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Cat Got More Than Just Your Tongue

| Romantic | November 25, 2016

(I am trying to encourage my husband to help me around the house with cleaning, like putting away the clothes. He’s been doing well but needs the occasional gentle reminder.)

Me: “Hey, handsome, can you please remember to put your socks away? I keep finding them all over the house.”

Husband: *looking at me in surprise* “I have been!”

Me: “Oh. Well, I keep seeing [Cat] with them so I figured you missed them.”

Husband: “No, I put them away…”

Me: “Then how…”

(As if on cue, Cat walks up… opens his sock drawer, pulls out a pair of rolled socks, and walks away with it proudly.)

Me: “I’m sorry, [Husband], for blaming you. I knew she was smart but that’s just weird.”

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