Carting Around Your Assumptions

| Right | January 5, 2016

(I’m working out in the parking lot one day, bringing carts in with a cart caddy. I’m bringing a line of carts to an entrance, and I stop to let a few customers in ahead of me. I’m female.)

Customer #1: “Honey, we were just talking about you!”

(I just give her a puzzled look.)

Customer #2: *points to the other end of the parking lot, where you can see three of my male coworkers walking together with the other cart caddy, not pushing any carts* “Look at that! It takes three of those guys to escort that empty thing, and yet here you are, getting all these carts all by yourself!”

Customer #1: “You go, girl!”

(I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that one of those guys was done, one was going on his lunch break, and the third had just gotten in, and had gone out to relieve the others. It sure felt nice being appreciated though!)

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