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Cash Back Coupon Attack

, , , , , | Right | May 7, 2018

(A cashier comes up to me at the service desk with a suspended order.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry. I talked to our coordinator about it, but I just can’t handle this anymore. The customer wants to get cash back on a coupon, and we can’t do that. I’m sorry.”

Customer: *furiously* “You know about that sale last week right? With the iPads? And how you got this coupon?”

(The customer waves the coupon around so I can hardly read it. I can make out that it was $135 off their next purchase. That means you have to make a purchase of over $135 in order to use it, since it does not give cash back.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I’m not familiar with that.”

Customer: *more angry* “What do you mean, you’re not?! How do you not know what sales are going on in your own store?!”

Me: “Ah, well… I guess there’s just so many that’d it’d be impossible to remember all of them.”

Customer: “Well! It never stated anywhere in the paper that you couldn’t get cash back on this coupon, so it’s very misleading!”

Me: “Unfortunately, you can’t get cash back on those kinds of coupons. You have to spend over $135 in order to use it.”

Customer: “That’s not fair! Ask your manager, then!”

Me: “Okay.” *calls manager* “So, I have a customer here who wants to get cash back for a $135-off coupon on a $38 transaction.”

Manager: “Yeah, we don’t do that. We’ve never done that. Tell them no.”

Me: “I’m sorry. My manager said that we cannot do that.”

Customer: “Get him up here! I need to speak with him!”

Me: “All right.”

(I call the manager back. While I’m calling him up, the woman mutters “bring it on”.

Me: “Hey, she wants to speak with you.”

Manager: “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

(The manager arrives.)

Customer: “Are you the manager?!”

Manager: “Yes, I am. Well, of this department.”

Customer: “You see, I want to use this on my order, but it won’t give me cash back, and that is very misleading, since it said nowhere in the paper that I couldn’t! You guys are just trying to scam me! I spend so much money here. I bet you don’t even make how much I spend here!”

Manager: “We have never given money back on a coupon.”

Customer: “That’s not true! I’ve done it before!”

Manager: “Ma’am, I’ve been here over 37 years. We have never given money back on a coupon. You have to spend over that in order to use it. That is just how it works.”

Customer: “Get me your manager! This is absolutely ridiculous! I’m going to tell all my friends about this. And they were loyal shoppers, too!”

(My manager calls up the store director in charge. He explains to her the situation, and she also refuses to let the woman get cash back.)

Manager: “She said that we cannot do that.”

Customer: “Get her up here! I want to talk to her personally!”

Manager: *calls her back again* “She said she’s going to be a few minutes, but she’ll be here.”

Customer: “Whatever. As long as I can talk to her.”

(A good five or more minutes pass until she is able to make it up front. I see the store director talking with my manager and coordinator off to the side before she confronts the woman.)

Customer: “Are you the store director?!”

Store Director: “Not the main one, but I’m in charge right now, yes.”

(The customer explains her situation again, shouting about how the store is trying to rip her off.)

Store Director: “I’m sorry, but we cannot do that. I can take down your name and number, and you can talk with the main store director on Monday.”

Customer: “No. I want this done now! I live in [City I’ve never even heard of]. And this is just too far of a drive!”

Store Director: “We cannot, nor have we ever before done cash back on a coupon.”

Customer: “This is just asinine! I need to pay for my stuff, then!”

(She was brought over to an empty lane, and the cashier began to re-ring her order. The woman pulled out her phone and began to record the cashier, the service desk, and the managers, while screaming and degrading the cashier. I ended up getting caught on her film so, I shot her the dirtiest look I could give. I called my manager to let him know that she was filming this, and he said that she most likely wouldn’t do anything with it. Later, he told me that he wished he’d known sooner so he could have flipped her off.)

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