Cashier And Manager Operating On Different Lanes

| Working | June 1, 2017

(My mother told me this story of her time shopping at Popular Grocery Store. My mother is pushing two full carts and she needs to buy cigarettes, which are in a 20-items-or-less lane. When a manager stops by:)

Manager: “Ma’am, you can go ahead and go in that lane. [Cashier] isn’t very busy, anyway.”

Mother: “Thanks, that would have been a hassle to go through the line twice.”

(My mother walks over and gets in line. The cashier starts to blatantly count how many groceries she has.)

Cashier: *to my mother* “Ma’am, this is a 20-items-or-less line. Can you not read? You will need to go to another lane.”

(Manager saw this and went over to the cashier and started talking privately. Then Cashier started crying and walked away. Mom hasn’t seen that cashier since.)

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