Cartoon Mathematics

| Working | November 5, 2013

(I work for a film studio that has been making animated shorts for about a year, but still doesn’t know anything about animation. Recently, they’ve wanted us to start making longer episodes, but grumble when we tell them it will take more time.)

Manager: “Alright! This next animation is going to be ten minutes long—”

Me: “What?! That’s twice as long as any other short we’ve done! We won’t be finished for months. I hope you cleared that with the client.”

Manager: “No, no, no. It’ll be fine. See, we’re going to split this animation in to two parts. That way it’ll be half the work.”

Me: “Oh, alright then. But they’re okay with not getting part two until a few months from now?”

Manager: “What?! No! We’re cutting the episode in half! It should take half the time!”

Me: “What?”

Manager: “We can deliver it on time, because it’s only half the work. If it only takes a month to do a regular episode, that’s how long it should take you.”

Me: “But it’s not a regular episode; it’s 10 minutes long!”

Manager: “No, it’s two FIVE-minute episodes!”

Me: “Yes. TWO five-minute episodes, as in two of them. That’s 10 minutes total!”

Manager: “You’re being difficult again. I’ve cut your work in half; you should be thanking me!”

(We never could get him to understand that a half plus a half equaled a whole.)

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