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Cash Crash

, , , , | Right | March 28, 2022

I’m overseeing the self-checkout, but as it is usually a very mundane post, I’m a little zoned out. I hear a register beep as an item is scanned.

Register: “Would you like to continue?”

One beep, then another.

Register: “Would you like to continue?”

One beep, then another.

On the third repetition, it breaks through my brain fog, and I see a frustrated man at one of the card-only registers. He scans an item, the card-only message comes up, and he presses the “no” button.

Me: “Did you need help, sir?”

Customer: “Yes, please. I keep telling the register I don’t want to pay by card, but then it deletes my item and I have to start over!”

Me: “Sir, this register only takes cards. The registers on the other side can take cash if that’s how you want to pay.”

Customer: “Oh, thank you! I thought it was strange that this one wouldn’t!”

He paid at one of the cash checkouts and left with his items. I have no idea why he thought rejecting the card-only message would make that register accept cash.

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