deal with it.)

Me: “…and here’s your receipt. Have a great night!”

Customer #1: “Can I have a bag?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. Unfortunately we are out of the bag that fits these bowls right now. I do have—”

Customer #1: *cutting me off and pointing to the smaller bags* “One of those! A bag! I want one.”

Me: “I do have these bags, but they’re too small. The bowl will only fit sideways, and it has a tendency to squeeze the sides and pop the lid off, which will—”

Customer #1: *clearly getting irate, she reaches over the counter, grabs a folded bag from the top of the stack, and opens it* “I just wanted a bag!”

Me: “Yes, you can have that bag, but please be careful because it’s too tight. It might pop the lid off and spill your bowl. You’ll have to hold it sideways so that won’t happen, okay? Again, I’m very sorry.”

Customer #1: *trying and failing repeatedly to fit the bowl into the bag horizontally* “It doesn’t fit!”

Me: *I can tell the customer hasn’t been listening, so I make sure to reiterate now that she’s recognized that something isn’t normal* “Yes, they can be tricky, since those aren’t the bags for the bowls. It has to go in on its side. You’ll have to carry it like this, okay? Otherwise it will pop the lid off and your bowl will spill. Sorry again, and have a great night.”

Customer #1: “Ugh!”

(The customer grabs the bag by the top and yanks it out of my hands, causing it to become vertical. The lid immediately pops off, and the weight of the ingredients quickly ruptures the bottom of the now sauce-soaked paper bag, spilling all over the counter and the floor.)

Customer #1: “WHAT THE F***?”

Me: “Uh oh! I’m sorry that happened, ma’am. If you’d like to jump right up to the front of the line there, they can make you a fresh bowl on the house.”

(I quickly wipe down the counter and start sweeping up the mess. Hearing the customer yelling, my manager starts walking up to the register.)


Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, it’s just those bags. You’ll have to hold them sideways or the lid will pop off.”


Manager: “Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to stop swearing in front of the other guests, please. What seems to be the matter here?”


Manager: “[My Name], why does this keep happening? I told you to warn customers about the bags!”

Me: *already finished mopping, put up a wet floor sign, ready to take the next customer* “Yes. sir, I did.”


(The next customer in line speaks up.)

Customer #2: “Lady, he warned you, like, three times.”

Customer #1: “HE DID NOT!”

Me: “I promise you, sir, I’ve been warning every single person who gets a bag for a bowl.”

Manager: “Then how does this keep happening?”

Me: “Um…”

(I start frantically trying to think of the politest possible way to say that some people don’t listen.)

Customer #2: “Some people don’t listen!”

Customer #1: “THEY’RE BOTH F****** LYING!”

Manager: “I’m sorry, ma’am, please watch your language. If you’d like to skip to the front of the line we can get you another bowl on us.”


Me: “If you don’t want a replacement, I’d be happy to refund your money for you if you’d like.”

Customer #1: *starts pushing other customers out of the way to run up and down the counter, shoving her finger in all the other workers’ faces* “YOU HEAR THAT? YOU’RE ALL GETTING FIRED! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU! ESPECIALLY YOU!”

(She ends by pointing to me, and then runs out the door, without any food or a refund.)

Me: *to manager* “Say, boss, can I please just tell customers they can’t have a bag for a bowl because we’re out?”

Manager: *sighing deeply* “Please do.”

Me: “And can I do a customer appreciation comp?”

Manager: “Sure.”

Me: “Thanks.” *to [Customer #2]* “Any drinks for you tonight with your food?”

Customer #2: “No, thanks. And no bag, either!”

Me: “All right, then, your total will be zero dollars. Have a nice night!”

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