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It’s Corny But It’s True

| Canada | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

(I work in a bath and body store that’s very well-known for being extremely environmentally friendly and super ethical. Because of this, customers are always trying to “catch” us doing or selling something that goes against our company values. One day a middle-aged woman comes in and the following happens:)

Me: “Hey there! How’s it—”

Customer: “How dare you call yourselves all-natural., I mean look at all of these awful ingredients!”

Me: “Well, we actually don’t claim to be completely—”

Customer: “I mean, I can’t even pronounce half of these disgusting chemicals! You should be ashamed!”

Me: “Which ingredients exactly are you refer—”

Customer: “Look at this garbage! Sodium bicarbonate?! Do you even know what that is? It probably burns your skin off!”

Me: “It’s baking soda.”

(The woman freezes at that point, clearly unsure of how to proceed, but obviously not quite ready to let it go.)

Customer: “Well… and look at this!” *picks up one of our packing peanuts, which are not Styrofoam but in fact food grade* “How long do you think these will sit in the landfill for?”

Me: “About thirty seconds.”

Customer: “You’re clearly completely uneducated.”

Me: “They’re made of corn.”

Customer: “I highly doubt that. I can’t believe a company that claims to be so environmentally—”

(She trails off as I grab a handful of packing peanuts and dunk them in a bowl of water sitting on the display table next to me. The peanuts melt into mush and I pull my hand back out covered in orange goo.)

Customer: “Well, you just have an answer for everything, don’t you?!”

(She stormed out of the store and in her haste almost took out an entire display table.)

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Getting Karma Is Child’s Play

| London, England, UK | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

(It is my first day of work in a shop ever. There is a child running around, picking up clothes and dropping them on the floor, all while her mother watches and says nothing. I am picking up after her trail of destruction.)

Mother: “Hello?” *I pretend not to hear her as long as I can as a kind of punishment* “Hello!”

Me: “Hellooo?”

Mother: *with a pack of tights* “These are on the sale rack but they aren’t marked down. Check them.”

Me: “I don’t know why they’d be on there. These aren’t on sale; the rest of the stock are on the non-sale.” *I point at the rest of the identical tights at full price*

Mother: “They were on the sale…”

Me: *roughly grabbing the tights and sighing heavily* “I’ll check then.”

(I spend as long as I can finding the scanner and checking the price, which of course has not been reduced. Nope, not on sale.)

Mother: “They were on the sale—”

Me: “—well, sometimes people let their children play with the stock and it gets mixed up for other people.”

Mother: *looks at her kid who has just strewn designer clothes on the floor, turns red, and walks off*

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Front Desk: Your Personal Venting Service

| Singapore | Bad Behavior, Hotels & Lodging

(I am a supervisor in the Housekeeping Department. One day, I get a call from the front desk about a guest.)

Front Desk: “[My Name], guest in room [number] called to say that there is a problem with his room.”

(She goes on to describe the issue, which is a legitimate reason for the guest being upset.)

Front Desk: “You’d better go over to see him now. He sounds very, very angry. Spent half an hour screaming at me.”

Me: “Okay, no problem. I’ll go see him now.”

(I head over to the guest’s room, ring the bell. and wait for him to answer. He comes to the door, opens it, and sees me standing there.)

Me: “Good afternoon, sir. I am [My Name] from the Housekeeping Department. I understand that you have a problem with your room. How may I resolve it for you?”

Guest: “That was quick. Well, I just yelled at the girl at the front desk for half an hour. Now I’m not upset anymore. I don’t need anything now. Thanks for coming by.”

(He closed the door and left me wondering what just happened. Unfortunately, it is usually my poor colleagues at the front desk who bear the brunt of a guest’s anger over any issue, including those not related to their own department. It would be good if people can remember that some issues are out of the front desk/reception staff’s control and not take out their frustrations on them.)

You Need To Get Ovary It

| USA | Bad Behavior, Health & Body, Wild & Unruly

(I’m a manager at a restaurant with a drive-thru. A customer pulls up to the speaker box and proceeds to tell the order-taker that she had come through last night and her three chicken sandwiches were cold. She says she spoke with a manager and was told to come by for a replacement. The company’s policy is just to replace the order with or without proof, so the drive-thru operator tells her to go ahead and pull around to the window. As the manager I verify that the replacement chicken sandwiches are fresh and hot and hand the bag out the window myself. As I’m about to tell her that I have made sure her sandwiches were fresh, she snatches the bag out of my hand and screams.)

Customer:  “What about my d*** fries and drinks?”

Me: “Sorry about that, ma’am, I didn’t realize you had wanted fries or drinks. What would you like to drink?”

Customer:  “[Soda]!”

(A minute later I hand her the fries and drinks. She starts screaming again.)


(I make her three new sodas, the whole time staying calm and polite. I tell her to have a good day and apologize one more time for her cold food on her last visit. As she drives away the employee who took her order says:)

Employee: “I don’t know how you stay calm like that when those assholes are getting free food.”

(I shrug my shoulders and walk away. The phone rings and I answer it. Of course it’s the customer from the drive through screaming into the phone.)


Me: “Speaking. How can I help you?”

(She goes on to say that she had horrible service, girl at the window was rude, food was cold, etc.)

Me: “Ma’am, I handed out your order. I apologize if you thought I was being rude, but I can assure you the sandwiches and fries were hot and fresh. I verified that myself before handing you the order.”

Customer:  “I HAVE OVARIAN CANCER AND I EXPECT TO BE TREATED BETTER THAN THIS! This is horrible customer service!”

Me: “Ma’am, I apolo—”


Employee: “Did she just say—”

Me: “—that she hopes I die from ovarian cancer? Yes.”

Paying The Price For Smugness

| USA | Bad Behavior, Hotels & Lodging, Money

(At our hotel, we have a little convenience store that people can choose snacks and bring them up to the counter to buy. We have a price list, but I’ve mostly memorized the prices.)

Customer: “I’d like this ice cream, please.”

Me: “OK, $3.”

Customer: “Are you sure? That’s a little much. Look in the price book, please.”

Me: “Okay…”

(Even though I have a line behind her and phone ringing, I check the prices while she stands there smug.)

Me: “Oh, sorry, it’s actually $4.50.”

Customer: “I’d like the $3.”

(I made her pay $4.50. She screamed obscenities, but too bad!)

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