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I’ve always been a cat person and have long been fascinated by the things they do.

I am relaxing on my patio when an orange cat that I’ve never seen before jumps over my back fence and runs to me. It starts rubbing against me and purring.

Me: *Thinking* “What a friendly cat!”

As I pet it, I find that it has several mats in its fur.

Me: *To the cat* “Wait here.”

I go to get an old comb and a pair of scissors.

I place the cat on my lap and start combing its fur and cutting off the mats. There are also mats on its underside and I’m sure if it will object to being placed on its back — some cats don’t like that — but when I do so, it just lays there calmly and purrs even louder.

I take my time and cut off all the mats and trim the longer sections of fur to help prevent future matting, ending up with quite a large pile of orange cat fur. I put the cat back on its feet and it rubs me several times, its motor still buzzing, while I pet it.

After a few minutes, it runs back to the fence and jumps over it.

I’ve never seen it again since. I’ve always wondered why it picked me and somehow knew that I’d help it with its problem.

Cats are amazing creatures.

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