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Cash Back Attack, Part 10

, , , | Right | February 28, 2020

A middle-aged business-looking man walks up to my till, huffing slightly for no particular reason.

Customer: “Do you give cashback?”

Me: “Yes, no problem!”

I ring up the items that he has placed on the counter. I get a little flustered as I haven’t worked there for long and one of the barcodes has to be entered manually, and I forget about his inquiry about cashback.

Me: “That will be £8.95, please.”

He hands over a £10 note and I pass him back his change.

Customer: “Excuse me? Where is the cashback that I asked for?”

Me: “Uh, you paid with cash…”

Customer: “So? I want that money!”

Me: “So, basically, what you’re asking me to do is just give you money out of the till?”

He walked off, muttering under his breath.

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