Carting Them Some Of Their Own Medicine

, , , | Right | September 10, 2019

(I am working in the lot at the grocery store, gathering carriages. I have a sore spot for people who leave their carts in random spots — handicapped people and the elderly excluded for obvious reasons. I notice a man putting his cart in the handicap unloading zone, the yellow striped line area for wheelchair ramps and elevators.)

Me: “Sir, in the future, please place your carriage in the designated area.”

Customer #1: “Okay.”

(He and a nearby customer then proceed to mock me.)

Customer #2: *pointing at another carriage* “Look. Another carriage! We have to find out who put it there!”

Customer #1: “We got ourselves a parking lot attendant or something!”

Me: “Sir, I’m just asking you to do that so that other people can park without risk of running into them or having them blown into cars.”

Customer #1: “Nobody’s going to park where I put it.”

Me: *getting fed up with these two* “We let people park there if there are no other spaces, and you still shouldn’t place the cart there.”

(The place is blocked off so handicap people with ramps or elevators have space to get out.)

Customer #2: “Why do you care so much? Just do your job!”

(They continue to mock me, at which point I lose my patience.)

Me: “Don’t quit your day job to become a comedian.”

Customer #2: *suddenly angry* “What did you say?! So, you wanna be a smart-mouthed punk, huh?!” *which is how he’d been acting, ironically* “You know, let’s go talk to your manager! How about that?!”

Me: *a little nervous but keeping my cool* “Okay.”

Customer #2: “What’s your name?” *looks at my name tag* “[My Name], two years, huh? Well, you aren’t gonna make three!” 

(He then drove off, and thankfully, my manager never got a call.)

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