Cash Crashed

| Port Jervis, NY, USA | Friendly | November 20, 2015

(It’s Sunday and my bank has an ATM that’s just inside the building, but not inside the actual bank. To get in, you insert your debit card and open the door, kind of like a hotel. I was going to make a deposit, as I’m primarily paid in cash. There’s another lady in there using the ATM.)

Lady: “What are you doing here?”

Me: “I just need to use the ATM; I’ll wait until you’re done.”

Lady: “But, what are you DOING here? The bank’s closed!”

Me: “I can see that ma’am. I just want to use the ATM.”

Lady: “Why are you here? You can’t be here. The bank is closed!”

Me: “Ma’am, I got in the same way you did, with my card. I’m just going to use the ATM after you’re finished.”

(The lady just looks at me a moment, looks back at the ATM, and then back at me.)

Lady: “But why are you here?”

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  • denim

    I’d have turned it around and asked her the same, or “It’s your question. You answer it.”