Cat Caught Your Everything

| Denmark | Friendly | December 6, 2016

(I’m voice-chatting with a friend in Denmark. He has two cats living with him. I have a bit of a cold and cough quite frequently. This first bit happens after I cough once again.)

Friend: *laughing* “You scared the cat.”

Me: “Hmm?”

Friend: “Your cough scared the cat. He thought: hmm what is that unusual sound coming from the computer…?”

(A bit later:)

Me: *coughing again* “Did I scare your cat again?”

Friend: “Nope, she’s getting used to it.”

Me: “Smart cat.”

(Not even five minutes later, while we are discussing random stuff, he suddenly gets up and starts shooing the cat.)

Me: “What was that?”

Friend: “The cat was eating my food! They have their own food; they shouldn’t have to eat mine.”

Me: “You have your food that far away from you?”

Friend: “No, it’s in the microwave, but they found out how to open it with the button.”

Me: “Wow…”

Friend: “I put glasses in front of the button so they can’t do that any more, but apparently this cat found out you can push the glasses away!”

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