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Wouldn’t Want To Be In Their Shoes

| UT, USA | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Family & Kids, Popular

(It’s a slow day, and I’m the only cashier up at the registers. A frazzled mom comes up to make her purchases with her chatty toddler son in tow. The kid is talking non-stop, pointing out every little thing, and obviously has been doing so for some time. The mother is quickly losing her patience and hardly says a word to me.)

Me: *reaching for a pair of toddler boy shoes to scan* “Hey, bud, are these awesome shoes for you?”

(The little boy nods excitedly and stops mid-sentence to begin chatting about his shoes. The mother cuts in.)

Customer: “Obviously those are for him. Please don’t talk to my son.”

(The rest of the transaction was done in uncomfortable silence, save for the little boy continuing to chat away non-stop. To this day I’m still dumbfounded over her response!)

Snack Attack

| ON, Canada | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Money, Popular

(I work at a store that specializes in popcorn. We have regular sized bags for the popcorn (small, medium, large) as well a much smaller snack sized bag. The store offers this snack size at an unreasonably high price to encourage people to buy the regular sized bags. When customers want to buy the snack sized bags, it’s usually because they have multiple children and want to get them each a little bag so that they don’t fight over one bigger bag. However my coworkers and I know that the store offers free paper bags for regular sized bags of popcorn so that people can share. We usually go out of our way to inform parents of this and even split the popcorn into the paper bags for them so that they can save time and money. I am serving a woman with three children.)

Woman: “Hi, can I get three snack bags of buttered popcorn?”

(Each snack bag is $3 while a small is just $4. These prices are labelled clearly on our display of different popcorn flavours.)

Me: “Sure! Before I pack the bags, I would just like you to know that the small bag of buttered popcorn is $4 and three times the size of a snack—”

Woman: *cuts me off* “NO! I want three snack bags for my three children.”

(I sort of understand her frustration because three snack bags sounds perfectly reasonable for three children so I continue politely because not everyone knows that we offer free paper bags.)

Me: “Okay, ma’am. I just wanted to let you know that it’s much cheaper to get a small bag and I can even split it into three FREE paper bags for your three childr—”

Woman: “NO! Just give me the three d*** snack bags!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, that will be $9, please.”

Woman: “Okay, now, was that so hard?!”

Me: “Uh, no… I guess not… Have a nice day.”

(It doesn’t end there… My coworker who was on her lunch break comes out from the back of the store and this woman decides to have ‘a chat’ with her about my behavior. I continue to serve the next customers in line, a young couple with two children, who overheard the exchange I just had with the woman.)

Father: “Hi, we’ll have the small regular bag of popcorn with two of those free paper bags, please.”

(I pack the bag and pour some in the two free paper bags.)

Me: “That will be $4, please.”


(Before I can respond the father that I just served interjects…)

Father: “CLEARLY she already tried to tell you that the small bag would be cheaper but you were too rude to listen. Now if you continue to harass these ladies and raise your voice around young children, I will personally throw you out of this store.”

(She suddenly got quiet and walked out. The father and mother gave me a generous tip for telling them about the paper bags and dealing with the “d***” lady!)

When You’re Bean An A**-Hole

, | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink, Popular

(A customer walks in, cutting in front of a 35-person-long line.)

Customer: “I’ll take three soft tacos to go.”

Me: “Would you like any rice or beans on that?”

Customer: “Steak.”

Me: “Okay…. Rice or beans?”

Customer: “Steak and green salsa…”

Me: “Sir, do you want rice or beans on the tacos?”

Customer: “This is the third time I’ve told you. Steak and green salsa.”

(Another employee puts the steak and green salsa on while I help the next customer.)

Customer: *shoves the current customer out of the way* “Hey, you, where the hell are my rice and beans?”

Me: “Sir, I asked you three times if you wanted any and you ignored me and repeated ‘steak and green salsa’ each time. If you want to change your order then you can go to the back of the line that you cut in front of the first time and ask politely.”

Groomed To Be An A**-Hole

Switzerland | Bad Behavior, Technology

(I work at a well known chain store specialized in selling video games. We are situated next to a parking lot, so we often get people that just want to get some change for the parking metre. A customer comes in, already with that guilty look on his face.)

Me: “Hey there! Are you here to get some change?”

Customer: “Well, yeah, how did you know?”

Me: “I guessed from the look on your fa—”

Customer: “Yeah, I guess I’m too well-groomed to be in here.”

(I just gave him his change so he would leave.)

Off-Color Off-Camera Remark

| Ireland | Bad Behavior, Bizarre, Popular

(The bookshop I work in is located in quite a busy city station. People are usually rushing and forget stuff all the time, so we get phone calls almost daily regarding forgotten bags, wallets, and purchases.)

Me: “Good morning, [Company].”

Customer: Ah, hello, yes. I was in your shop last night and I left my wallet behind on the counter.”

Me: “Oh, sure, and were you in the book department or the news?”

Customer: “Newspapers.”

Me: “Sure thing. Hang on there and let me just check with the girls.”

(I phone across to News, and after a couple of enquiries, no wallet is forthcoming. I get back on to the customer.)

Me: “Hi, sorry, the girls say there’s no sign of any wallet left behind the counter or in the safe or anything. It was definitely in News, was it?”

Customer: “Oh, yes, definitely.”

Me: “Okay, hang on again. It may’ve been brought across to our office for safe-keeping. Let me just double-check.”

(I phone inside to the cash office with my enquiries, to no avail, and get back on to the customer.)

Me: “Okay, no one can seem to find your wallet, but listen: the girls who worked the close last night aren’t in yet today, so if I can just get your phone number and description, I’ll have our security guard check the CCTV from last night and see if we can’t track it down.”

(I get the customer’s description, colour of clothing, time of transaction. She even describes her daughter’s details to me so I can pick them out in the busy milling shop-floor, and I promise to call her right back as soon as I find anything. The security guard and I head inside and after a few seconds searching, find the customers fitting the description, at the correct time. We watch the transaction. No wallet was left behind. I get back on the phone.)

Me: “Hi, this is [My Name] from [Company]. Is that [Customer]? Yes, hi. Well, the security guard and I just had a quick peep through the CCTV from last night and you didn’t actually leave your wallet behind in our shop.”

Customer: “I did.”

Me: *nonplussed* “Eh… you didn’t, though.”

(I describe the scene I just watched, down to the bright green well-known grocery bag carried by her and another carried by her daughter.)

Customer: *still eerily calm and unconcerned* “I left my wallet on your counter.”

(At this point, my supervisor is hovering nearby, watching my incredulous expression intently.)

Me: “You paid for your purchases and put your wallet back in your bag. It’s quite clear on the camera.”

Customer: “Oh, I don’t care what’s on the camera.”

(I hold the phone away from my ear and stare at it like it’s an alien, before covering the receiver and turning to my supervisor.)

Me: “She says she doesn’t care what’s on the camera. I have no idea what to do with that.”

(My supervisor now takes the phone from me, lest my head actually explode. I wander off, shaking my not-yet-exploded head. To this day I’ve never understood quite what happened there.)

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