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Introducing The Show!

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We’ve been busy! See what we’ve been up to:

From the creators of Not Always Right, The Show is your new weekly dose of our most funny and outrageous stories–the ones worth telling!

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We are now accepting non-dialogue stories!


Dear Readers, dialogue-driven stories are our bread and butter, but we are happy to announce that we are now accepting non-dialogue stories.

Click here to read a non-dialogue story. Please let us know what you think in the comments!

PS – Our editors have heard you loud and clear, and we apologize for the crossposting of stories! We will no longer do this moving forward.

Mobile App Poll: Single App or Separate Apps?


We’ve heard from several readers about their preferences for a mobile app, so we’d like to put this up for a vote:

Which do you prefer: a single mobile app that combines all sites (One Not Always app), or separate mobile apps for each site (Seven apps: Not Always Right, Not Always Working, etc.)?

Do you prefer a single mobile app or separate mobile apps?

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Introducing Not Always Hopeless!


nan_Social Media LogoDear Readers, thank you for all your feedback and participation in helping determine the next Not Always sites. Based on your votes, your next site will be: Not Always Hopeless!

The latest addition to our family of sites, Not Always Hopeless features stories about restoring your faith in humanity, acts of kindness from friends or strangers, and heartwarming conversations you had or overheard. A daily dose of our feel-good stories will reassure that humankind is not always hopeless!

Thank you to reader Pauline. G for her suggestion for Not Always Hopeless’ logo.

Visit Not Always Hopeless today and share your story!

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter!

PS – “Legal” came in second place, so that will be the next site. Stay tuned!

The 75 Highest Rated Not Always Right Stories Of All Time!

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The 75 Highest Rated Not Always Right Stories Of All Time!

To celebrate getting over 75,000 likes on Facebook, we’ve decided to gather the 75 highest rated Not Always Right stories of all time! Going back to the very beginning of the site we’ve racked up more than a few classics, so for the first time ever see them all in one place! Have fun!

#75 – Some Callers Are Proper Dementor – 8,936 votes

(I have a caller named Victor Krumm in the computer system. I’m a Harry Potter fan.)

Me: “Okay, sir, so you’re Victor Krumm?”

Caller: “Yep, that’s me.”

Me: “Sorry, this might sound funny, but did you know that there’s a book series called Harry Potter with a character with that name?”

(There’s a pause, as if he’s thinking, and suddenly he yells.)


(He hangs up. His wife calls a little while later to actually schedule.)
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