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H2-Woah, Part 2

| Hamilton, ON, Canada | Bad Behavior, Bizarre, Food & Drink, Technology

Customer: “Where is your cooler?”

Me: “Cooler?”

Customer: “Vending machine.”

Me: We don’t have a vending machine, but if you need some water, I can get you a glass of water.”

Customer: “You can go to Hell.”


A-Parent Lack Of A Parent

| USA | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

(I work the gate at an indoor play-gym. While I do keep an eye on everyone, I am not there to watch people’s kids for them. A couple with two young kids come in, and they force the gate open.)

Customer #1: “Make sure my son doesn’t leave.”

(As I can’t leave the gate, I figure they’ll be back in a minute. Thirty seconds later, a small boy about four years old run over to the gate and tries getting through.)

Me: “Hey, why don’t you stay in here?”

Boy: “I want my mommy!”

Me: “You can’t be out there by yourself, okay?”

(The boy starts screaming and trying to hit me now. An older woman comes over to try and help.)

Customer #2: “Here, sweetie, why don’t you sit here and wait for your parents!”

Boy: “NO! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I don’t wanna wait!”

Customer #2: “What’s wrong? Did you get hurt?”


(At this point I’m scared he’ll hurt the woman, as he’s kicking madly at her. I call down a police officer to help.)


Me: “You need to stay here for now, okay?”

(The boy gets up and tries pulling the gate open. I stop him, as I don’t want the gate to break or for him to get hurt. He turns at me and hits me. It wasn’t hard, but it did stun me.)


Customer #2: “Sweetie, just stay here for a minute! Just calm down!”


(The police officer comes over to the gate and looks down at the boy.)

Officer: “Here, I’ll help you find your parents.”

(I open the gate, and the boy takes off running. The officer goes after him. The play-gym was calmer after that. Later in the day, the officer comes down to check on me.)

Officer: “Everything okay down here?”

Me: “Yeah. Did you find that one kid’s parents?”

Officer: “Yeah. They were out on the go-karts; I had to yell at them to get them off. They didn’t understand why they were in trouble, or why their kid was crying.”

No Excuse For Bad Behavior

| London, England, UK | Awesome Workers, Bad Behavior

(I am walking past as a customer who is trying to get the manager’s attention.)

Customer: *practically shouting* “EXCUSE ME? HELLO?!”

Manager: “Is that how you talk to people?”

Customer: “Well, you were ignoring me.”

Manager: “I didn’t realise you were talking to me, but is that how you talk to people?”

Customer: “Well, I needed to know something.”

Manager: “I don’t care if I work here or not. You don’t talk to people like that, so, no, I won’t be helping you.”

(I smiled at the manager and thought, good for him, not letting the customer talk to him like crap!)

First Available Opportunity To Complain

| San Diego, CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Time

(I am a hostess at a very popular restaurant. It’s a Saturday night during dinner hour and since we don’t take reservations the wait time can be extremely long. This particular night has been hard because the wait time we gave the guest is about 30 off (we base wait time on how long it usually takes to eat a 3 course meal and tonight everyone is “camping”). This irate woman storms up to the desk to see what’s taking so long and since I am the head of the desk my coworker asks for my help.)

Woman: “Where is our table?! I’ve seen people being seated who came in after me.”

Me: “I’m so sorry about the long wait. May I have your name, please?”

(She gives me her name and I notice that she has requested outside seating only.)

Me: “It seemed that you asked for outside seating. The people who came in after you requested first available or inside only. It looks like there are a number of tables on their check outside so it shouldn’t be too much longer. I’m sorry about the delay.”

Woman: “This is ridiculous! If people are being seated inside first you should know to put me inside!”

Me: “Ma’am, you specifically asked for outside. If I assumed that everyone wanted first available then I would have a lot of angry guests. I’m sorry about the wait but you’re the next—”

Woman: “Don’t talk down to me! I was a host for 14 years. I know what I’m talking about. You clearly don’t know how to do your job!”

(She storms off to her husband and continues to glare at me.)

Coworker: “What was that about?”

Me: “People are insane…”

Think Before You Speak About What You’re Thinking

| PA, USA | Bad Behavior, Bizarre

(I work at a store in a mall, and I’m commonly stationed right at the store’s entrance so that I can greet customers, give samples, and tell them about ongoing sales. A male customer walks in.)

Me: “Hello, sir, would you like to try a sample of our [new flavor]?”

Customer: *seemingly saying his thoughts aloud while looking right at me* “She’s pretty…”

Me: “…Please let me know if you need assistance.”

Customer: “I wonder if she has a boyfriend…”

Me: *smiles uncomfortably*

Customer: “Maybe I should ask her…”

(I edge toward the back room of the store, pretending I need to straighten some merchandise.)

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