“Cash Only” Doesn’t Mean What It Used To Mean

, , , , , | Right | January 9, 2019

(My mom stops by the store on her way home from work to pick up a couple of things. She gets in line at the self-checkout. One of the machines isn’t working right and is cash only, and there is a sign taped to it saying, “Cash only. Sorry for any inconvenience.” The font size is very large. There are a couple of people in line in front of Mom, but neither of them is indicating they are going to use the cash-only machine. So, Mom walks over to the machine.)

Customer: “Hey! Get back in line! That machine isn’t working!”

Mom: “No, it works. It’s just cash only.”

Customer: “You can’t cut the line!”

(The customer shoves her way past Mom to use this machine.)

Mom: “Hey!”

Customer: “If it’s not broken, then I’m using it, b****!”

(Mom just rolled her eyes and got back in line. The man that was in front of Mom let her stay in front of him, since he was planning on using his card. Mom went to the next available machine and got out before the other woman, who clearly wasn’t planning on paying with cash.)

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