Cashiers Really Should Be Better At “That Stuff”

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A friend and I are shopping, and she sees a sweater that I considered purchasing on a previous trip to that store. I passed on buying it because it was pilled on the front. The sweater is very much my friend’s style, and as we are at a store that I know discounts damaged merchandise, I suggest we take the sweater to the front and ask about a discount.

Me: “Can we get a discount on this sweater, since it is damaged?”

Cashier: “Let me check with my manager.” *Coming back* “We can discount it 99 cents.”

Me: “So from $20, $19 is the best you can do?”

I am a bit shocked, since they usually discount more than that for damage.

Cashier: “Sorry, the best we can do is a 10% discount.”

I look from the cashier to my friend and back.

Me: “But… 10% of $20 is $2. So the sweater should be $18.”

Cashier: “Sorry, that’s the best we can do: 10% off.”

Me: “Except that 99 cents is not 10% of $20.”

Cashier: “Sorry, I don’t know about that stuff.”

A manager comes over with an attitude; she’s definitely not going to admit she is wrong.

Manager: “It is 99 cents off; 10% off is the most we do.”

Me: “But 10% of $20 is $2 off.”

After a couple of rounds of this, the manager stalks off and the cashier just stands staring at me. I finally say to my friend:

Me: “It’s not worth it. I will come back next week and buy it on clearance since no one else will buy it in this condition.”

Sure enough, the next week, it was marked down to $15. I did not buy it, and it is still there, on clearance, weeks later.

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